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Would someone let Cindy Sheehan know that Cheney's no longer in power?


A group led by anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan has protested near the CIA's headquarters and former Vice President Dick Cheney's home in northern Virginia.

They were protesting the use of unmanned drone aircraft to attack al-Qaida and Taliban targets.

The group of about 70 people rallied alongside a highway near the CIA compound Saturday. About half then marched to Cheney's nearby street and stayed for 20 minutes. Police kept them from going down his street.


She says using drones is "cowardly" and "immoral."

In related news:

At least 15 militants have reportedly been killed in a latest US drone attack in Shaktoi region in North Waziristan.

The US drones targeted a militant hideout in the region, 40 kilometres southeast of Miranshah, destroying the building completely.

"The target was a militant compound. At least 15 bodies have been recovered from the rubble so far," The News quoted a senior military official, as saying.

This is the second such missile hit in the region in as many days.

On Friday, 11 extremists were killed in twin drones strikes in the same region.

But wait, there's more:

Six Al Qaeda militants have been killed in an air strike in northern Yemen in a stepped-up government campaign against the Islamist group.

"Two cars carrying eight dangerous Al Qaeda members were hit in an area between Saada and al-Jouf," a Yemeni security official said.

"Two may have survived and escaped."

Yemen, which gained a reputation as a haven for Al Qaeda after the September 11 attacks in the United States, has again come under the spotlight in recent months.

Yemen stepped up its operations against Al Qaeda after a Yemen-based wing of the group said it was behind an attempt to blow up a Detroit-bound US airliner on Christmas Day.

Crackdowns on Al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan have also raised concerns Yemen is becoming a training and recruiting centre for militants.

The security official says those killed in the air strike include four men wanted by the Yemeni and US security services, including Qassem al-Remi, Ayed al-Shabwani, Ammar al-Waeli and Saleh al-Teys.

Al-Shabwani was one of the most dangerous Al Qaeda members who provided a hideout for other militants at his farm in Maarib, where their training took place.

Here's hoping Dick Cheney's influence continues to reach far and wide and continues to upset Ms. Sheehan.



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Comments (16)

Two Words.Dumb. As... (Below threshold)

Two Words.

Dumb. Ass.

Actually Rick, this is a fa... (Below threshold)

Actually Rick, this is a fairly savvy move by Sheehan et al. They know that any protest event near Obama or an Obama administration official will get zero press play.

Wasn't it Brian Williams of NBC news who, right after the election, blew off any consideration of reporting on protests by Sheehan's group since Obama was in power.

Sheehan probably figures that the media might want to play along with the "lets keep blaming Republicans for Obama's war policy" in much the same way the media allows claims by Dems of Republican "obstruction" (when Republicans have no power to obstruct) to go unchallenged.

It's another way for the Dems to keep playing "embattled underdogs" when they control the whole shebang.

What Marc say's You delusio... (Below threshold)

What Marc say's You delusional Glenn Close Sheehan, Park Your ass outside Barry's door and bitch you bitch.

In other news members of th... (Below threshold)
jim m:

In other news members of the weather underground traveled to Yorba Linda, California to protest the Vietnam war at the grave site of late President Richard M Nixon.

Doesn't she see the irony? ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Doesn't she see the irony? Sheehan is a drone.

Drago is right: if Sheehan ... (Below threshold)

Drago is right: if Sheehan tries to protest the Obama administration she won't get any coverage.

The Washington Post will print this story. First, as a way to blame the war on Cheney. But more importantly as a way to discredit Sheehan as a nut case. The Democrats have voted to fund the wars and the use of drones for almost three years now. They have had complete control of the Federal government, including foreign policy, for almost a year. And yet they haven't made any real changes in Bush policies, and they've completely failed to make good on their promises to end the war in Iraq. The Obama administration and their cheerleaders in the MSM do not want a protest movement taking hold that tries to make them accountable for their failures.


A few months ago, ABC anchor Charles Gibson was asked about Sheehan following President Obama to Martha's Vineyard to protest the war. He answered, "It's such a sad story. ... Anybody who has given a son to this country has made an enormous sacrifice, and you have to the sympathetic. But enough already."

Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, commented, "Hey, when the useful idiots aren't useful anymore, they're just, well, you know ..."

It's the only playbook Cind... (Below threshold)

It's the only playbook Cindy knows. Republicans = BAD, Democrats = GOOD.

You don't see her or the Pinko's parading out in front of the White House or Congress. You know, where THE PEOPLE ACTUALLY RUNNING THE GOVERNMENT ARE.

Too bad Dick can't clean his shotguns on the front porch. If you're going to have "an accident", mights well be outside.

This just in...Cin... (Below threshold)

This just in...

Cindy Sheehan protests the aggression of the Union Army in the South!

What can you say about this... (Below threshold)

What can you say about this puppet that was used then disgarded by the left. We conservatives knew she was suffering severe mental health issues all intertwined with her son's death and the failure of her marriage. The left didn't care but used her anyway instead of getting her the help she so obviously needs. ww

"Would someone let Cindy Sh... (Below threshold)

"Would someone let Cindy Sheehan know that Cheney's no longer in power?"-Posted by Rick

"Here's hoping Dick Cheney's influence continues to reach far and wide and continues to upset Ms. Sheehan."-Posted by Rick

Rick, torn between the desire for eternal sleep and the undivine calling to serve subterranean coffin upholsterer, Count Cheney of Malingeravia.

Anything to get the attenti... (Below threshold)

Anything to get the attention from a bunch of liberal idiots especialy these hollyweed wackos and the liberal news rags

Cheney should walk and give... (Below threshold)

Cheney should walk and give them directions to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

bryanD, I am sure in your m... (Below threshold)

bryanD, I am sure in your mind you are considered clever.......

She redefines the term "moo... (Below threshold)

She redefines the term "moonbat." Her son would be horrified in how she has acted and carried herself these past few years. All dignity, courage, and heroism within that family died when her son passed away.
What a tragic woman she has become.

"She says using drones is "... (Below threshold)

"She says using drones is "cowardly" and "immoral."

So is using the death of your son to promote your own political agenda!

um, i didn't see in this ar... (Below threshold)
ca sanity:

um, i didn't see in this article how many innocent civilians have been killed by these drones...i'm sure it's just an innocent oversight, you know, just a few bad apples here.that would mean actually RESEARCHING






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