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Experiences In Retail Politics: Exchanges High For Democrats

Looking back at the past twelve months can anyone doubt that it has been a good year for contrarians, those curmudgeons (mostly conservatives now) that occupied the redoubts of, well, doubt, and questioned the conventional wisdom of the 2006 and 2008 newly elected masses? (BTW, the masses today are not the great unwashed that historically attracted the scorn of elites such as the New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek, Time and The New York Review of Books.) The great unwashed today are the descendents of the original media elite (or, more accurately, pretenders of such): Pinch Sulzberger, Chris Matthews, Keith Olberman, Katie Couric, Andrew Sullivan et al , all of whom share the bubble embracing distinction of being both bandwagon cheerleaders and headless, brainless Bush hating fanatics that helped elect one of the emptiest suits in the history of presidential politics.

Rarely in the world of blogging does an opportunity to say "I told you so" present itself with such clarity and purpose than the plight of President Barack Obama on the eve of what might be the penultimate act of repudiation of his policies: the election of a Republican in Massachusetts to fill the seat of the deceased Edward Kennedy. It is a penultimate act only because the finale will occur later this year during the 2010 mid term elections when many of those Democratic pols living well within the edge of the bubble will experience that which ended the careers of John Corzine, Creigh Deeds, Byron Dorgan and Chris Dodd. Not his inauguration, but the twelve month political season that followed President Obama's inauguration, is the political story of the decade. The rise and influence of the inchoate Tea Party movement (and the voter anger manifested by it) is the sea change that deserves national attention.

President Obama told Massachusetts voters yesterday that what was at stake was whether the country was going to move forward or backward. Voters, (and bettors according to Intrade) clearly understand which direction the President wants the country to go and it's not forward. These are the same voters that helped Obama to a twenty six point Massachusetts victory in 2008. So who's listening, the voters or the agenda driven partisans in control of Washington today?


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You listen to Chris Matthew... (Below threshold)
jim m:

You listen to Chris Matthews and the loons on MSNBC and it is clear that the democrats are taking this as merely a lousy candidate and a poorly managed campaign. They cannot conceive that the Obama program of nationalizing everything they can get their hands on and spending the nation into bankruptcy is unpopular.

Like with all elections a dem failure is just the local candidate. A GOP loss reflects a repudiation of their whole platform.

What we can all be certain of is that should Brown win there will be no re-evaluation of the direction of the federal government or the tactics by which they are attempting to force their will on the rest of the nation. They are unwilling or incapable of considering that when Coakley made this race about Obama's agenda and healthcare that the election result would actually reflect what the people of the state felt about that agenda.

Got to agree with jim m. I... (Below threshold)

Got to agree with jim m. It's the candidates fault. Even though Barry said 'okay, make it about me'.....it will end up being about her. The One makes no error. The One admits to no fault. The fault must therefore be with others. Barry will never admit "My socialist programs suck." To repudiate that, he must repudiate his hippy mom, grandparents and associates. Let's face it, Barry's not that smart. Just ask his Teleprompter.

This clown from lefty La-la... (Below threshold)

This clown from lefty La-la-land is self-destructing even faster than I expected. I'm from Chicago and am familiar with the arrogant machine neanderthals like Emanuel and Axelrod, but thought Barack, a Chi-town political hack [with a bit of urbane polish], might avoid a barracking, as the Brits put it. Of course, if his incremental socialist creep is halted in MA, the Marxist JournoList Eastern Europeans and their mascot Andy Sullivan will invent preposterous excuses and somehow "blame" Coakley's loss on GWB.

Now Obambi's going to take on the American people, who are starting to see him as the puffed up darling of the statist elites and chattering classes that I saw him as from the start. Lotsa luck with pumping up the rhetoric and hope you have all sorts of teleprompter problems, ONE-TERMER!

Obambi has to do something about foreign policy besides appeasing Chavez and Putin and Ahmadinnerjacket and stop doubling the deficit every six months. He should try that instead of more rhetoric.

Massachusetts stages Tea Pa... (Below threshold)

Massachusetts stages Tea Party .. King Barry responds by vowing other "Coercive Acts".

Yeah ... that's the ticket.






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