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From September Until Now: A Graph of Brown's Rise and Coakley's Fall in Massachusetts

Looking around the internet, I noticed a severe lack of graphical annotations of the Massachusetts polls between Scott Brown and Martha Coakley. So I put the impetus on myself and created one, to show exactly how badly Coakley has squandered her gigantic lead and how bad she has run her campaign.


As the graph clearly shows, Scott Brown has shot up especially since November of 2009, with Coakley decidedly dropping during the same time period. In November, Coakley had a thirty-one percent lead over Brown. In fact, at that time Brown did not even have 31% support from voters.

So here's to Scott Brown! And thanks to RealClearPolitics for the polling data.

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I'm thinking the people of ... (Below threshold)

I'm thinking the people of Massachusetts have started to realize that Ted Kennedy is dead - and the mystique associated with his name is proetty much gone. They may have respected him enough to keep electing him - though I wonder how much of that is due more towards simple voter inertia, voting Democratic because they'd always voted Democratic, and how much was due to the Kennedy name - but now that he's gone, there's a pretty significant percentage that's not going to automatically vote for whoever the Dems shove up as a candidate.

Besides, THEY'VE been screwed to the wall with taxes - and it's a REAL bad time of year to be running for office overtly supporting programs that'll certainly raise people's taxes.

About the only thing worse for the Dems would be to have the election just before April 15th.

Dramatic graph ... but for ... (Below threshold)
Brian H:

Dramatic graph ... but for any serious purpose it would be "cheating"; the time scale is altered for the last data points.

Brian H...it's hard to "hid... (Below threshold)

Brian H...it's hard to "hide the decline" of Coakley. Even East Anglie would have trouble with this one.

The time scale is compressed to highlight the relevant part starting 10 days ago, but showing the starting point for reference.

Princess Coakley's coronation may be cancelled after all.

The Dems are in denial. Re... (Below threshold)

The Dems are in denial. Regardless of tomorrow's outcome the November 2010 will clear things up for them:

I hope they stay in denial.... (Below threshold)

I hope they stay in denial. Given their conceit, it won't be hard. Everything is always someone elses fault. Not theirs.

November will be so sweet. And if Brown wins tomorrow, Barry's a lame-duck, one term president. Hillary! has got to be laughing her ass off.

GarandFan: "Hillary! has go... (Below threshold)

GarandFan: "Hillary! has got to be laughing her ass off."

That'd take a WHOLE LOT of laughing! :)

Barry forgot to bring the f... (Below threshold)

Barry forgot to bring the fudge to Martha's jokefest jamboree.

Update - The Brewing Cauldr... (Below threshold)






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