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"I proclaim the end of the world."

That from Mehmet Ali Agca, also known as the man who shot Pope John Paul II nearly 30 years ago, who was set free by authorities today:

The last potential obstacle to his freedom -- call-up for compulsory military service -- fell away after a medical examination by army doctors showed that Mr. Agca was unfit to be drafted because of severe antisocial behavior, his lawyer, Gokay Gultekin said in a telephone interview.

"His release is like a rebirth," Mr. Gultekin had said earlier. "He has a lot to catch up with, like computers, the Internet and other devices that did not exist back in 1980s. But before all that, he needs a vacation."

Mr. Agca, 52, was freed from Sincan prison in the capital, Ankara, after completing a 10-year term for another offense. He had spent 19 years in Italian jails.


In a statement made public outside the prison at Sincan on the outskirts of Ankara on Monday, Mr. Agca declared: "I proclaim the end of the world. All the world will be destroyed in this century. Every human being will die in this century."

"I am the Christ eternal," the statement said. "The gospel is full of mistakes. I will write the perfect gospel."

President Obama, who some also see as Christ eternal, could not be reached for comment.

H/T Deacon Greg.



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Comments (15)

Oh, wonderful. He can't be ... (Below threshold)

Oh, wonderful. He can't be drafted due to severe antisocial behavior so they let him out on the streets. With a messiah complex. Just great.

He has a future in the New ... (Below threshold)

He has a future in the New Black Panthers or as an advisor of AG Holder...

Weird. Agca sounded just li... (Below threshold)

Weird. Agca sounded just like Al Gore until he uttered the Christ line.

Wherever Joseph Heller is, ... (Below threshold)
Rich Fader:

Wherever Joseph Heller is, he has to be laughing at the logic of this.

"That's one hell of a catch, that Catch-22."

Well, it's nice to know ano... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Well, it's nice to know another homicidal lunatic is out on the street.

Maybe Barry can recruit the Turkish idiots who set him free for the DOJ or TSA.

Agca and the late Pope John... (Below threshold)

Agca and the late Pope John Paul II fed off each other in a peculiar way; on Agca's part it is obvious; on the pope's part, by inserting himself, John Paul II, into the "Third Secret of Fatima", as the Martyr-figure, despite the inconvenient fact that he, John Paul II, wasn't martyred at all, but lived to a ripe old age.

Straaaaange birds, both.

At least he's reformed. Did... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

At least he's reformed. Did he write a children's book, by any chance?

bryanD is now a certified e... (Below threshold)

bryanD is now a certified expert on religious matters. Must be hell dealing with all us commoners.

As for Agca and Obama. We really should get this two together in a room. Padding optional.

Hey byranD, how's that Massachusetts senatorial race working out for ya?

When you think thoughts lik... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

When you think thoughts like that, does your head hurt?

"bryanD is now a certified ... (Below threshold)

"bryanD is now a certified expert on religious matters."-gf

I have a pretty good handle on western religious history, especially the Roman Catholic church's going berserk (for the 50th time!) in the 1860s after being divested of the Papal States by the Italian founding fathers, and the Pope's subsequent declaration of war on Modernism and Americanism and Communism. This top-down scheme was codified by Canon Law(circa 1907). The Popes then sought revenge on Liberalism by parlaying the Church's prestige with the fascist regime of Mussolini (Lateran Treaty, 1929) and by Concordate (1933)with the Third Reich (thus giving the Hitler regime recognition under International Law).

According to new and novel Church doctrine, the above political decisions by the Pope were ipso facto "infallible".

I am fond of John XXIII who called the Second Vatican Council in 1960(?) to roll back the Vatican's 100-year war on the world, but he unfortunately died before the MAIN reforms could be instituted, namely decentralizing Papal power by not insisting the Colleges and Bishops rubber-stamp every pronuncimento and itch.

John Paul II was decidedly NOT a reformer, and was NOT averse to placing himself inside fairy tales (such as the Fatima Prophecies) to boost his own cachet with the conservative objectors to Vatican II. Even if it meant lying like a rug.

"Hey byranD, how's that Massachusetts senatorial race working out for ya?"
8. Posted by GarandFan

I like all election days. They make the news slightly less boring.

"According to new and no... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"According to new and novel Church doctrine, the above political decisions by the Pope were ipso facto "infallible"."

Really? Want to place some money on that?

According to the teaching of the First Vatican Council and Catholic tradition, the conditions required for ex cathedra teaching are as follows:

1. "the Roman Pontiff"
2. "speaks ex cathedra" ("that is, when in the discharge of his office as shepherd and teacher of all Christians, and by virtue of his supreme apostolic authority....")
3. "he defines"
4. "that a doctrine concerning faith or morals"
5. "must be held by the whole Church" (Pastor Aeternus, chap. 4)

For a teaching by a pope or ecumenical council to be recognized as infallible, the teaching must make it clear that the Church is to consider it definitive and binding. There is not any specific phrasing required for this, but it is usually indicated by one or both of the following:

* a verbal formula indicating that this teaching is definitive (such as "We declare, decree and define..."), or
* an accompanying anathema stating that anyone who deliberately dissents is outside the Catholic Church.

Via Wikipedia

According to the 1870 pronouncement of Vatican I, where the doctrine of infallibility was formally defined, the political statements you listed above are not, cannot, and never have been considered infallible pronouncements of the Pope or the Church.

Once again you have demonstrated incontrovertibly that you know nothing of what you are writing about.

jim m. Don't bother to cor... (Below threshold)

jim m. Don't bother to correct bryanD, he's an "expert" on just about everything.

"Really? Want to place some... (Below threshold)

"Really? Want to place some money on that?
According to the teaching of the First Vatican Council and Catholic tradition, the conditions required for ex cathedra teaching are as follows:..." jim m

I mentioned the SUPERSEDING Code of Canon Law for a reason. It was extra-conciliar and super-conciliar and designed to put the Pope on a war footing. The church is (by Canon Law) formally ordered (in both relevant senses of the word) for the Pope's policies to be implemented, and any objections strictly consigned as commentary instead of advice. The Church is confirmed as a boardroom of lackeys. The Pope is Chairman.


"Infallibility". Maybe that wasn't the correct terminology. That would be limiting in the information age, after all. But Canon Law insures brown-nosing enough to effect the ever-present relevancy of venality run amok.

Item: The Pope ORDERS the end of Catholic political opposition to the Fascist regime of Italy, by ORDERING the dissolution of ALL political opposition by Catholics (embodied in the (Catholic) Peoples' Party of Italy). The Peoples' Party is forthwith dissolved.

The Pope also EXPRESSLY encourages concord with the aims of the "Roman" regime in its Anti-comintern Pact.

Item: Moving north, the Pope next ORDERS the German "Zentrum", the Catholic Center Party of Germany, Hitler's main political opposition after the Social Democratic party, DISSOLVED, and by formal concordate (treaty), ORDERS all German Catholics to assist the aims of the Nazi regime.

Of course, after WW2 the "Ratline" to Argentina was run out of the Vatican, which ran a passport counterfeiting operation.

The Croation butcher-king, Artukovic (who gave the SS-Einzatsgruppen nightmares) of the Independent (Catholic anti-Serb Orthodox) State of Croatia was a noted beneficiary of Papal Indulgence and the Ratline.


The above (and more) inspired the attempted Vatican Council II reforms, but wouldn't you know, the conservative opponents call the reformers leftists, communists, decadent, etc, as per Hitler's propoganda.


There are lots of reasons t... (Below threshold)
jim m:

There are lots of reasons to dispute and dislike the actions of the papacy during WWII. I won't dispute that.

Many people misunderstand and misrepresent the idea of papal infallibility. Also referred to as ex cathedra pronouncements or teachings, the term only applies exclusively to teachings on faith and morals. Temporal issues such as actions regarding secular governments etc are not considered to be of the same nature.

John Paul II was never considered to be a reformer and neither is Benedict today. It is highly unusual for any pope to be elected as a reformer, hence why there was the Protestant Reformation.

Thanks for the civilized re... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the civilized response. I don't get, nor do I expect, many of those at Wizbang.

"John Paul II was never considered to be a reformer and neither is Benedict today".-jim m

True. (John Cornwell wrote an pretty engrossing book (considering the subject matter) about the pro/anti Vatican II struggle after the death of John XXIII, illustrating that there is a middle ground between Decree and Liberation Theology. And even as the conservativist Vatican legitimizes scientific evolution(!), the presently-informed Vatican's partisans pretend to be Strict Traditionalists against the reformist bugaboo of a married priesthood, etc.

If it were a script it would be rejected.






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