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Answering the 'teabagger' reference

Matteo has wise advice:

It occurs to me that if someone refers to someone else as a "teabagger", then the appropriate response would be: "If you're going to call him a "teabagger", then is it okay if I refer to you as a c*cksucker? Because the two terms mean essentially the same thing."



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Comments (27)

Whenever I hear that, I fir... (Below threshold)

Whenever I hear that, I first ask em if they're homophobic, then ask why they are slandering Barney Frank.

I usually hear stuttering before the inevitable, 'whatever'.

I can't help but think the ... (Below threshold)

I can't help but think the left would stop using the term if conservatives would stop complaining about it. They're getting a buzz out of pulling our chains. We need to embrace the word, and REDEFINE it in every media outlet possible. Kinda like the word "gay" which USED to mean "happy"!

Actually Teabagger i... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

Actually Teabagger is defined in this context as...

Teabagger is actually one of the Oxford's runner-up words of the year: "a person, who protests President Obama's tax policies and stimulus package, often through local demonstrations known as 'Tea Party' protests (in allusion to the Boston Tea Party of 1773)."

It's one of Oxford's runner-up for Word of the Year ("unfriend" won).

It's has a legitimate context in political circles.

It's going to stick around for a long, long time.

Sad part is, a tea-baggee'... (Below threshold)

Sad part is, a tea-baggee's view will be much better than the average self-reliant American, once Obama and company are done looting this nation.

Guess it's the context of t... (Below threshold)

Guess it's the context of those who use it the most. Olberman and Matthews use it a lot. And we know they've been 'blowin' for Obama' since Day One.

What would Barney or the li... (Below threshold)

What would Barney or the lib media say if Rush or Sarah or Hannity called him a teabagger/teabagee?

For those who use the term ... (Below threshold)

For those who use the term Teabager, return the slur and call them ObamaBaggers!

I think the rejoinder to "t... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

I think the rejoinder to "teabagger" is "salad tosser," which all lefties are for Obama.

See, Americans can look up homosexual slang too, if they don't have any liberal friends, who for some reason are fully conversant with it.

If you toss Obama's salad, ... (Below threshold)

If you toss Obama's salad, don't forget the arugula.

Steve Green, suck my balls.... (Below threshold)

Steve Green, suck my balls.

Have you ever seen pictures... (Below threshold)

Have you ever seen pictures of people who pass out drunk, then someone draws stuff on their faces or tea-bags them? It's not the tea-bagger who is shamed, it's the tea-baggee.

I can take all the wild nam... (Below threshold)

I can take all the wild names the vile left want to throw except sexually explicit terms. That goes over the line. Way over. It borders on thug, uneducated, petulant child behavior. ww

It's not a sexually-explici... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

It's not a sexually-explicit word, not in this context.

Do you feel the same way about the words "bang" and "screw"?

Context is everything - and in political terms a "teabagger" is someone who protests Obama's tax policies in concert with the Tea Party movement.

Little Stevie,How'... (Below threshold)

Little Stevie,

How's our little cocksucker today?

I know that in your alternate-reality world, you can define t**bagger as you want, but in the real world, t**bagger is being used to denigrate people who support the various tea parties.

It is offensive, just as n*gg*r is offensive to black people.

Are you in the habit of calling black people n*gg*rs?

Will rascist stevie green b... (Below threshold)

Will rascist stevie green be teabagging fascist stevie sturm as Coakley goes down in flames?

Context is everything - and... (Below threshold)

Context is everything - and in political terms a "teabagger" is someone who protests Obama's tax policies in concert with the Tea Party movement.
14. Posted by Steve Green

Hey, Steve, you little cocksucker.

Now there's some context you can believe in.

Hey, Steve Green, could you... (Below threshold)

Hey, Steve Green, could you repeat that? I couldn't hear you. You were muffled by that Magic Negro's scrotum in your mouth.


I've decided to refer to th... (Below threshold)

I've decided to refer to them as felchers (hereby now defined as those who would suck all the money out of the private sector to create a more massive government in the march towards socialism). I'll let you look that one up. In that context it is just as appropriate.

Actually a lot of comments ... (Below threshold)

Actually a lot of comments features on MS papers will block c***suckers. I use corkdipper or socktucker or taxsucker. Even the dimmest libby gets it.

Michael:It's "raci... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:


It's "racist" for Pete's sake.

Not "rascist."


Thank you.... (Below threshold)

Thank you.

The vast majority of people... (Below threshold)

The vast majority of people are repelled when they find out what Steve Green thinks of them. In that way and no other, he is useful.

I'll bet Steve IS a racist,... (Below threshold)

I'll bet Steve IS a racist, homosexual living in his mothers basement thinking of Scott Brown with his shirt off. ww

Michael:It'... (Below threshold)


It's "racist" for Pete's sake.

Not "rascist."


That's a combination of racist and fascist, right?

Hey Mike there are some thi... (Below threshold)

Hey Mike there are some things in life that a person just doesn't want to know. I'm gonna be sick for fucking hours.

Good shot earlier Jay Tea. We expect so much less from you. :)

s green... let me see if I ... (Below threshold)

s green... let me see if I have this straight... you think with all your brain power, such as it is, that Janeane Garofalo and olberfool uses the term in the context as given via the Oxford Dictionary?

Do I have that correct?

If so, your far more delusional that I ever imagined.

Steve Green refuses to admi... (Below threshold)

Steve Green refuses to admit that the people who talk about "teabaggers" are sniggering while they say it.

I'm being niggardly with the benefit of the doubt, because -- unlike Mr. Green -- I actually pay attention to their oral inflections.


(And yes, I was very discriminating in my word choice here.)






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