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Brown wins The Ted Kennedy Seat

Well I'll be dipped in shit.

NSFW music for your victory dance


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What this says more then an... (Below threshold)

What this says more then anything is the liberal left wing of America is wrong. ww

Heckuva job, Brownie.... (Below threshold)

Heckuva job, Brownie.

#1 VERY wrong!... (Below threshold)

#1 VERY wrong!

Well, glory be. Obama gets ... (Below threshold)

Well, glory be. Obama gets a wedgie.

The will of the people of M... (Below threshold)
Carl Erik Soderholm:

The will of the people of MA... Government is by the people not by Washington

Saw the Fox feed of the Coa... (Below threshold)

Saw the Fox feed of the Coakley 'party' - folks were heading for the door.

Well, HER career's just run off Dike Bridge into the Poucha Pond inlet. (Where Ted went into the water...) Hope she's got a plan B for the future, 'cause she's untouchable by the Dems now...

Obama: Five for five<... (Below threshold)

Obama: Five for five

New Jersey

1994 Fast forward t... (Below threshold)

1994 Fast forward to 2010 What a great day in this nation! The day that blue turned blood red with anger and resolve that the policies of the liberal left that are breaking this nation will not be tolerated.


Someone should have told Oa... (Below threshold)

Someone should have told Oakley, never go full retard.

I repeat, I predict Nancy P... (Below threshold)

I repeat, I predict Nancy Pelosi is out as Speaker of the House before summer.

I would like to thank the S... (Below threshold)

I would like to thank the State of Massachusetts for slowing the march to tyranny.

JOHN KERRY IS NEXT!... (Below threshold)


Posted at Huffpo:W... (Below threshold)

Posted at Huffpo:


Ya think?

How's that safe district fe... (Below threshold)

How's that safe district feeling now Babs...errr SENATOR......

Anybody looked at the resul... (Below threshold)

Anybody looked at the results map? Weird. Coakley won the cities and the 495 belt while Brown took most of the rest of the eastern 2/3 of the state...but she dominated the left 1/3 of the state...high 60s and 70s percent of the vote.

Weird, I figured the rural areas would go more for Brown. Then again maybe MA has changed a lot since I left.

Any locals shed some light on why the berkshires went so heavily for Coakley?? I mean, I can see like Pittsfield and around there, but she took that whole area.

It's "Countdown" with Keith... (Below threshold)

It's "Countdown" with Keith Olbermann: 60, 59, ...

I believe the phrase is "We... (Below threshold)

I believe the phrase is "Well I'll be dipped..."

That or a hearty "FVCK YOU" to liberals everywhere who have to absolutely be quaking in their pee puddles nation wide.

I guess the Wizbang poll do... (Below threshold)

I guess the Wizbang poll does'nt need to be certified now.

Stevie' My condolences..

Amherst is out in the weste... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Amherst is out in the western half of the state and it is the biggest concentration of nutbags in the whole state. Even Boston libs make fun of Amherst.

I'm new to Mass, but Illinois is similar. The rural downstate votes democrat. No real explanation.

Coakley gives a good concession speech. Shows rare class for a democrat. Good for her.

"Amherst is out in the w... (Below threshold)

"Amherst is out in the western half of the state and it is the biggest concentration of nutbags in the whole state. Even Boston libs make fun of Amherst."

So Amherst is kind of like San Fran Sicko is to the rest of California?

Steve Green predicted Marth... (Below threshold)

Steve Green predicted Martha winning by 5, she lost by 5. So as usual, you were wrong. Care to comment?

"Steve Green predicted M... (Below threshold)

"Steve Green predicted Martha winning by 5, she lost by 5. So as usual, you were wrong. Care to comment?"

He cant.. He's out looking for a new PC.

Dear Democrats He ... (Below threshold)

Dear Democrats

He won, Get over it.

I guess Obama aint the only one keeping score.

I surely hope Ted Kennedy i... (Below threshold)

I surely hope Ted Kennedy is watching this down in hell.

Well, I'll admit it: I didn... (Below threshold)

Well, I'll admit it: I didn't think it was possible for a Republican to win that seat. I still didn't believe it several days ago. I've spent too many years living in Massachusetts. At the very least, I figured that the Democrats would get it within a percent or two, and then they'd steal it.

I'm very happy to report that I was totally wrong.

Good for Massachusetts, and good for the country.

This election was a perfect storm for Democrats:
1. Their candidate sucked.
2. They have total control of the state, but their policies suck.
3. Their party has total control of the federal government, but their national agenda sucks.

The big message in this election is simply this: the politicians need to listen to the people.

Unlike Senator Kennedy, Coakley didn't hit the streets campaigning one-on-one and listening to the people. Her opponent did.

The Democrats have run Massachusetts for decades. The only time the voters of Massachusetts ever vote for Republicans is when the Democrats threaten to totally wreck the state, and the voters put in a Republican governor just to stop the insanity. Well, things are going crazy again. Massachusetts has had a series of scandals hit the state house with Democratic leaders arrested for corruption, and the state is suffering under a thoroughly incompetent Democratic governor who appears to be totally out of touch.

And then there are the Democrats in Washington. People all over the country have given their time to try to talk to their representatives, and people like Representative Barney Frank have told them to shut up and go home. The Democrats have proposed an agenda that most Americans reject, but the consensus among Democratic leaders is that they have the necessary votes, so that don't care what the voters think.

Good working people in Massachusetts can see that things are wrong, they are asking questions, and they are being ignored. Today, they said, "Enough!"

#4, that wasn't just a wedg... (Below threshold)

#4, that wasn't just a wedgie, that was the dreaded "Rear Admiral"

2004 Dems: "Yeah, we're cha... (Below threshold)

2004 Dems: "Yeah, we're changing the rules to prevent a governor from appointing someone to fill a Senate seat. What could possibly go wrong?"

That's what makes this even sweeter. Democrats pulled some tom-foolery to protect a Dem seat, and it really blew up in their faces six years later. Talk about a self-inflicted wound.

And it just occurred to me, but Obama was sworn into office exactly one year ago today. (It was the 20th, but a Tuesday just to be clear.) Heck of a first anniversary gift, huh?

Happy Anniversary Alinski!!... (Below threshold)

Happy Anniversary Alinski!!

"Brown wins The Ted Kenn... (Below threshold)

"Brown wins The Ted Kennedy Seat"

I hope He sends it to detox before sitting in it.






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