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Keith Olbermann loves Scott Brown

Like Ahmadinejad loves Israel... with as much substantive reason:



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If you combine this with Da... (Below threshold)

If you combine this with David Shuster asking if the Massachusetts voters have lost their minds and Ed Schultz advocating election fraud then I'd say that the folks at MSNBC have crossed the line into bug eyed crazy.

I really miss Tim Russert.

Someone needs to deliver a ... (Below threshold)

Someone needs to deliver a bucket of valium to MSNBC studios today or it will not be pretty on air tonight.

I could not have said it be... (Below threshold)

I could not have said it better........about Franken and Minn.

The doctor advises on chewi... (Below threshold)

The doctor advises on chewing an aspirin and calling 911 immediately.

Or maybe he needs the jar o... (Below threshold)

Or maybe he needs the jar of aspirin so obviously stuck up his ass removed. I got a plumber's helper he can have if he wants.

And yet they accuse others ... (Below threshold)

And yet they accuse others of hate.

MSNBC has been going more a... (Below threshold)

MSNBC has been going more and more liberal for a long time now. Now they have gone to the lunatic fringe. Anytime I flip over to watch them, they are acting in such a disgraceful way that would make an 8th grader ashamed. There is no longer even a pretense of professionalism, objectivity or decency.

CNN is liberal but at least they appear to try for some professionalism, objectivity or decency.

How does he do this with a ... (Below threshold)

How does he do this with a straight face?
It's funny, the only time I ever watch the dim bulbs at MSNBC is through a link where someone is illustrating their absurdity. I am beginning to believe that is Olbermans shctick. As a failed sportscaster doing stand up routines on a failing cable show I have to tip my hat to him, he continuously outdoes himself!

Keith O is a major disgusti... (Below threshold)
Ron Tell:

Keith O is a major disgusting putz. His ratings are in the tank, but old GE is indebted to old Obama so they let this idiot make these obsene comments.

Ober-scum's rantings are pe... (Below threshold)

Ober-scum's rantings are perfectly filed under "asshats" cuz the section called "brain-dead shitpiles" doesn't exist....

Someone should deliver a lo... (Below threshold)

Someone should deliver a load of horse shit to the front steps of MSNBC. Just leave a note on it - "If you're going to peddle it, learn to live in it!"

Whenever I hear Special Kei... (Below threshold)
Jason Author Profile Page:

Whenever I hear Special Keith pontificating, only one phrase comes to mind: "Gigantic douchebag."

Jason,Why do you h... (Below threshold)


Why do you hate douchebags?

I don't hate douchebags. I... (Below threshold)
Jason Author Profile Page:

I don't hate douchebags. I find them quite entertaining.

With a commentary like that... (Below threshold)

With a commentary like that from Keith, who wouldn't love this man??? The joke of the airways doesn't seem to get that his opinion does little more than solidify people's good opinion of Brown!

This reminds me of Michael ... (Below threshold)

This reminds me of Michael Savage's comments from his brief stint on Fox...something to the effect that he hoped a guest caller got AIDS and died...those were the last words Fox allowed Savage to say before they pulled his show. How is it that Olbermann is given a pass on this from MSNBC?






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