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Massachusetts Senate Race Open Thread: Brown versus Coakley

Here's an open thread for anyone who wants to do a happy dance or two or scream in frustration. Here are the preliminary numbers from Rasmussen who did a bit of exit polling:

  • Among those who decided how they would vote in the past few days, Coakley has a slight edge, 47% to 41%.
  • Coakley also has a big advantage among those who made up their mind more than a month ago.
  • Seventy-six percent (76%) of voters for Brown said they were voting for him rather than against Coakley.
  • Sixty-six percent (66%) of Coakley voters said they were voting for her rather than against Brown.
  • 22% of Democrats voted for Brown. That is generally consistent with pre-election polling.


Update: Geraghty at Campaign Spot:

Obama Towns Are Flipping To Scott Brown. Early Night, Folks. In 2008, Ashland, Massachusetts went for Obama over McCain, 5,039 votes to 3,181.

Tonight Brown won Ashland 54 percent to 45 percent - 3,467 for Brown while Coakley carried 2,897.

You can call it, folks.

Howie Carr on O'Reilly says turnout in suburbs was twice that in the cities and is a "total fiasco" for the Democrats.

Update II: It's 8:55pm and this is what Drudge says:



Rasmussen: 22% of Dems voted for Brown; Voters who decided in past few days favored Coakley...
LARGE: Reports of 50% turnout...

Mass. secretary of state dismissed vote problems...

R: 0,441,124
D: 0,392,078

Update III: Dave Wasserman from Cook Report via Twitter:

Cook Report does NOT officially call races, but if I were working for a network I would have enough #s to project: Brown Wins

I'm trying to stay calm.

Also from Wasserman:

Kennedyland is IN: Barnstable, MA (including Hyannis Port) gave Brown 61%, he needed 59% there

Update IV: Sean Hannity reports that Martha Coakley has conceded! Carl Cameron reports live that Coakley has conceded.

Say hello to Senator-elect Scott Brown.


We are witnessing history. I can't believe it. A second American revolution just took place. Thank you, Massachusetts. It really is a Massachusetts Miracle.


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Comments (60)

Brown by between 2-3. The ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Brown by between 2-3. The dems will realize they cant pull that many fake votes out of their ass to win. They will pass healthcare with 51 votes and change the rules of the Senate to make the filibuster level at 45 instead of 41.

Rasmussen has been polling ... (Below threshold)

Rasmussen has been polling Coakley ahead all along. Only thing he's LOWERED is the spread.

8:35pm, first results show ... (Below threshold)

8:35pm, first results show Brown up by 5.

Choakly behind by 20,000 ea... (Below threshold)

Choakly behind by 20,000 early.. Better start poppin dem trunks.

25% of the vote counted. B... (Below threshold)
retired military:

25% of the vote counted. Brown 52 Coakley 47. I umm dont see Steve Green around here anywhere.

Stevie's too busy crying in... (Below threshold)

Stevie's too busy crying in his beer.

For the first time in my ad... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

For the first time in my adult life I am proud of the Massachucetts voters.

39% of vote Brown 52 coakle... (Below threshold)
retired military:

39% of vote Brown 52 coakley 47 still.

It is getting kind of deep unless they have like 500,000 absentee ballots with 90% of those for coakley.

It's unlikely for a Democra... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

It's unlikely for a Democrat to win if 22% of Democratic voters vote Republican. That figure alone suggests a Brown win.

Ongoing counts found here</... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Ongoing counts found here


right hand side

also here


Under the pictures

50% of votes in - Brown 53/... (Below threshold)

50% of votes in - Brown 53/Coakley 47.

Read 'em and weep Stevie, SAUD, Vic, bryanD. Obama just became a lame-duck in his first year.

Apropos of #11's comment...... (Below threshold)
NJ Mike:

Apropos of #11's comment.......Finally!! the "historic" label can be properly placed upon the Uhhhhhbama admin......

Not enough dead people voti... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Not enough dead people voting in multiple precincts for Coakley. Brown wins easily.

Do you still hold the same ... (Below threshold)

Do you still hold the same amount of reverance for the lame duc One Steve?

Brown , Scott GOP 694,89... (Below threshold)

Brown , Scott GOP 694,897 53%
Coakley , Martha Dem 607,073 46%
Kennedy , Joseph Oth 13,079 1%

9:05 PM, almost 90k down. Wait and see - but it looks like the spin's going to have to be that Coakley was just a HORRIBLE candidate, and this election doesn't mean a damn thing!

But you can spin it all you want, the people have spoken and they're not buying the Dem bullshit any more.

65% in Brown 53 Coakely 46.... (Below threshold)

65% in Brown 53 Coakely 46. Coakely is toast

Trouble logging onto Drudge... (Below threshold)

Trouble logging onto Drudge right now.

Drudge just came up, then refreshed ... Brown 53%, Coakley 46%.

65% of vote in (about 1.3 m... (Below threshold)
retired military:

65% of vote in (about 1.3 million counted.) Brown ahead by about 90K.

That means about 2 miillion total votes will be cast and out of the last 700k Coakley has to get 400k vs Brown 300k just to tie.

Not impossible but not very probable either.

Howie Carr called it 1/2 wa... (Below threshold)

Howie Carr called it 1/2 way through O'Reilly for Brown

It is starting to look like... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

It is starting to look like a sure win for Brown. This is epic. Thank you God.

96.9 FM in Boston called th... (Below threshold)
jim m:

96.9 FM in Boston called the election at 6:45 for Brown based on the Coakley campaign blaming Obama for their loss. They wouldn't be playing the blame game if they thought they were going to win.

I wonder how many of the Bo... (Below threshold)

I wonder how many of the Boston, Springfield, Lawrence, and Lowell counts have been turned in. That 7% lead looks pretty big. Is it time for them to call it a day and go home, or are they going to keep inventing votes?

Teddy just rolled over in H... (Below threshold)

Teddy just rolled over in His car.

With over half of Boston co... (Below threshold)
jim m:

With over half of Boston counted Coakley will only be able to pick up about 23,000 votes here in the biggest dem stronghold of the state.

He's up 90,000 votes. She can't catch him.

Boston 135 of 254 precincts... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Boston 135 of 254 precincts counted

Caokley 47,475...... 66%
Brown 24,152....... 33%
Kennedy 728.......... 1%

Fox News has just called th... (Below threshold)

Fox News has just called the election for Scott Brown.

AP just called for Brown.</... (Below threshold)

AP just called for Brown.

Coakley concedes!!!!!!!!!!!... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Coakley concedes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lutz focus group is ham... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

The Lutz focus group is hammering health care. There is no doubt that ObamaCare is what this is about. Even the Dems are mad that the WH is shoving this through.

Just called for Brown - Coakley has conceded!

Martha Coakley is getting r... (Below threshold)

Martha Coakley is getting ready to make her concession speech

I hate to be a wet blanket,... (Below threshold)
Arizona CJ:

I hate to be a wet blanket, but I've always believed that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A Republican taking Teddy's seat? That qualifies. Yes, I've seen the polls.

I'm worried that all the buzz has clouded the real message; that even if it's close, it's huge.

I hope Brown wins, that would be beyond awesome, I just don't want to get my hopes up, so I'm holding off celebrating until it's certain.

However, pessimist that I am, even I'll say this much; based on current totals, I see no way Coakly is going to pull off the decisive win that would allow Dems to dismiss reports of voter anger.

I'll be watching the returns closely, and wishing Brown all the best. Win or lose, he's pulled off a miracle already.

Majority of Focus Group aga... (Below threshold)

Majority of Focus Group against WH and Congress pushing thru Health Care without Brown having a vote. Only 3 (Coakley supporters) want Barry and Congress to go ahead and vote.

Congratulations to the newe... (Below threshold)

Congratulations to the newest Senator from Massachusetts. Senator Brown you ran one great campaign. mpw

CNN calls it with tears in ... (Below threshold)

CNN calls it with tears in their eyes...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha



That was Splash Kennedy rolling over in his grave.

Okay, regarding my above po... (Below threshold)
Arizona CJ:

Okay, regarding my above post; the first thing I see after posting it is Coakly just CONCEDED!

That makes even a pessimist like me cautiously optimistic. LoL

Awesome!!!!!!! (and I am delighted that my pessimisim was wrong!)

Barry is officially a lame-... (Below threshold)

Barry is officially a lame-duck.

Where is Steve green.... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Where is Steve green.

I cant stand Juan Williams on Fox

Rasmussen should retire. H... (Below threshold)

Rasmussen should retire. He had it Coakley by 7.

This is the best thing Tedd... (Below threshold)

This is the best thing Teddy ever accomplished.

This is a good day. A very ... (Below threshold)

This is a good day. A very good day. ww

The trolls are crying in th... (Below threshold)

The trolls are crying in their Kool-Aid

The sweet irony. "Pass it ... (Below threshold)

The sweet irony. "Pass it for Teddy" is going to be stopped BY TEDDY'S OWN SEAT!

SAUD, VIC, Stevie, jp2, bry... (Below threshold)

SAUD, VIC, Stevie, jp2, bryanD! Come join us in a "bipartisan" celebration!

Dear American mass media,</... (Below threshold)

Dear American mass media,

The residents of a state that already has Obamacare just voted to kill nationwide Obamacare. Seems to me there might be story there somewhere.

I hope there's an anti-suic... (Below threshold)

I hope there's an anti-suicide watch on Congressional Democrats tonight. Barry, I'm not worried about. Failures are ALWAYS the fault of others.

Anyone seen Chrissy Matthew... (Below threshold)

Anyone seen Chrissy Matthews or Olbermann?

CNN- "The democra... (Below threshold)


"The democrat could not tap into voter anger??"

Thats because the Dems are responsible for the voter anger You dumbfuc's

Goodbye Obamacare and enjoy your well earned lame brain status..

Looks like the slip and fal... (Below threshold)

Looks like the slip and fall lawyers are going to have to pack up and go away. No paycheck this time.

They said Brown had to win ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

They said Brown had to win by 4.8% or more to prevent the dems from stealing it in recounts. He got 5%. Just enough.

JOHN FUCKING KERRY IS NEXT!... (Below threshold)


Speaking of Lurch, he just ... (Below threshold)

Speaking of Lurch, he just hobbled in on cruthches to Chokelys concession sob. What he do? Twist his ankle trying to pick an old lady's pocket?

Jac ass

Well.....I am impres... (Below threshold)

I am impressed with this decisive victory.
Democrats everywhere are in fear of their political lives.

Oberlmensch is subdued, pronouncing it "Schadenfreude in its original intent." "A huge shock and upset to Democrats"...

I guess over in Massachuset... (Below threshold)

I guess over in Massachusetts they're clinging to their guns and to their religion.

Martha (eh, Marcia... which... (Below threshold)

Martha (eh, Marcia... which is it Patrick? ) Coakley notes that there will be many that are angry at the results tonight and she thanked the Kennedy family, her own campaign officials, her husband, other family members but ignores any mention of the Obama administration.

Can you hear the sounds of sheets tearing?

The Dem's are cracking alre... (Below threshold)
How the hell does the Democ... (Below threshold)
James H:

How the hell does the Democratic Party lose the Senate seat in one of the most liberal states in the country? This is like the Republicans losing South Carolina or Georgia.

I hope there's an ... (Below threshold)
Brett Buck:
I hope there's an anti-suicide watch on Congressional Democrats tonight.

Uh, why? I wouldn't want to interfere with their precious (and apparently constitutionally-mandated) "right to choose".

It has been a fantastic year - it took them just under a year to go from the highest of highs - to f*cking it up completely. No one could pry that morally-bankrupt sociopath Teddy out of his throne even during the high points of the Reagan Revolution. This is the situation for which the phrase "Epic fail' was coined.

I am a student of history, and I can't recall any similar precipitous plummet in political fortunes in the history of the world, must less America. The Nazis took about 6 years and millions of lives lost to get rid of, the commies took ~70 years and untold lives lost. We had one year of the democratic (little "d") process, and these idiots are effectively done.

This is one hell of a country!

I just reeeeeeaaaalllyyy ho... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

I just reeeeeeaaaalllyyy hope Obama gets out there and campaigns for all the Democrats running this fall!

The polls are closed as of ... (Below threshold)

The polls are closed as of 7 pm Eastern time!

Final Results

Martha Choakley (D) 33% 6713

Scott Brown (R)35% 7100

Joe Kennedy (L) 32% 6401

Nice try KOS idiots!

23. Posted by 914 | January 19, 2010 8:06 PM | Score: 0 (0 votes

Wizbang poll of likely winner in MA

Its official! Chokey lost! Congrats Joe! Very good showing!!






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