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Anecdotes From On the Ground in Massachusetts

Jim Geraghty at the Campaign Spot has several heartening anecdotes from today's voting in Massachusetts:

From Worcester County:
Just got back from the polls here in Leominster in Worcester County. When I brought my ballot up, the cop on duty said with a grin, "There's no secret who you're voting for," and nodded to my National Review sweatshirt. We had a short, smiling, nonpolitical exchange that didn't end in gunfire. I took that as a positive sign. Outside I spoke to a woman I know who was standing on West Street in the snow holding a Brown sign with three other Brown supporters (I didn't see a single Coakley supporter standing in the snow as of 9:30 this morning). She says she's been out since seven this morning and that she'd estimate shows of support (honking horns, etc.) from the passing cars to be in the 60 to 70% range. Great if true.

I'm an old Reagan '84 volunteer who's tuned out state and local politics out of disgust over the past twenty-plus years, but twenty-five years ago Leominster was pretty conservative. It's less so now, but I was heartened by yesterday's bellwether polls that gave Brown a double digit lead in Fitchburg and Gardner. It's been a long time, but if memory serves both Fitchburg and Gardner as well as nearby Clinton were the only three towns in the immediate area that were Mondale country. If Fitchburg and Gardner have gone Brown, that pretty much guarantees Leominster and bodes well for all of Worcester County. If the graveyards don't empty for Coakley, maybe I can start feeling...well, not good, but at least a heckuva lot less shame about politics here in Massachusettes (sic, Martha).

There's a lot more where that came from at Jim's NRO home.


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Steve Green,Your w... (Below threshold)

Steve Green,

Your wife getting excited yet?

I think we may see a bunch ... (Below threshold)

I think we may see a bunch of moderate Dems crossing over today. They're just as sick of this bloating government as responsible conservatives are. I wonder if the Dems internal polling included this factor.

Some are <a href="http://pa... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Some are encouraging people to bring video cameras to the polls to capture potential nefarious conduct. Probably a good idea.

I thought moonbats were 'th... (Below threshold)

I thought moonbats were 'the wife'

We're coming after you n... (Below threshold)

We're coming after you next Barbara, err "SENATOR". Still think your district is safe?

I hope the Republicans don'... (Below threshold)

I hope the Republicans don't take this the wrong way. What happened in Mass was awesome, but remember most of Mass is Democrat - what you are seeing the beginning of should not be misinterpreted as a Republican victory as much as an awakening of the real Americans. Those citizens who realize there has been no good choice in recent decades, who have finally had a gutful of "politics as usual" and the intrusion of government in most aspects of their lives. WE THE PEOPLE have erased party lines and are reflecting our desire to have the government serve the people, and our country. Personally that is the candidate I will vote for, regardless of his party affiliation.







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