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Profit taking on Intrade

A quick post here but as I was one of those people freaking out that Kathryn Lopez refers to below I thought it might be helpful. Coakley's chances surged on Intrade this morning which wasn't the way I wanted to start my day. Thankfully the one of the readers over at the Corner has a plausible explanation. Via Lopez:

I'm getting all kinds of e-mails from people freaking out because Coakley just had a surge. I don't know what to tell you other than: If you're in Massachusetts, vote. (But I don't think I have to encourage anyone reading this who lives in the Bay State to!) If you have friends in Massachusetts, get them to vote Brown. It's like hitting the reboot button on health care.

UPDATE: Corner readers always know; a reader e-mails: "K-Lo, That is Brown holders taking their profits, so they are selling. That would explain the fall in prices, but it is not that large."

That explanation sounds reasonable to me. Her advice still stands though. If you know a Brown supporter in MA do what you can to convince them to go out and vote today.

Update: I guess people are done with profit taking.


Fingers crossed...


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Comments (2)

Glenn Beck scammed hundreds... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

Glenn Beck scammed hundreds with his "Obama is crashing the economy - buy gold" ruse - I wonder if he's behind this as well?

stevie G ...right ... (Below threshold)

stevie G ...

right ... everyone is afraid of inflation because of Glenn Beck ...

I'm sure Soros doesn't push his favored candidate on InTrade either ...






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