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Some Salesman

Barack Obama has never really held a job in the private sector. And man oh man, is it showing.

Currently, he (as Chief Executive of the United States) owns General Motors. You'd think that, like most CEOs, that would make him "head salesman," right? Or, at least, not to run down the company and its products in public, right? (The current example of Domino's Pizza being the exception to the rule.)

Well, it's pretty damned clear that Obama has never had to sell anything besides himself in his life.

When he briefly stepped aboard the S.S. Titanic that is the Martha Coakley campaign on Sunday, he repeated derided her opponent, Scott Brown, for his truck. You know, the 9-year-old pickup Brown's tooled around the state and racked up over 200K miles.

Specifically, a 2002 GMC compact pickup.

A rolling testament that GM can make good, reliable, solid, dependable vehicles.

Which the owner of GM thinks is laughable.

Meanwhile, in the battle over nationalized health care, Obama is working to find ways to fund the whole thing. He's backing away from a campaign promise to not tax the high-end health care plans, instead carving out exceptions for union members and government employees -- but everyone else who has a really, really good health plan can expect to pay taxes for the privilege.

And what is Obama doing in the midst of this?

Referring to those really, really good plans as "Cadillac plans."

He's hanging a negative association on yet another General Motors brand.

Cadillac and GMC have been, historically, the most profitable of GM's marques. And here Obama is flinging mud on both nameplates in the interest of his political expediency.

We've already seen GM pared down, with brands being discarded. (Pontiac, Saturn, and Saab are gone or going soon.) The remaining brands will have to work extra hard to regain market share.

And here's their main owner piling negative associations on the two best.

It's a good thing that Obama has spent nearly his entire adult career outside the dreaded public sector. The guy could never cut it if he had to actually earn his living.


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Comments (23)

Everybody can buy a truck. ... (Below threshold)
Barack Obama:

Everybody can buy a truck. Look at me, I liked GM so much I bought the company.

Just when I think this Troj... (Below threshold)

Just when I think this Trojan Horse of a President can't get any more ignorant about 'people', he outdoes himself.

I could well be wrong on th... (Below threshold)

I could well be wrong on this - but the only 'management' style Obama seems to know comes straight from the Alinsky playbook. Alinsky's all about GETTING power - not about what you have to do to MANAGE it effectively once you've got it. It's briefly touched on in Rule 12 -

"12. "The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative." "

But when all you know is how to attack - you're going to have a hell of a time constructing a workable alternative. In fact, you'll have a hell of a time even MAINTAINING what you've already got going, much less build something new.

And that's the big problem I've got with the left - that there seems to be a belief that if you just smash what already exists, you can create something much better out of the broken remnants... when you haven't any knowledge of how what already exists came to be and what the functions are of the things you're trying to break.

Destruction's pretty damn easy. Creation and maintenance is a whole lot harder - and beyond those who think that all you've got to do is tear down the old and something magical will happen and new stuff will appear.

The Dems have been busy tearing down for the new stuff - and it's not appearing on schedule. Oh, noes! Could it be they haven't a clue beyond teardown?

"Destruction's pretty damn ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

"Destruction's pretty damn easy."

Lawson, a quote from Mario Cuomo (of all people) seems appropriate here, "Any jackass can kick down a barn."

You are still assuming peop... (Below threshold)

You are still assuming people are still actually listening to Obama's speeches.

Megalomaniac's, like "O", b... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

Megalomaniac's, like "O", believe they can say and do anything and it won't be held against them. It hasn't up to this point in his life and because he is so out of touch he can't understand it. I hear lots of people saying this could help "O" moderate like Clinton. I think not. "O" is a total idealogue and will likely go under the radar with his agenda, in all areas much like his "Czar" appointments and department heads, to achieve it.

What a fool Obama is...very... (Below threshold)

What a fool Obama is...very good article...it would be funny if he wasn't so dangerous of a man running..correction ruining our country.

Careful JT, 'Cadillac' is o... (Below threshold)

Careful JT, 'Cadillac' is one of those secret symbolic racist words you posted about recently.

Lawson, a quote from Mar... (Below threshold)

Lawson, a quote from Mario Cuomo (of all people) seems appropriate here, "Any jackass can kick down a barn."

Yeah, but give one a hammer, nails, a blueprint and wood and see what happens!

When the dog finally chases... (Below threshold)

When the dog finally chases down the bus, it discovers it has no idea what to do with it.

I still fail to see where O... (Below threshold)

I still fail to see where Obama is so damn smart. He's gaffe prone, he doesn't show any political skills aside from the ability to speak well. He's tone deaf to the mood of the country.

Sure, he has his bad points too, but the only salemanship we've seen is from the incredibly biased MSM.

What's ironic, IMO, is that he still acts as if he's doing a great job.

It's going to be interesting to see how he handles the next 3 years. I really don't relish the thought of our President becoming a laughingstock.

"I still fail to see where ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"I still fail to see where Obama is so damn smart. He's gaffe prone, he doesn't show any political skills aside from the ability to speak well."

Yeah, I've never seen it either. Usually he can give a good prepared Teleprompter speech, but that is about it.

Face it, the only things that count are: he's black and a liberal. This country is so hungry for more racial harmony that if a mediocre black liberal is not (or at least does not seem like) -An Angry Black Man or Shakedown Artist or Clueless Entertainer/Athelete- and can put a few words together clearly and sound intelligent, then the MSM goes wild and anoints him Jesus H. Einstein.

Meanwhile, thousands of good, smart black leaders have been ignored because they are conservative or at least non-lefty.

Why keep bringing up the tr... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Why keep bringing up the truck? You must think like a leftist. Truck = redneck, gun rack, coon dog, confederate flag, homophobe, racist. Why, Scott Brown is practically wearing a white hood by driving a truck. This is how the left perceives middle America.

Say "goodbye" Barry.... (Below threshold)

Say "goodbye" Barry.

It's snowing again in Massa... (Below threshold)

It's snowing again in Massachusettes. You know who will have no problem getting to the polls? A little hint: it's NOT Prius drivers.

Pickup trucks are associate... (Below threshold)

Pickup trucks are associated with people who do actual physical labor -- construction workers, farmers, etc. They are used to haul materials to and from the work site.

Hauling around boxes of legal files or campaign literature isn't quite the same.

If you don't wear work gloves on the job, driving a pickup truck is an affectation, no matter who makes it.

But you gotta understand, G... (Below threshold)

But you gotta understand, GM needs to sell a new truck every day, so a 9 year old truck that is likely to last another 6 to 11 years is bad for business!!!

If you don't wear ... (Below threshold)
If you don't wear work gloves on the job, driving a pickup truck is an affectation, no matter who makes it.

But if you do work around your house, you might need a truck. Otherwise you would need a minivan to handle the childrens' carpools.

Jt,The University ... (Below threshold)


The University of Chicago is a private not public university.

Was your first sentance a lie or do you not know how to use the google?

Worldy, higher education is... (Below threshold)

Worldy, higher education is hardly "the private sector." Yes, the college in question is not a public one, but it's got NOTHING in common with a job where you have to generate revenue, demonstrate productivity, compete with other firms in the same line of work, please clients and customers...

If a job has a phrase such as "tenure track" attached to it, in any context, then it might as well be public employment.


JT,I figured you w... (Below threshold)


I figured you would excuse your lie with some kind of word play. I guess you do not know what it takes to become tenured, that it is a long process and it has to do exactly with productivity, competition, and job performance. I doubt Obama was teaching long enough to make tenure, which means he could have been fired if he failed to do his job to the school's standards.

Also, I know you are not disparaging public employees like the military, police, and fire departments but it kind of sounds like it.

Whirly, I knew you'd play d... (Below threshold)

Whirly, I knew you'd play dumb-ass word games. "Real world jobs" don't come with tenure. "Real world jobs" have clearly-defined ways in which performance is measured. "Real world jobs" have consumers (call 'em customers, clients, or whatever) who must be satisfied. (Sometimes they're "internal customers.")

The one time Obama had a "real" job was when he was a researcher for two years. And he couldn't hack that.


Obama could'nt sell fart ga... (Below threshold)

Obama could'nt sell fart gas for a beer gut!






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