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Another reason why Scott Brown won ...


Funny thing about Americans -- when leaders promise openness, accountability, transparency, fiscal responsibility, and ethics, we expect them to keep their promises. We also expect democratically-elected representatives to listen to and respect their constituencies, not ignore and mock them.

After yesterday's Massachusetts Senate election, Senate Leader Harry Reid reluctantly pledged to seat Scott Brown "as soon as the proper paperwork has been received." (I'm just guessing that Brown's "proper paperwork" wouldn't be a problem for Democrats if Brown was from Mexico, but I digress.) Yet on the eve of the election, Democrats were openly discussing plans to bypass traditional procedural rules and ram the health care bill through the Senate before Brown could be seated.

It's precisely this kind of political bullying that has soured the American people toward the current Democratic leadership. Thankfully, this coming November provides an effective antidote that the American people can use to (at least temporarily) cure Congress of its arrogance.

Let's hope that ten months from now, a lot of "proper paperwork" gets submitted to Congress. A lot of it.

And while we're on the subject, the Republicans should work to make this photo into the "Mission Accomplished" of 2010 mid-term election campaigns.


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41!... (Below threshold)


Karma, it's a bitch.<... (Below threshold)

Karma, it's a bitch.

They dug the grave, now they get to hop into it.

Politically speaking I've never seen one party over reach or pay off their supporters so lavishly while completely ignoring the opposition in every way legislatively.

You filthy neocons are not ... (Below threshold)
Victory is Mao's:

You filthy neocons are not being fair asking liberal trolls like me to comment on Scott Brown's election to the Senate. You know we can't say anything until we get our talking points and frankly none of us expected to need talking points for a Brown victory.

I just got the email though so here we go.

1. This election doesn't mean anything. All politics is local and a bad candidate who ran a bad campaign lost. Big deal. So what. Nobody cares.

B. Jobs, jobs, jobs. We need more jobs for America and Republican obstruction will not create more jobs.

C. Republican obstruction, Republican obstruction, Republican obstruction. That's who is to blame.

2. President Obama only visited Massachusettes because he likes their baseball team, whatever it is.

So you fithy neocons just back off. You are losers and will always be losers.


Once it was known that Brow... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Once it was known that Brown would win I watched MSNBC to see how liberals were reacting. As hard as it is to believe Chris Matthews was the voice of reason, if such as thing can be said about any liberal. Overall, you can expect Democrats to downplay Brown's election and Republicans to overplay it. What's not in dispute is the effect Brown's election will have on Obamacare.

Brown's term is up in 2012 and if he has any hopes of being reelected he will have to start raising money today and also champion some issues that are popular in Massachusetts. That might mean Brown will break with Republicans on some issues like financial regulations, which are being touted as preventing a future subprime magnitude mess. Hopefully, Brown will hold the line on cap and trade, card check, and the liberal version of immigration reform.

"Openness? Accountability? ... (Below threshold)

"Openness? Accountability? Transparency? Fiscal responsibility? Ethical behavior?"

They keep using those words. I do not think they means what they think it means.

Sometimes events happen tha... (Below threshold)

Sometimes events happen that simply cannot be spinned. This is one of those instances. A clear defeat for Obama and his policies. He will have to do what Clinton did and move to center. The problem is with the leftists in the house. Obama will have a very hard time wrangling them. The landscape will be interesting to watch. Thank you Mass. citizens. You brought sanity to the country. ww

Obama can't move to the cen... (Below threshold)

Obama can't move to the center. He has been a solid partisan leftist too long, and from his recent statements about the health insurance bill, he is going to push even harder from the Left. He needs his far-left Soros-funded, union thugs and the only way to keep them is to continue his far-left policies and continual far-left campaign mode.

I will give the liberal spi... (Below threshold)

I will give the liberal spinners SOME credit... Brown's victory was not a rebuke of President Obama. Instead it was a collective spitting out of the "stew" that consists of the actions of the three people prominently featured in the photo in this article. I laughed at the MSNBC talking heads last night that have convinced themselves that the only problem was that the Democrats didn't go hard enough leftward in the last year... and the only way to save their political skins is to do so post haste before November. If they will only do so, voters will "reward" them at the polls for their results. How in Hades can people so mis-read what happened last night?

Those incumbent Republicans... (Below threshold)

Those incumbent Republicans need to listen to yesterday's Mass message. Because there's a list, and they're on it too.

Barry doesn't know anything... (Below threshold)

Barry doesn't know anything other than the extreme left. He'll continue down the same path. After all, to quote Barry; "I won".

Ok, but we have to give som... (Below threshold)

Ok, but we have to give some credit to the "crossover" Dems who voted for Scott Brown. Are any Republicans willing to do the same for a "moderate" Democrat? Say a challenger to Olympia Snowe? Massachusetts had at least some Dems go against party affiliation to put him in. A stunning upset to say the least.

Another note: Notice the tr... (Below threshold)

Another note: Notice the trolls not commenting. Proves the point they have to wait for talking points before they can address the undressable. ww

I fully expected massive fr... (Below threshold)

I fully expected massive fraud in this election, but even with the importing of hundreds--in fact I heard thousands--of SEIU thugs, it either didn't materialize or the victory was too massive for criminality to make a difference. We can't expect to be so fortunate throughout the nation in November. Actual Americans will have to post themselves at polls, prepared not just to tape, but to CORRECT fraud/intimidation/thuggery 10 months from now, by whatever means are necessary.

Obamacare may still be pass... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Obamacare may still be passed. Retiring Repub Senator Voinovich (squishy middle-of-the-roader) had a meeting with Barry recently. Hopefully he will not defect before retiring. Very unlikely, but you never know.
Various seldom-used parliamentary tricks can also be used to sneak this thing through.

It's all very unlikely, as even Democrats are abandoning it and wish it would go away, but you never know.

Don't dismiss this thing unless and until it is stabbed, shot, hanged, burned, buried and nuked from orbit.

I hate YOU! I honestly hate... (Below threshold)

I hate YOU! I honestly hate YOU!

Is it just Me? Or does Barr... (Below threshold)

Is it just Me? Or does Barry appear to be looking down His nose at that White fool?

That picture should be capt... (Below threshold)

That picture should be captioned:

"After Brown's win last night, we, the leaders of the Democratic Party realize - WE'RE SCREWED!"

What is best in life?... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

What is best in life?
To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

Legally, it doesn't so much matter WHEN they allow Brown to take the oath of office because from the day of his election, Kirk is no longer a Senator. The magic number isn't "41," it's "60" and without Kirk, they don't have it.

Les ~ Voinovich said flatly he will NOT be a vote for ObamaCare. If our squishy Senators didn't join the socialists when they had the momentum, they sure as heck won't jump on the train after derailment.

Victory is Mao's ~ You forgot "3. No populist backlash ever fed a hungry child."

JA- yeah, I'm probably worr... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

JA- yeah, I'm probably worrying too much re Voinovich. But I still worry about some watered-down AlmostObamaCare passing, then they'll incrementally add to it; eventually getting the full ObamaCare.

As perverse as it sounds, I almost wish they would keep the burners set on high and try to boil the frog quickly. That way maybe the frog will be shocked into jumping out instead of slowly simmering to death.

Hey liberals notice what it... (Below threshold)

Hey liberals notice what it says on the podeum take a real good notice






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