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Bring Obama His Brown Pants

For the first time in my adult life, I'm proud of my neighboring state.

A Republican will now sit in the seat previously held by John F. Kennedy and Ted Kennedy.

And Brown isn't just a Republican, but he's a really cool guy.

Just how big is this election?

Well, Allah broke out the humping robot.

Ace put up a double flaming skull.

And I'm saying something nice about Massachusetts.

Oh, those poor, poor Democrats. How on earth will they govern now, with only the presidency, 60% of the House, and 57 of 100 Senate seats? Well, 57 Democrats, 1 communist, and a mostly Democrat.

So, why did Brown win? A whole bunch of things.

Coakley was a horrific campaigner.

She was also saddled with a horrific record.

Brown kept up a mostly positive message.

Everyone who tried to help out Coakley only seemed to make things worse for her.

Brown pushed to make the race a referendum on Obamacare and the Democratic agenda.

And in the end, it was all these things and more that combined to put Brown into office.

Let's look at some hard facts:

Before last night, the Democrats held every single seat in Massachsetts' congressional delegation, every single statewide elective office, and over 85% of each house of the Massachusetts legislature. And registered Democrats outnumbered registered Republicans by about 3 to 1.

But "unenrolled" voters (what people in sane states called "independents") outnumber both combined. (Rough numbers: 12% Republican, 37% Democrat, 51% "unenrolled.") And this time they moved heavily to the right.

Or, more precisely, away from the left.

Hey, Democratic establishment: you wanna wake up and smell the teabags, or you gonna double-down and keep pushing hard left until you run right off the edge of the world?

I just can't wait to see.

Author's note: man, did I pick the wrong time to frak up my new computer... today I get to pull it apart and put it back together. Note to self: be much, much more careful when frakking around with the boot disk's partitions.)


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Comments (35)

Brown won the election on a... (Below threshold)

Brown won the election on a surge in the past month.

Coakley was a bad campaigner before last month and her stance on issue hasn't changed in the past month. So what was the 'tipping point' that occurred within the last month ? Buhler ? Buhler ?

Of course, I'm sure the RNC will take this as a sign that they can win by running further to the Left.

I am exceedingly grateful t... (Below threshold)

I am exceedingly grateful to the good citizens of Mass. (I never thought I would say that) They not only righted what was wrong but in doing so, severely dinged the Kennedy "mastic" to a point where if a Kennedy runs, they have to actual state facts and resume's instead of running on their name and sense of entitlement.

In regards to the healthcare legislation, now maybe they will sit down and actually look at reforming the current system instead of creating a very poor one. ww

What about the Democratic B... (Below threshold)

What about the Democratic Boot Disk Partitions? Seems a 64-Bit system just doesn't cut it any more. And a 3MB Ram might be outdated. Do I dare say the Democratic Party's Babbage Machine probably won't garner votes come November? And the Dem hamster wheel doesn't quite give enough juice to energize any voters!

"Or, more precisely, awa... (Below threshold)

"Or, more precisely, away from the left."

Jay, that nails it precisely.

This tells me that people a... (Below threshold)

This tells me that people are sorry that they voted Obama in. They maybe liberal (or maybe not so much) but they still want to hold on to their money and not have Obama give it away to undeserving people.

Browns election sends a mes... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Browns election sends a message, but it's hard to know definitively what that message is. In his last interview with Fox News yesterday before the election Brown muddied the waters himself by saying his campaign was not a referendum on Obamacare or any single issue. Frankly, Brown doesn't know for sure why he was elected. Most likely it was for many reasons including Brown's personality, the folksy image of driving his GM truck around the state, and the negatives of Obama. If there's a coherent message in Brown's election it's that voters are not happy with the economy or with a political process that embraces nutzoid spending, bribes and backroom deals.

Yesterday's election of Brown was amazing, but the true miracle will be his reelection in 2012 when the term for this seat is up.

Wonderful title (and conten... (Below threshold)

Wonderful title (and content)

And the next fight will be?

I think JobCreation Ver.2.0 - the assault on everyone's wallet to try and buy down unemployment. Gird your loins.

Obama needs to grab his bro... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Obama needs to grab his brown pants. Unfortunately, he'll probably reach for his brown shirts...

Ironic that the man with no... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Ironic that the man with no clothes on exposed the phoney emperor who thought he was fooling people by wearing no clothes.

Take your new suit and return it to the Kremlin Obama.

My money is on Barry and hi... (Below threshold)

My money is on Barry and his ego. He'll press on with his socialist agenda. He thinks he's the Democratic incarnation of Ronald Reagan.

I hope "O" and liberal Dems... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

I hope "O" and liberal Dems. keep up their refusal to understand what happened in Mass. Republicans need to understand and not take for granted the mood of the American people also. Scott Brown needs to understand also that money poured in from out of state to help him get the word out. Brown and the Republicans had better not reach out to the other side and work together to "get things done". That's just "liberal speak" for Republicans needing to compromise. Nothing is better than "getting things done" when it comes to a liberal agenda being supported by Republicans. They all need to listen. And so do we.

<a href="http://www.youtube... (Below threshold)
davidt: LOL!... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

davidt: LOL!

Ayla Brown's toned arms are... (Below threshold)

Ayla Brown's toned arms are quite attractive and the Wookie in the WH cannot compare.

Davidt, that is very funny ... (Below threshold)

Davidt, that is very funny and very smart. I was in a good mood but that put me in a great mood. Thanks. ww

Did MA just elect Obama to ... (Below threshold)

Did MA just elect Obama to a 2nd term? It's long been clear from the people he surrounded himself with that Obama is more the 2nd coming of Clinton than JFK. Will he follow the Clinton script after getting socialist medicine rejected back into his face and march right to the left-of-center? That would likely guarantee a 2nd term (barring terrorist action that he messes up), because it is likely that GOP gains in Congress and governor's mansions will continue and he would then provide the balance against them.

Or will he flail away to the left as Pelosi is reportedly going to do? (a FoxNews reporter on our talk radio station this morning was saying that all the Brown win did was make her put on her warpaint (who's she's going to war with? the Senate? the American people that have shown they don't want what she's selling?) to push her socialist agenda).

If he pulls a Clinton (well, not The Full Clinton if you get my drift), the Brown win just might have been what propels him to a 2nd term.

Lest anyone misunderstand t... (Below threshold)

Lest anyone misunderstand the Scott Brown phenomenon, he won because he ran a positive, focused, consistent and honest campaign. Not because he was a conservative Republican but because he was an honest one! RINOs need not apply for future campaigns. We need to quit trying to be liked by the Left and start putting our boots on their rears (in the nicest possible way - ala Scott Brown). They may not love us but we may garner a little respect.

The RNC bigwigs comprise a bunch of knuckleheads who don't understand what the Tea Party people were saying to them and to the Dems. The big organized parties don't seem to understand that THEY work for US and not the other way around. They were that way when President Nixon was in office and they are that way now.

And, as a final note, Scott Brown won because the Dems didn't correctly estimate the numbers of the dead that needed to vote to defeat Brown! Brown's true measure of victory (we'll never know for sure) was more likely 14-15%!

Falze"Will he follow... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"Will he follow the Clinton script after getting socialist medicine rejected back into his face and march right to the left-of-center? That would likely guarantee a 2nd term (barring terrorist action that he messes up),..."

Then, as now (especially now), It's The Economy, Stupid.

If the econ does not improve, or (just as likely) gets worse, he will probably not get elected again.
Clinton had a tech boom on his watch; though much of it was hype, it didn't crash until the end of his 2nd term.
What boom will Barry have?

Les...true. But I think wi... (Below threshold)

Les...true. But I think with a GOP check now on his wildest spending plans we'll see the economy start to recover and it should be in decent shape in 2012, particularly if there are more gains for the GOP later this year. While the recovery is in terrible shape (we're lagging by at least 6 months where we should have been), still face unacceptable unemployment, and could still double-dip, that's looking less likely with massive tax hikes off the table, no more stimuluses, and less uncertainty for businesses that should start to hire again in the coming months.

Where are all the trolls to... (Below threshold)

Where are all the trolls today? I wanted to have a discussion about yesterday's election but not a single of our usual dissenting amigos are around.

Teddy was to Kennedy what E... (Below threshold)

Teddy was to Kennedy what Edsel was to Ford.
Martha Coakley was just an Edsel LTD.

Before we all get too sure ... (Below threshold)

Before we all get too sure of a defeat of all things Obama, let's keep in mind the squishy Republicans in the House and Senate. Most of the Stimulus slush fund hasn't been spent yet.

The MA special election was only one battle won, not the war.

That said, it is a very sweet victory.

Teabaggers have every reaso... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

Teabaggers have every reason to celebrate. Mass. voters sent a clear message to Washington.

Steve, we'd understand what... (Below threshold)

Steve, we'd understand what you said if you'd first remove Keith Olbermann's scrotum from your mouth...

And how is that tasting this morning?


P.S.: The guy who knocked down the reporter outside the Coakley fundraiser has apologized. Shouldn't you revisit your argument that it never happened?

What about douche-baggers l... (Below threshold)

What about douche-baggers like you, greenie? Do you even understand the message?

The song Ayla Brown is sing... (Below threshold)

The song Ayla Brown is singing is very appropriate: "RESPECT". It's what the Democrats have not shown the voters.

The Weekly Standard has a quote by Michael Graham, columnist and radio talkshow host in Boston about the reporter getting pushed down in front of Coakley:

Watching that reporter get pushed and pushed again, I kept thinking of the typical taxpayers I've talked to," wrote Michael Graham, a Boston-based columnist. "We speak out against higher spending, rising debt, fat bailouts, etc., etc., but our political class keeps shoving them down our throats. We show up at a town hall or tea party to be heard ... but what happens? We get insulted, dismissed, shoved aside.

The voters deserve to have their questions answered and their concerns heard. In a recent poll, approximately 50% of voters in deep blue Massachusetts support the Tea Party movement. That is incredible.

The message from this election is very clear: we demand to be heard.

Still haven't received the ... (Below threshold)

Still haven't received the new talking points yet, eh Steve Green? Well, repeating the same old offensive insults will just have to do, won't it? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ...

Barack Obama is now a lame duck president. All his socialist agenda belongs to Scott Brown now.

Steve Green, by all means k... (Below threshold)

Steve Green, by all means keep insulting the Tea Partiers. If you think calling your fellow Americans cocksuckers is a recipe for sucess then keep on doing it. ureaure did wonders for the Democrats in New Jersey, Virginia and now Massachusetts.

Obama wears gray! His under... (Below threshold)

Obama wears gray! His underling's wear brown!

What the left does not unde... (Below threshold)

What the left does not understand is the more invective and ridicule they sling at the Tea Party movement, or town hall attendee's only help to provide proof of the left's hatred of the average person. So, Stevie and your buddies, keep it up until your voice is but a whisper on the national stage. ww

"Teabaggers have every reas... (Below threshold)

"Teabaggers have every reason to celebrate. Mass. voters sent a clear message to Washington."

Yeah Stevie, but your fucking masters in Washington are too damned stupid to read it. That's okay. November 2010 is coming.

"Teabaggers have every reas... (Below threshold)

"Teabaggers have every reason to celebrate."

Wrong as usual. Andrew Sullivan is quite upset.

Davidt -It shows t... (Below threshold)

Davidt -

It shows that the Dems DON'T have a lock on elections. If there was anyplace that'd be Dem until 2100, I would have thought MA was it.

I think this will really encourage the 2010 campaigns. We'll see!

"Brown pants"Oui, ... (Below threshold)

"Brown pants"

Oui, mon General!

JT "Oh, those poor, po... (Below threshold)

JT "Oh, those poor, poor Democrats. How on earth will they govern now,"

Well if Gov Rendell is any indication it's more of the same.

In an interview his solution to the "Brown problem" was to double down, force the "rethuglians" in the Senate to filibuster for hours on end and that would show the public they have no solutions and offer nothing.







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