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Jon Stewart rips Democrats while in fact praising Republicans...

... in his own backhanded way... he especially gets pointed at or around the 6:30 mark... enjoy it, I don't think you'll see Stewart do this much:

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H/T W&W who opine:

... what's interesting is the end, which is an unwitting tribute to the leadership skills of George Bush --and a heartening reminder that dyed-in-the-wool liberals are as disgusted with the stupidity of their party as dyed-in-the-wool conservatives are with the GOP.



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Comments (8)

Broke Jon's heart to do tha... (Below threshold)

Broke Jon's heart to do that sketch.

Supporters turning on them?... (Below threshold)

Supporters turning on them? Hmmm...somebody wake up Rahm, seems like there's a crisis that they should be trying to capitalize on.

When you've lost Jon Stewar... (Below threshold)

When you've lost Jon Stewart...

Hey bryanD, Stevie, what's ... (Below threshold)

Hey bryanD, Stevie, what's your take on Jon's shtick tonight?

The sad part is that's one ... (Below threshold)

The sad part is that's one of the funniest skits he's done in years.

Don't really like him. But ... (Below threshold)

Don't really like him. But damn. That was a great bit.

I'm sensing that a tipping ... (Below threshold)

I'm sensing that a tipping point has been reached.

I used to watch Craig, and ... (Below threshold)

I used to watch Craig, and then Jon, every night. This is why.






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