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Massachusetts: The Morning After

One of the more interesting moments during last night's Massachusetts' special election to fill Ted Kennedy's Senate seat was that Barney Frank's 4th Congressional District went for Scott Brown. Perhaps that is what prompted the irascible liberal congressman to issue this statement last night:

"I have two reactions to the election in Massachusetts. One, I am disappointed. Two, I feel strongly that the Democratic majority in Congress must respect the process and make no effort to bypass the electoral results. If Martha Coakley had won, I believe we could have worked out a reasonable compromise between the House and Senate health care bills. But since Scott Brown has won and the Republicans now have 41 votes in the Senate, that approach is no longer appropriate.

One prominent liberal blogger characterized Frank's statement as the "embodiment of fecklessness, resignation, defeatism and just plan folly." Many on the far left simply won't face the reality of the last twelve months but their ranks are dwindling. As Kim noted below, there are more than a few Democrats that woke up this morning and suddenly remembered the first rule of holes: put the shovel down. I'm not sure President Obama is capable of recognizing the political danger he is in right now, and if the past year is any indication, his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is neither capable or willing to reach such an understanding. But none of this is news to readers of this blog.

The most interesting piece of news that surfaced today was an interview given to CNBC this morning by one of Barack Obama's most famous supporters early in the 2008 campaign. As the guys at Clusterstock observed, Warren Buffet was a little cranky this morning as he offered up these observations:

  • He's befuddled by the bank tax. "I don't really understand the thinking behind the bank tax."
  • Why not go after the members of Congress who let Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fester? (that would be you, Barney)
  • Massachusetts: Definitely a referendum on healthcare on other matters.
  • On stimulus: Could have been done in a way that had more of an immediate impact.
  • Biggest economic concern: a terrorist act.

That Buffett is well known for his non confrontational style and widely admired combination of an avuncular personality joined with a sharp intellect is unquestioned.That said, what he served up this morning was about as hard a smackdown Barack Obama will receive from a benefactor that commands the highest respect at the intersection of economics, business and politics. Buffett layed out the Brown campaign platform in miniature: healthcare, spending, pandering to special interests and national security.

So the question of the day is, will Obama listen to those around him that are sounding a note of caution or will he and his far left fringe continue to sharpen those shovels?


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Barney Frank 'Feckless'. W... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Barney Frank 'Feckless'. Well duh! Of course he is. He is, like many in DC of both parties, a rudderless political opportunist. What is clear is that he is at the very least intelligent enough to see when the winds are not blowing in his direction. Something that Obama is already showing that he is incapable of.

Frank and some few other dems have made stirrings that they understand that they are on shaky ground and that even the safest of seats is now threatened. Brown's victory shows that every dem seat in congress is potentially at risk.

Obama's puppets, Gibbs and Axelrod, came out today blaming bush and saying that this was somehow a call for enacting his program faster and for ramming the whole thing through regardless of the fallout.

I heard one pundit characterize it that here is where we find out if Obama is a pragmatic politician or an ideologue. He's already signaling that he's an ideologue.

Barry is a one-trick pony. ... (Below threshold)

Barry is a one-trick pony. That's all he knows. His "Congress should pull back" comments today throw everyone of his supporter of "PAST IT QUICK, PASS IT NOW, DON'T READ IT, HEALTH CARE REFORM BILL" under the bus. That's Barry in survival mode. It's all about Barry. He still wants the bill. It's his LEGACY. No one could do it but BARRY! He invites Republicans to support 'those things we can agree on'. That's awful big of Barry. Seeing as the Republicans were EXCLUDED from putting anything into the bill. Now their invited to pick out the things that everyone can agree on. The Republican response should be FUCK YOU MR. PRESIDENT! The economy should come first. Only when it's back on tract should they agree to go back in and START FROM SCRATCH and work INCREMENTALLY to fix those areas of health care that need fixing. Tort reform, sales across state lines, small businesses to come together and allowed to by policies at larger discounts, tax deductions for health care accounts. ALL OF THESE ISSUES WON'T TAKE 2000 PAGES OF SPECIAL INTERESTS AND PAYBACKS. Barry isn't going to change. Barry is a committed socialist. As Alinsky would advise him; when confronted - back off, try again from a different angle.

As for Barney's comments. Barney sees the writing on the wall. Barney is too old to get a new job. Barney is covering his fat ass.

The shovel sharpening shall... (Below threshold)

The shovel sharpening shall recommence I hope. They can't help themselves and I prefer they dig their own grave.

Oh GarandFan, considering B... (Below threshold)

Oh GarandFan, considering Barney's disposition towards rump ranging, I doubt he'll be covering his A--.

Sure, "The Won" listen to c... (Below threshold)

Sure, "The Won" listen to common sense advice? From who, the ideological political class he has for counsel or the lunatic fringe that supports him?

Not Gonna Happen.

BHO has one goal, and he's close to sealing the deal on financial ruin.

If Martha Coakley had wo... (Below threshold)

If Martha Coakley had won, I believe we could have worked out a reasonable compromise between the House and Senate health care bills. But since Scott Brown has won and the Republicans now have 41 votes in the Senate, that approach is no longer appropriate.

Heh. Now they're going to come up with an UNreasonable compromise.

This is the tip of the ice ... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

This is the tip of the ice berg. Not one elected person that is up for reelection is safe. Doesn't matter what party, etc. People are mad, and getting madder. Both parties have caused this mess, and the taxpayers/voters are going to get their butts kicked out. Maybe we can get people in office that will work for the people, not special interests. Time will tell.

Could be one hell of a bloodbath come NOV for both parties.

This is just Barney voicing... (Below threshold)

This is just Barney voicing his genuine support for teabagging.

~There's got to be a mornin... (Below threshold)

~There's got to be a morning after, Barry's moving closer to the poor, We know he'll be there by tomorrow, He will replace the darkness, We wont be searching anymoreeeeeeeeeeeeeee...~

"" Barney is covering his f... (Below threshold)

"" Barney is covering his fat arse. ""

That's a bit of a change.

Last time anyone dared look, Herb Moses was all over it!






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