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Obama to get tough on tax cheats


President Barack Obama is directing the Office of Management and Budget and other federal agencies to keep contractors who are delinquent on their taxes from getting new contracts with the government.

The president signed a directive on the issue at a White House ceremony Wednesday, a move the White House says is part of a broader effort to cut down on waste and ensure that tax cheats aren't boosting their bottom lines at taxpayers' expense.

"All across this country, there are people who meet their obligations each and every day. You do your jobs. You support your families. You pay the taxes you owe because it's a fundamental responsibility of citizenship," Obama said. "And yet, somehow, it's become standard practice in Washington to give contracts to companies that don't pay their taxes."


But he said that policy can be driven not only by Congress, but by the administration through presidential memorandums like the one he is signing Wednesday.

"Here in our nation's capital, there are a number of ways to advance the ideals and interests of the American people," Obama said.

Citing a 2007 report by the Government Accountability Office report, he said there are "tens of thousands" of "deadbeat companies" that owe more than $5 billion, money he said could be invested in education, health care or clean energy initiatives.

Obama also directed the Internal Revenue Service to review the overall accuracy of firms' claims about tax delinquency "to be sure that when a company says it's paying taxes, that company is, in fact, paying taxes."

Tax cheats shouldn't sweat this news too much however as it's well known that they could all become well paid members of the Obama Administration.



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Comments (15)

LMAOROTF! Just another day... (Below threshold)

LMAOROTF! Just another day, another worthless soundbite from Barry.

Stop the presses! Obama wa... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Stop the presses! Obama wants to save $5 Billion!

That's like 0.2% of Obama's $12 Trillion deficit. Let's get right on that. I'm glad to see that Obama is all concerned about policies that are going to really make a difference.

Wake me when this idiot gets the urge to help our country.

PSSST barry, you're looking... (Below threshold)

PSSST barry, you're looking in the wrong fuckin' place.

September 15, 2008

WASHINGTON - From the U.S. Postal Service to the Executive Office of the President, thousands of federal workers have not paid their 2007 federal income taxes.

The Internal Revenue Service is trying to collect billions of dollars in unpaid taxes from nearly half a million federal employees. According to IRS records, 171,549 current federal workers did not voluntarily pay their federal income taxes in 2007. The same is true for 37,752 active duty military and nearly 200,000 retired civilian and military personnel.

Documents obtained by WTOP through the Freedom of Information Act show 449,531 federal employees and retirees did not pay their taxes for a total of $3,586,784,725 in taxes owed last year.

Each year the IRS tracks the voluntary compliance rate of all federal workers and retirees. The percentage of employees and retirees who are delinquent has gone up and down over the past five years, but the amount unpaid has increased each year topping $3.5 billion for the first time in 2007.

The agency with the most delinquent employees is the U.S. Postal Service. With more than 747,000 employees, the postal service is the largest employer in the federal government, but with a 4.16 percent delinquency rate, it is a full 1 percent above the average compliance rate this year.

The IRS would not provide comparable data for the general population. But a spokesperson for the IRS did supply the delinquency rate for IRS employees -- less than 1 percent. The IRS is the only federal agency where an employee can be fired for not paying his taxes.

The Executive Office of the President, which includes the White House, has 58 employees who did not pay $319,978...

In fact, 152,554 of the delinquent feds have entered into payment plans. Nevertheless, $2.7 billion remains uncollected.

Other notable agencies with high delinquency rates include the Smithsonian Institution, where nearly 5.5 percent of the employees didn't pay their taxes. On Capitol Hill, more than 1,000 workers are on the list. The Government Printing Office has the highest percentage of delinquent employees with 7.23 percent.

Marc - Barry can't scream a... (Below threshold)

Marc - Barry can't scream and yell about "EVIL FEDERAL EMPLOYEES". Sounds much better to yell about "EVIL CONTRACTORS".

Question: Does Timmy Geithner get uncomfortable when people around him mention "tax cheats"? How about Charlie Rangel?

You would think he'd have e... (Below threshold)

You would think he'd have enough common sense not to shoot himself in the foot, but then you'd be wrong.

It's not a felony when WE d... (Below threshold)

It's not a felony when WE do it.

What is the old kids taunt?... (Below threshold)

What is the old kids taunt? Oh yeah, Takes One to Know One. If you want to find a tax cheat look at the democrat machine. I will bet that the rich dems don't pay taxes, think dear old Ted K., the trust fund babies in the house and senate that are dems probably don't pay shit for taxes, maybe they need to start paying on what they receive. mpw

"You would think he'd have ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"You would think he'd have enough common sense not to shoot himself in the foot, but then you'd be wrong."

It's part of his genius, don't you see? He's making a stupid gesture about collecting a token amount of taxes from people who mean nothing to him (whilst avoiding doing the same with his appointees) and that is going to take everyone's mind off of the mind-blowing, catastrophic loss that the dems just suffered in Massachusetts.

I'm sure this tax collection initiative has already pushed the Brown victory out of the collective consciousness of the electorate.


I spy a little intellectual... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

I spy a little intellectual slight-of-hand. Being delinquent on taxes is not the same as being a 'tax cheat.' Not even close. Some of us small business people struggle to pay our tax burden, especially in this economy. We do not lie, falsify returns, or conveniently 'forget' to report income - the true definition of 'tax cheat.' It sounds to me like a pretense for going after those who deserve it least. Last time I checked, the IRS does not simply let these things go. They charge exorbitant interest and heavy fines, unless one happens to be a member of the favored class where tax liabilities get 'overlooked.' Like that is going to change anytime soon.

So Congress is supposed to ... (Below threshold)

So Congress is supposed to enforce this???? They can't even enforce current tax laws on their own members serving IN Congress.

Jeff, you need to file for ... (Below threshold)

Jeff, you need to file for a "Rangel" or "Geithner" exemption when filing late taxes. There is no penalty, you just pay the tax due.

I'm sure your local IRS agent can explain how to "get a Charlie or a Timmy".

"Obama to get tough on t... (Below threshold)

"Obama to get tough on tax cheats"

What's He gonna do? Kick 'em all out of His administration?

Obama gets tough! Barry rep... (Below threshold)

Obama gets tough! Barry represents Hope and Change! Barack is smart and a pseudo intellectual, Hussein stands for "the annointed One".

What a bunch of twisted sick labeling garbage.. The only label that fits is..

Worst President Ever!!

"Obama to get tough on t... (Below threshold)

"Obama to get tough on tax cheats"

You cant throw the baby out with the bathwater..

Unless, apparently, You are the "One."

Emporer Obama will send all... (Below threshold)

Emporer Obama will send all those who dont pay enough to the dungeon






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