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One Year Ago Today President George W. Bush Left Office

On the left's opinion that George W. Bush is an idiot, I agree with Leigh Scott who writes at Big Hollywood:

Barbara Mandrell's classic song comes to mind, "If loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right." If Keith Olbermann, Janet Napolitano, Paul Krugman, Joe Biden and Chris Matthews are "smart" and George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan are idiots....well count me in as a mouth-breathing imbecile.

I miss having my fellow simpleton in the Oval Office. The country felt safer. Morale was higher. And there wasn't this sinking feeling that freedom was being sold out to the interests of unions, community organizers, and a network of government parasites.

W. wasn't perfect. Far from it. He played good offense on national security but lousy defense on spending. He failed to stop the rising tide of big government and runaway spending.

The sad part is, that every negative policy of the Bush administration that I can think of has been continued or amped up under the Obama regime.

Of course, nobody seems to notice this. Except us knuckleheads.

So, enjoy your retirement W. We miss you. I have a sinking suspicion that your legacy of ignorance and stupidity will see a resurgence in 2012. That's the next chance for the unwashed masses to put a dunce in the White House.

I can't wait.

Me neither.

Update: Take a look at this article by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, who writes that American betrayed George W. Bush. Here's a portion:

It's almost hard to believe but Wednesday, January 20 marks exactly one year since President Bush left the White House.

During his last public ceremony as commander in chief, he was booed by thousands of Americans who simutaneously cheered for Barack Obama as he was sworn into office on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.

Except for a June 17 speech in Erie, Pennsylvania in which Bush defended his policies and criticized Obama's, the former president has been remarkably silent about his successor. He has not fired back at Obama despite the new administration inappropriately blaming Bush for all of their failures.

Please read the entire piece.

By the way, if you're wondering who Jeffrey Scott Shapiro is, you may be surprised to learn that he worked for John F. Kerry during the 2004 presidential election:

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro is a journalist and lawyer who served on Senator John F. Kerry's legal team during the 2004 election. He is currently organizing a nationwide effort called "Honor Freedom" to correct the historical record about President Bush and the Bush foreign policy doctrine, which can be reached at www.honorfreedom.com and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=41317929699&ref=ts or Twitter at http://twitter.com/honorfreedom.


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Comments (13)

Seems like 10... sigh... (Below threshold)

Seems like 10... sigh

"...every negative policy o... (Below threshold)

"...every negative policy of the Bush administration that I can think of has been continued or amped up under the Obama regime."

Of course. Because Bush was stupid and tried to 'get along' with the fucking Democrats. And the only way you 'get along' with them is spend money on entitlements. Barry on the other hand is just following his natural instincts and training.

"The sad part is, that ever... (Below threshold)

"The sad part is, that every negative policy of the Bush administration that I can think of has been continued or amped up under the Obama regime."

Which goes to show what flaming hypocrites libs are. Amid all the cries of shredding the constitution, national debt, deficits, etc that they [sometimes] correctly complained about, along with a lot of conservatives. Now that their man is in the oval office, they're all conveniently silent about these issues.

Bush did make some mistakes but he was and is a class act. And that is something the present inhabitant of the oval office sorely lacks; class.

we all have alarm clocks...... (Below threshold)

we all have alarm clocks...and these days they all have "snooze buttons".

Obama's (and Nancy's and Harry's) "alarm clock" went off this last Summer with the Tea Parties and Town Halls. They couldn't hear them or didn't want to listen...so they kept hitting the "snooze button"!

Last night their "FIRE ALARM" started blaring! It doesn't have a "snooze button"...and ignoring it may result in their political careers being burned to the ground. We'll see...

Wait just a little minute..... (Below threshold)

Wait just a little minute......Bush was running two wars, for two years he had a dem congress. What was he suppose to do......let the dems defund the wars. Any way if the bubble hadn't hit he would have ended his Presidency with a $200 billion plus deficit. He tried to regulate Fannie and Freddy 17 times starting in 2001. Had he succeeded, we would not have had the realestate bubble.

Obama, Nancy and Harry are ... (Below threshold)

Obama, Nancy and Harry are stone deaf. Their people are busy spinning today. In the meantime the rest of the Democrats are double checking their campaign funds for November. Look for some more "retirement" decisions. Others will be issuing CYA statments.

Get some popcorn. It's going to be interesting.

Ah, for the good old days w... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Ah, for the good old days when we had a man as President instead of a prancing, preening peacock.

Me fail English? That's un... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Me fail English? That's unpossible!

Obama is always trash talki... (Below threshold)

Obama is always trash talking about how he's got "game" ...

funny coming from a man who has never actually laced up his sneakers in a real game of any kind ... didn't play organized hoops out of high school and was no star even there ...

yes, he's apparently very good at the election campaign game ... which is alot like the practice field for governing ... problem is he's horrible on the field in the real game of governing ... not just bad but horrible ...

it turns out when he said they were "just words" he forgot that it was only by real actions in the real world the the words of MLK became a reality ...

It appears that slowly but surely America is coming to realize that Obama is a man of words just not a man of his word ...

"Ah, for the good old days ... (Below threshold)

"Ah, for the good old days when we had a man as President instead of a prancing, preening peacock."
7. Posted by Jim Addison

Three words: Mission Accomplishes Photo-Op.

The poodle press even left the impression that Bush piloted the jet.

I can still recall the descriptions of the "perfect landing" from correspondents' lips.

And, mind you, W was in full Warholian Sheriff Strut Mode at the time. Add in the Major Matt Mason tailored fightsuit (w/ codpiece!)...

Don't you remember John Poderhetz's writing about W in the mode of the Harlequin romance?

I could practically smell the White Shoulders!

Jeeebus... John Nash had a ... (Below threshold)

Jeeebus... John Nash had a better hold on reality than BD

You'll have to pardon bryan... (Below threshold)

You'll have to pardon bryanD, he's in major denial today. Just like Harry Reid, he spouts nonsense with no relevance to reality.

Hey bryanD, how does Barry's cock taste now? Still get that "tingle"?

Seems like twelve trillion ... (Below threshold)

Seems like twelve trillion dollars ago?






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