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Another Michelle Obama wardrobe malfunction

Once again, in the middle of a tough recession when millions of Americans have been forced to pare down their clothing budgets, Michelle Obama has been seen sporting hideously expensive designer duds. This time, it was a Moschino coat that retails for $2763.00.


Of course none of this would be worth noting if liberals hadn't taken every opportunity to smear Sarah Palin for the expensive outfits foisted on her by John McCain's campaign handlers. Or if Michelle Obama herself hadn't tried to downplay her own love of expensive designer clothes during the 2008 campaign by telling Jay Leno that she and her husband spent their own money on clothes, adding, "You can get some good stuff online."

(via GatewayPundit)


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Big shrug. Goes to prove t... (Below threshold)

Big shrug. Goes to prove that the putative 'rich' ARE different than the rest of us... they buy god-awful ugly clothing then try to pass it off as 'style'. The coat looks like it's got PDA pouches stuck all over it.

Someone ought to take that coat, wrap the designer in it, and beat him with a trendy (but sturdy) handbag with a couple of bricks in it.

As haute couture goes, it's not that expensive. (Though it IS ugly.) And as First Lady she's got a tradition to maintain. Sigh.

If only she had SOMETHING resembling a fashion sense - she might realize that crap like this makes her look like she's getting her fashion cues from winos outside a Salvation Army thrift store.

At least it hides her, some... (Below threshold)

At least it hides her, somewhat of an improvement if you ask me.

what ??? they don't make a... (Below threshold)

what ??? they don't make a sleeveless version of that coat to show off her "toned arms" ?

At least she does not have ... (Below threshold)

At least she does not have a belt around her boobs on this one.

Then again, even Chewbacca would not be caught dead in a coat like that.

What is it with Republicans... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

What is it with Republicans and Democratic first ladies?

I remember conservatives bitching about Rosalynn Carter having "undue" influence on her husband. But Nancy Reagan, astrology nut and clueless "just say no to drugs" spokesman, was considered inviolate. If it wasn't for a couple of SNL skits, there would have been no criticism of Babs Bush at all. Hillary (and Chelsea!) was crucified in the vilest terms, until it became convenient to accuse Obama supporters of sexism for running a tough campaign. And there was practically a RULE about Laura Bush. Very, very little was said about her, except for puff pieces in People and Ladies Home Journal (not including supermarket tabloids).

In the past week, there have been two or three articles about Michelle on Wizbang alone, complete with misogynistic insults from some of your, ahem, less enlightened commenters. Terms like Chewbacca, wookie, five-dollar-whore, fat-ass, etc are the norm.

Some of y'all ought to be ashamed. Ain't you got no home trainin'?

Oh, cousin Brucie, they're ... (Below threshold)

Oh, cousin Brucie, they're just emulating your comrades' treatment of Republican First Ladies you airbrushed out of your comment.

"In the past week, there ha... (Below threshold)

"In the past week, there have been two or three articles about Michelle on Wizbang alone ......"

Bruce, can't find them on Wizbang 'alone' over the past week. I am happy to be proven wrong but could you dig those up for me?

bruce H. ...when y... (Below threshold)

bruce H. ...

when you allow yourself to be profiled in dozens if not hundreds of articles as a fashion leader for the country you set yourself up for some feedback. She could have kept this nonsense to a minimum but chose not to.

She strangely has expensive tastes for someone who tells college grads to avoid working for Wall Street or Corporate America and instead go into social work like she did. It's so obvious that she is a hypocrite because she wears her hypocrisy everyday.

They have a cute dog.... (Below threshold)

They have a cute dog.

Breaking news: Wife of the ... (Below threshold)

Breaking news: Wife of the leader of the free world wears expensive clothes. Film at 11.

yeah it RETAILS for $2763.0... (Below threshold)

yeah it RETAILS for $2763.00, but she got it online for $2475.69 AND she got free shipping!

The Reign of the Obama's...kinda reminds me of the Bourbon monarchy. That ended well..didn't it? :)

"And there was practical... (Below threshold)

"And there was practically a RULE about Laura Bush."

Looks like a lot of people never got the rule book. Google returns for Laura Bush:

Laura Bush killed a guy!
Laura Bush smoking
Laura Bush drinking
Laura Bush will divorce George after election because of Condi

It goes on and on

And let's not even get into some of the doctored photos of Laura Bush.

She should emulate Nancy Re... (Below threshold)

She should emulate Nancy Reagan more. That woman must have done all her shopping at The Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Oh, I remember the Reagan y... (Below threshold)

Oh, I remember the Reagan years, don't you? There's a great picture of Ronald Reagan cutting in on Frank Sinatra to dance with Nancy. He's got that "get away from my girl!" look on his face and Frank is grinning at him. She wore beautiful clothes but the most important thing was seeing the love they had for each other.

When she buried Ronald Reagan and cried on his coffin at the funeral, I cried right along with her. They were like the couple from the Princess Bride. True love doesn't come along that often.

Oyster: "Laura Bush killed ... (Below threshold)

Oyster: "Laura Bush killed a guy!"

You are correct. Laura Bush did, in fact, kill a guy.

Re # 7:Well, Dave,... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Re # 7:

Well, Dave, there's this one, and "Michelle's Fashion Cultists" on Jan 16. Also, "It's Lonely Being Pathetic" which ran on Jan 16 as well. Now, to be fair, the last one was technically about the President. But both the article (by the not-grouchy and not-grumpy Mr Mallow), and the comments included several healthy doses of Michelle-bashing.

So that's two or three. What, your scroll button doesn't work?

While her social demands ar... (Below threshold)
paula lucid:

While her social demands are heavy, it seems to me that Mrs O has worn an enormous # of outfits this year, increasingly from the expensive designer groups. Who is paying for all of these? We, the tax payers, are already picking her the 2 million $ tab for her staff!

You would think She would s... (Below threshold)

You would think She would stand up and say hello? After all, there are chidren in the room.

I am truly amazed each time... (Below threshold)

I am truly amazed each time when a lefty brings up the "your picking on her too much" line. Do they not see their hypocrisy? And to think this is "picking" on her too much? Come on. Roll back the tape. You lefties are the most vile, unfeeling bunch I have ever seen. ww

Michelle Obama should start... (Below threshold)
Heather Pearsall:

Michelle Obama should start dressing to look like a first lady. How about being creative with suits, and short sleeve dresses - the photo of her in shorts coming off Airforce 1 is an embarrassment to the nation. She should start cutting down expenes for clothes and cut her staff down. She doesn't need 25 people in a recession. She is a disgrace

"You are correct. Laura ... (Below threshold)

"You are correct. Laura Bush did, in fact, kill a guy."

She didn't exactly drive him into a river, leave him there and go home to sleep it off.

Go ahead and call me a teab... (Below threshold)

Go ahead and call me a teabagger again Bruce Henry. That'll teach me to be nicer to the First Lady.


Has anyone noticed that the... (Below threshold)

Has anyone noticed that the only ones who are threatened by what women are wearing these days are:

1. WizBang
2. The Taliban.

You keep good company.

I don't recall ever calling... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

I don't recall ever calling you any names, Mr kirtz. Or indeed addressing you at all. Correct me if I'm wrong.

"She didn't exactly drive h... (Below threshold)

"She didn't exactly drive him into a river, leave him there and go home to sleep it off."

So? What's your point? That she's not Ted Kennedy? No shit, Sherlock.

"So? What's your point? ... (Below threshold)

"So? What's your point? That she's not Ted Kennedy? No shit, Sherlock."

Chewy's not a trend setter, pretty or the next Mother Theresa either!

The point is the media fawns all over uggly while We pay for it's bigfooted wardrobe and at the same time has the audacity to talk about a real beautiful Woman ( Sara )And Her budget to look pretty for them. That's all..

This is America, people can... (Below threshold)

This is America, people can think what they want. We can disagree without worrying if we will be picked up put in jail and torture for disagreeing. I know I will be call all kinds of names, but I don't care. Because no one control how I feel about myself but me, myself, and I. I have been so proud of this First Lady, and still am. So I say to her keep on keeping, knowing her I bet she indeed will.

So you claim you never call... (Below threshold)

So you claim you never called nobody nothin', eh Bruce Henry?

That makes you a liar as well as a hypocrite.

It's not that wearing expen... (Below threshold)

It's not that wearing expensive clothing is bad. Or that women shouldn't wear designer clothing.

It's all about the HYPOCRISY!!!

Liberals go on and on about how the government has to provide for all the "poor" people (by taking money from the poor and middle class) and then Michelle wears a coat that would feed a family of 4 for 6 months or more

Afew words about Palin, any... (Below threshold)

Afew words about Palin, any comments I have made about her never was about her clothes, her children, or what she looked like. My concerns were, is, is she qualified to be VP or President? I know there have been others who have said terrible things about Palin, the way people do about Michelle Obama. Is it right? That it comes from the left or right? As I said before people can say what they what. America here. As for any of the former First Ladies. They were no better than Michelle Obama, only white. And to alot of you, that is what makes them better. But notice I said to you.

Michael Laprarie, because ... (Below threshold)

Michael Laprarie, because of the recession, YOU DO NOT BUY ANY KIND OF CLOTHING?

I don't know how you dress or where you brought your clothing before the recession; but, I'm certain that you bought what appealed to you and cared less about what other folks would think about your choices. The fact is, these were your choices! They are probably ugly to some, okay to others, and downright fabulous to a few. So what! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

You put your remarks on the fact that the liberals criticized Palin's expensive wardrobe during the campaign. What you are forgetting is that Palin was presented as the "average hockey mom." Probably some, but not the many "hockey moms" wear designer clothes or could afford to buy over a 100K wardrobe in less than two months.

Today, Palin is no longer the average "hockey mom," her bank account has increased since she resigned from her governorship. She can buy what she wants at costs that she is willing to pay and I do not begrudge her of being able to do so.

By the way, Michelle Obama's outfit is fabulous in my opinion. If I could afford it, recession or not, I would buy it.

You, Michael Laprarie, can wait until the recession is over to begin buying clothes again!

MRS OBAMA COAT DID NOT COS... (Below threshold)


Mr 0zero, whose entire poli... (Below threshold)

Mr 0zero, whose entire political "career," but for its lengthy record of corruption and long long list of serial treasons, could be reviewed on the head of a pin -- and who, during most of it, lived on maxed-out credit cards, on the borrowed-to the-max-against "equity" of a mobster-supplied Chicago house and land -- and on the proceeds of the politically-propped sinecure provided his disbarred-for-cause bling-bedazzled wannabe nouveau riche "spouse" -- is (as also, during the time they spent besquatting and bemanuring our once most hallowed house, the every-bit-as-corrupt Billy-Bubbah Blythes) bankrupt.

But being of the vast organized-criminal enterprises that prefer to go by their street name: the "Democratic" potty, the bankrupt 0zeros may both continue to wear the hideously ugly designer duds in whose embrace each seeks, from those folks each of them most loathes, the approbation neither will ever earn -- or ever experience -- and, just like the Billy-Bubbah Blythes, leave office (Swiss Bank) Billionaires!

Go figger.

Re # 28:No, Mr kir... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Re # 28:

No, Mr kirtz, I claim that, to the best of my recollection, I never called YOU any names. If I'm correct, that makes me neither a liar nor a hypocrite, but it does make you something - I just won't say what.

These are simple English sentences, sir. I'm using short words. This is not that hard.

And why so angry? This is only a comments section on a blog. It's not one of your Tea Parties. Watch your blood pressure, dude.

I dont know if this is a b... (Below threshold)

I dont know if this is a big deal or not. On one hand, you might say, they should set an example. On the other hand, people with money, tend to SPEND money. Dont they?? Its not like shes embezzling money or stealing.
The way I see it, its six of one, half dozen of the other. If England was in distress, I wouldnt expect the Queen to not wear her crown. Or sell it and give the money to the poor either.
Leaders should look like leaders. However, she has no class. So if shes not dressed in shorts as she was, exiting Air Force 1, but in a beautiful coat. Great!

"They were no better tha... (Below threshold)

"They were no better than Michelle Obama, only white. And to alot of you, that is what makes them better."

And zing! Out comes the race card.

So typical. So predictable.






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