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Bay State Insanity?

The victory for Scott Brown in Massachusetts was a tectonic political event.

That the most liberal of blue states would elect a Conservative Republican to fill a seat held by the most liberal Senator in the history of Congress literally defies logic.

As encouraging as it is to think that there has been a political awakening of the purest kind in the Bay state, could something more bizarre have been the reason for the outcome?

In Massachusetts, to be a Republican means to be a Conservative. To be an Independent means you are a Democrat. And to be a Democrat means you are a rabid Liberal.

As has been pointed out by pundits on both sides of the spectrum, the issue of Obama Care was of paramount importance to the decisions of the voters. Independents were obviously disheartened with the way the Obama/Reid/Pelosi machine has handled this issue.

However, in a state as kooky as Massachusetts, could the election of Scott Brown have been born more out of disenchanted leftist principle than sincere logical dissatisfaction? Could this have been purely a vote of protest against how the Obama Democratic machine has failed to produce an even more radical, leftist approach to the issue of national Health care? One more in line with the wishes of the Massachusetts Liberal "patron saint" of health reform, Ted Kennedy?

Was this repudiation of Martha Coakley and President Obama fueled by the strongest level of Bay state liberalism, which wanted, even at the cost of one senate seat, to send an angry message to the Democratic majority that they demand they become even more aggressive, as in the Kennedy mode of things, instead of attempting to ram down some watered-down half-measures?

Is the Massachusetts voter that loyal to the Kennedy legacy to display this sort of "teach 'em a lesson" attitude?

Just wondering..

(As an aside, I do not believe this to be true. I am also giddy with satisfaction over the victory of Scott Brown. I am purely playing Devil's Advocate. However, Massachusetts is a strange political bird, and it would not surprise me if the voters took such a leftist cavalier approach to filling the seat they have so long reserved for the revered Kennedy family.)


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Comments (15)

Bay State Insanity? No "?" ... (Below threshold)

Bay State Insanity? No "?" Needed...They elected "splash" for 45 f.....g years. That alone is a testament to their insanity.

45 years? He should have served them in jail.

This is straight off the Mo... (Below threshold)

This is straight off the Moveon.org and Kos exit polls taken after the election on Tuesday evening. It appears the exit poll results were rushed to the WH, which is why the Dem dialog shifted back to the extreme left on Wednesday morning and the subsequent recants such as Barney Frank's.

I believe it all to be noise in an effort to reign back the troops. Too many questions, if asked, were not published. Coakley's numbers fell off the cliff after the latest and most recent bribes were exposed with no process to recoup the lost revenue other than more taxes for the rest of us. And who knows better the effects of socialized healthcare than the residents of MA? These people are taxed to near death and they are screaming they want more? NOT!!!

Obama/Reid/Polosi would make the American cultist Jim Jones very proud!

"Obama/Reid/Polosi... (Below threshold)

"Obama/Reid/Polosi would make the American cultist Jim Jones very proud! "

If they had half the balls they'd follow suit. Wait a sec?? Obama, Reid, Polosi? Is this a sic sadist puppet show or what?

"Could this have been pu... (Below threshold)

"Could this have been purely a vote of protest against how the Obama Democratic machine has failed to produce an even more radical, leftist approach to the issue of national Health care?"

Like you, I don't think this is true either. I think Mass voters have already had a taste of healthcare "reform" which makes mandatory everything that isn't forbidden and they don't like it. I think they also don't like the way it's been handled AND they realized they didn't really want what they thought they wanted.

OK. I've only been in Mass... (Below threshold)
jim m:

OK. I've only been in Mass a few months but this notion that people voted for Brown because Obama's healthcare plan didn't go far enough is purely for the certifiably insane.

Brown's promise was to derail health care not to slap Obama upside the head and get him to make a MORE socialized plan than they were already attempting to pass.

Health care isn't that popular here and our own version of it sucks. It is bankrupting the state and don't think for a minute that some voters haven't been able to put two and two together and figure out that Obama's plan, on top of all the other spending he's doing, will bankrupt the US pretty damn quick.

Besides all that Coakley is seriously unpopular. A long history of unethical prosecutions putting innocent people behind bars in order to further her political career combined with failure to prosecute politically connected people who are clearly guilty is enough for many to say that they didn't want to reward this corrupt political time server.

So Brown won because Coakley is unlikeable and ran a lousy campaign. She made it about national issues and then she really tanked. A lot of voters here have buyers remorse about Obama. Yes, there are those who want the US out of Afghanistan etc, but more are pissed off about the spending and his ignoring the economy and his BS attitude on national security.

People here are fed up with taxes and her promising to raise everyone's taxes was not a winner of a campaign promise.

I realize that there are a lot of liberal dumbass people in Massachusetts, but voting for Brown because they think he is promising to make healthcare MORE socialized?

I know of absolutely NO ONE who voted for Brown as a protest that Obama hasn't been liberal enough.

Hey Barry, your new gig jus... (Below threshold)

Hey Barry, your new gig just isn't working out.

You're actually better suited to be organizer with Acorn,

Call them and have them save you a spot, you'll need it in 3 years.

First and foremost, everyon... (Below threshold)

First and foremost, everyone dumps MA in the liberal bin without knowing the people there. They were, up until now, complacent. As long as they didn't see anything really bad happening to them, they just went along, voting Dem by tradition. So they get the MA version of Obamacare and then vote in a dem governor. With no checks on their power, dems there is now a big neon sign over their heads as to who is responsible for their problems.

From the people I know in MA, they don't want Obamacare. They have it now are forced to buy insurance whether they can afford to have it or not, and are fined if they don't. The people who are suffering the most are the people who were supposed to have been "helped".

I expect their governor will be next up on the political guillotine

"Conservative Republican"</... (Below threshold)

"Conservative Republican"

Opposing National HC

Supporting the State version of HC
Voting for a regional Cap & Trade Program (although regretting it)
umm.. No.

He's honest about his positions and he's about the most Conservative thing that can get the job in Mass. So I won't label him a RINO.

And, I'll take him to stop HC. But there's no way the Senate picked up a stalwart Conservative.

My vote was primarily anti-... (Below threshold)

My vote was primarily anti-Coakley.

Seeing what she did to Gerald Amirault a few years ago, finding out she wouldn't prosecute dems like Wilkerson (cash in bra) or the cop that did unspeakable things to his niece; things like that really pissed me off.

Put that together with the dems wrecking the state and I was determined to vote against her and any other dems who are ever on the Ma. ballot.

The fact this causes grief for national dems was an added bonus.

"Voting for a regional Cap ... (Below threshold)

"Voting for a regional Cap & Trade Program (although regretting it)
umm.. No."

Meaning he doesn't regret his vote? That would be disturbing as I read that ClimateGate had caused him to have doubts.

He cannot possibly be serious about reducing big gov and corruption if he favors Cap & Tax!

Teddy Boy must be in Senato... (Below threshold)

Teddy Boy must be in Senators Hell. As a Catholic, that constantly supported Abortion, he is in Purgutory for a long time. The people of Massachusettes did what they thought was correct and the Kennedys be damned. They cannot keep living their lives voting for people that will choke them to death.

Could this have be... (Below threshold)
Could this have been purely a vote of protest against how the Obama Democratic machine has failed to produce an even more radical, leftist approach to the issue of national Health care?"

No. I've lived here in Massachusett(e)s for the last (mumble) decades. I work in Boston at a huge advertising agency (a bastion of liberalism if there ever was one), and this vote was largely to stop ObamaCare.

Yes, Coakley was a disaster of a candidate. Yes, Kennedys have held the seat for over half a century. Yes, Mass is a blue state, especially the Boston-to-Cambridge-to-Wellesley connector.

But a large part of the state is working class people (think Worcester, Brockton, Fall River, etc.) Also think Cape Cod, where a large portion of the population is retirees... Plus, over half the voting population is Independent (or as we say in Mass, "unenrolled") and is likely to vote their conscience, rather than on party lines.

They've all had experience with ObamaCare Lite already, and let me tell you, it ain't pretty. So the vote for Brown as ObamaCare spoiler comes as no surprise.

Although the "he wasn't eno... (Below threshold)

Although the "he wasn't enough of a leftist/Marxist" is the MSM take on Hussein's first year and one of its perceived reasons for the Mass loss, I don't for a moment buy that nonsense for the majority Mass voters either.

My only HOPE is that Barry ... (Below threshold)

My only HOPE is that Barry and Company keep believing that they lost only because they didn't push a stronger socialist agenda.

They think their stunned now, wait until November. The words "Democratic Bloodbath" come to mind.

I think the best way to ans... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

I think the best way to answer is the point made (I think at Ace of Spades) that, if this theory were true, you would have seen at least a small but prominent lefty movement to elect Scott Brown for this very reason.

Of course, we saw absolutely nothing of the sort, not even close. So it is mighty convenient for this "analysis" to suddenly appear on election day, and I really do think it appeared first on MSNBC.

It's an excellent point, and I think it closes the case.






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