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How discerning are you with your charitable giving?

I stumbled today across the following and have some follow-on comments:


Given that it's posted at well known Religious Leftist Jim Wallis' site, I can't be too surprised at some of what's noted here... for example, the implication that giving $400 billion to WalMart is such a terrible thing (never mind that the giver receives something in exchange)...  or the idea that we need to give to feed the nearly 1 million charitable organizations that are out there (rather than those actually in need)... or the surprising revelation (given where I found this) that conservatives give more than liberals (isn't that an argument for more conservatives?).

Setting all that aside, I can't help but wonder how many of these 1 million charities are being discerning in who is helped, after all, there's only so much money out there (the point of the graphic) and it would seem that discernment in giving is a necessity or the wrong people end up with the help and the actual needy people end up with nothing.

Think about these things friends before stroking that next check to charity... or even to your church... where's the money going, who's being helped, and what process is in place to prevent giving to the irresponsible at the expense of the truly needy.

Carry on.



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Comments (4)

The smartest thing anyone c... (Below threshold)

The smartest thing anyone can do today is a little investigating before handing over your money. The Red Cross in San Diego County took a big hit a couple of years ago when it was discovered the head of the county chapter was living high on the hog - in addition to the MILLION PLUS salary she was getting.

I'd recommend <a href="http... (Below threshold)

I'd recommend Charity Navigator to research the folks you're thinking about giving to. We give to UMCOR - United Methodist Committee on Relief -

Program Expenses 94.6%
Administrative Expenses 4.4%
Fundraising Expenses 0.8%

Also to the American Red Cross (Text Haiti to 90999 to donate $10) - and I'm a regular blood donor. (65 pints so far. I'm gonna quit at 70 - the crooks of my elbows look like I'm a junkie there's so many needle holes...)

Got a survey/fundraising le... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Got a survey/fundraising letter from the RNC today. I filled out the survey. As for the dollar amount I wrote in big RED letters.

NO RINOS. and promptly mailed it back to them.

I use a ledger and others u... (Below threshold)

I use a ledger and others use a separate account to put the minimum required (10%) aside for real charity before they do anything else. I take the money that way myself. That way, I know that the money is actually going to get to go to real charity and I will not be faced with having to see "what can I afford". Many people have found that when they do this, somehow they even wind up with more money for personal expenses than they did when they put it all in one pot.

The phrase, "G-d will provide", actually turns out to be true.

Remember what Maimonides said.

One who gives 5% is called wicked.
One who gives 10% is called "moderate"
One who gives 20% is called "pious"

Many say that one who gives more is often "foolish" (depending on how much he has). Obviously this does not include people like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet.






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