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You Play With Fire, You Get Burned By Fire

Or in this case, roasted.

Christiane Amanpour, CNN's international America-basher, anti-Israel, Muslim-terrorist sympathizer, gets absolutely hammered with her own words by Marc Thiessen, former speechwriter for George W. Bush.

During the exchange, Thiessen quotes Amanpour's reporting on the Khmer Rouge prison S-21, in which she makes the accusation that waterboarding techniques employed in Pol Pot's genocidal torture machine equal the same waterboarding techniques applied by the CIA to captured terrorists.

She is stunned and indignant at the way Thiessen bluntly strips her of all credibility concerning this issue, and, almost speechless, feebly turns several times to her leftist guest, a Mr. Philippe Sands, a British author who has, surprise!, written a book demonizing the United States for our actions after 9/11, and who seems not able to debate a subject without resorting to snide remarks.

Thiessen's aggressive defense of his arguments and refusal to accept the slanted obfuscation of the subject matter is a thing of beauty.

Amanpour got called out on the carpet, and was thoroughly body-slammed.

It is fascinating, impressive, and worth the watch.

This kind of thing should happen more often.

From HumanEvents.com:

(Note: Second imbed via Michelle Malkin)


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Comments (20)

Shawn, you might wish to pr... (Below threshold)

Shawn, you might wish to preview your video picks next time. Mr Thiessen was thoroughly thrashed into a blushing, stuttering lump.

Highlight? There were several. But let Mr. Thiessen's admitted backing-out of a controlled waterboarding session due to "terrible unpleasantness" suffice as a teaser (see apx 7:50 into video 1).

Human Events used to be decent in the early 1980s. Now? Well, last week the cover "story" was (and I quote because it was too rich to ever forget:)


And who could ever forget the All-John McCain issue?

Total rag baked by elves. Yes. It stinks.

Welcome to the alternate re... (Below threshold)

Welcome to the alternate reality of bryanD.

"Welcome to the alternate r... (Below threshold)

"Welcome to the alternate reality of bryanD."
2. Posted by GarandFan

My reality?/Human Events reality?- NOW PLAYING_
See vid. LOL

however, should read BY JOHN BOLTON (not Josh).

One nice thing about being ... (Below threshold)

One nice thing about being out of power is you don't have to be nice to idiots.

Dear bryanD,If you... (Below threshold)

Dear bryanD,

If your interpretation is correct, then this video would be on the lefty blogs. Is it? If it is only on the conservative blogs (more than wizbang) then you would be wrong. (I'd say "clueless," but that would be rude).

bryanD,1) Um. Per... (Below threshold)


1) Um. Perhaps he has a small stuttering issue. As per your "blushing" interpretation: Maybe his blood pressure was rising due to the dynamic duo of horseshit.

2) As per Thiessen's refusal to participate in a waterboarding session: His answer was, "Well, I'm not a terrorist." Friggin' beautiful!

3) Who gives a shit about your feelings toward Human Events? That's just where I found the video.

THAT'S the best you got from 14 minutes of debate?

Sheesh. You're losin' it, buddy.

Yeah, bryanD, your 'alterna... (Below threshold)

Yeah, bryanD, your 'alternate reality', that place where you have your head so firmly stuffed.

Ever notice your comment ratings? They're in the toilet. Just like where your head is.

Yeah, bryanD, your... (Below threshold)
Yeah, bryanD, your 'alternate reality', that place where you have your head so firmly stuffed.
GrandFan, you were expecting something better from a guy who idolizes van jones as a fellow truther?

Silly you.

BryanDolt misses the point,... (Below threshold)

BryanDolt misses the point, but what else is new? We're now supposed to stop interrogation that involves "unpleasantness"? Every post-Mirandized police interrogation in this country involves "unpleasantness." How the hell else does anyone get anything out of someone who doesn't otherwise want to talk? And most of the folks being interrogated after being Mirandized don't think that almightly Allah is behind them.

The point is that these people are POWs from organizations which are not Geneva Convention signatories.

Torture: the act of inflicting excruciating pain, as punishment or revenge, as a means of getting a confession or information, or for sheer cruelty.


Interestingly, I don't see either "terrible" or "unpleasantness" in this definition. Certainly, the Geneva Convention definition of torture is broader than this, but the Convention doesn't apply to non-signatories, just as Thiessen pointed out. And just as the dumbasses Amanpour and BryanDolt can't grasp. Waterboarding is not "torture." Unpleasant it is, but it's not "torture."

Contention: Lethal injectio... (Below threshold)

Contention: Lethal injection for condemned prisoners is torture.

Proof: People in favor of lethal injection will not voluntarily undergo it themselves.

I think that was the sum total of their argument. Oh wait...

Contention: Christiane Amanpour tortures her viewers every night.

Proof 1: The brazen bull was an instrument of torture employed in ancient greece.

Proof 2: Many people refer to Christiane Amanpour as a "brazen bullshitter."

Ergo: Christiane Amanpour is a torture device.

I think that's the sum total of her argument regarding the Khmer Rouge.

I noticed the sputtering of... (Below threshold)

I noticed the sputtering of the british fellow when he was asked if we were torturing our soldiers. How so many could be waterboarded and not file a complaint or have an instant investigation. Analpour could't say much about the survival rate of our soldiers and the ones from the kmer rhouge.

I love it how for the past ... (Below threshold)

I love it how for the past few years, the barking moonbats have been calling for war crimes trials for various Bush admin officials, but when the moonbats get to actually confront one of those eeeevil neocons and debate the issue, like here, they get their heads handed to them. Every time.

Also see last week's video of Bush's legal advisor John Yoo reducing Jon Stewart to blubbering incoherence for another example.

Let see.The Real IRA... (Below threshold)

Let see.
The Real IRA still carries out attacks on the UK 2000
I gues they found another tool to gain people after England closed down thier Gitmos (sound good)

In 2004 MI5 used the kid gloces on Khan, After they were so nice and did not let those Nasty Americans interview him?
He created a new Cell which kill 59 people and wounded hundreds.
Bus bombs 7/7/2005

Glasgow Airport Attack in 2007
Wait I thought UK was safe for 5 years?

Lies Dam Lies and Libs.

On Oct 5, 2009 a bunch of L... (Below threshold)

On Oct 5, 2009 a bunch of Lefties had a demonstration of waterboarding each other in front of the White House. This was done during a Cindy Sheehan demonstration during Bushes presidency also. If Liberals are waterboarding each other, is it really torture?

So here is Sands's lousy ar... (Below threshold)

So here is Sands's lousy argument: "Your argument, that because these techniques were used in the United States there were no further attacks on the mainland. How then do you explain the fact that in the United Kingdom, which doesn't use these techniques, there have been no further attacks in the last five years? It's a fallacious argument."

How can it be fallacious when the simple response is that the United Kingdom hasn't been targetted in the last five years?

That's like arguing that because I haven't needed an insulin shot in the last five years (psst, I'm not diabetic) some diabetic hasn't needed it either.

Sands = Moron

I've never liked that haugh... (Below threshold)

I've never liked that haughty bitch. But she failed to acknowledge the slap-down, like many of the trolls here.

Her voice is torture as far... (Below threshold)

Her voice is torture as far as I concern.

Remember she is working for... (Below threshold)

Remember she is working for the COMMUNISTS NEWS NETWORK which is owned by RED TED TURNER and managed by BIG BAD WOLF BLITZER

As you can see in the video... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

As you can see in the video the liberal position on water boarding is that there's no difference between any form of it; that a wet cloth over the face is the same as being handcuffed to the bottom of a tank filled with water. Next they make the provably false claim that no actionable intelligence was gained because of the three individuals the CIA water boarded.

Little wonder most of the video shows the liberals filler busting Marc Thiessen to keep him from answering their false assertions before the clock ran out.

That said, you can see why Marc Thiessen is a great writer rather than a great orator. Thiessen sounded a lot like Obama when his teleprompter is not working.

Kristiann is such a good li... (Below threshold)

Kristiann is such a good little dhimmi!






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