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Chaos in Obamaland: It's Getting Ready To Hit The Fan

There is more than a little evidence that the financial markets, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, and businesses in general are freaking out about the ever growing perception that Barack Obama may be this century's version of Chauncey Gardiner. And some Democrats in Congress are starting to call out David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel.

Hill Democrats are demanding that Obama's brain trust -- especially senior adviser David Axelrod and chief of staff Rahm Emanuel -- shelve their grand legislative ambitions to focus on the economic issues that will determine the fates of shaky Democratic majorities in both houses.

"I haven't seen Rahm Emanuel except on television. We used to see him a lot; I'd like him to come out from behind his desk and meet with the common folk," added (New Jersey Rep. Bill) Pascrell.

With the Treasury Secretary openly questioning the President's new bank reforms and rampant rumors that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's reappointment does not have support in Congress, the President spent the day in Ohio talking about his favorite subject: himself.

Something tells me that this week was a tipping point that may result in political gains for a few but serious hurt for many more.The Brown win in Massachusetts and the Supreme Court ruling on aspects of McCain Feingold were net wins for conservatives, but unemployment is picking up again and there is no policy proposal in place by the Obama administration or Congress to create more jobs. Democrats in Congress are openly criticizing their clueless President and sending a clear signal to the markets and the world that we may all be on a rudderless ship. The winter of 2010 is beginning to look a lot like the winter of 2009 with one notable exception. A year ago there was at least the perception that someone was in charge; to coin a political phrase, that perception is no longer operative, but the same serious problems remain. I agree with Roger Simon's take on the current situation:

Frankly, I'm worried for our country because this man doesn't really understand what the public is telling him. He just thinks we're "angry." He's wrong - we're furious and we're furious because he blames everyone but himself and seems psychologically incapable of taking responsibility.

...I am deeply afraid of that because Barack Obama has never had to deal with any personal adversity in his adult life. He has lived a completely privileged existence. This is a first for him. There's no telling how he will behave. Watch out, buckle up and hold on to your seats.


H/T Glenn Reynolds


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"He just thinks we're "angr... (Below threshold)

"He just thinks we're "angry." He's wrong - we're furious and we're furious because he blames everyone but himself and seems psychologically incapable of taking responsibility. I am deeply afraid of that because Barack Obama has never had to deal with any personal adversity in his adult life. He has lived a completely privileged existence. This is a first for him. There's no telling how he will behave. Watch out, buckle up and hold on to your seats."

Very true! He is a socialist through and through. Raised as one, taught as one. It's all he knows. Alinsky taught how to tear things apart to get control. Alinsky never taught what you do once you have that control.
Somehow, the land would suddenly be flowing with milk and honey under sunny skies with prancing unicorns.

I couldn't agree more with ... (Below threshold)

I couldn't agree more with this thread. The reference to Chauncey Gardener is spot on.

<a href="http://www.youtube... (Below threshold)
The reference to C... (Below threshold)
The reference to Chauncey Gardener is spot on.

Except that Chauncey knew how to grow plants. Barry doesn't how to do anything.

"And some Democrat... (Below threshold)
"And some Democrats in Congress are starting to call out David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel."
It's far worse than some calling out two political hacks.

Why it's gotten so bad one leopard is changing his spots.

"The remedy here is...as I believe this committee will be recommending, abolishing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in their current form and coming up with a whole new system of housing finance," said Rep. Barney Frank (D., Mass.), the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee.

Is this the very same bawney fwank whose 'spouse' was Fannie Mae executive?

The very same bawney fwank who steadfastly defended the two loan companies against any and all efforts to regulate them even AFTER they started to whirlpool down the toilet?

The only thing I know for s... (Below threshold)

The only thing I know for sure is that Obama is clueless. Look, it was easy to bash George Bush, he did that for 2 years, proclaiming what he would do that would be so much better. Like Hillary said, "just words" I guess he thought proclamations would change the world, because it is very clear he has no plan beyond words. Nothing that he has said or done has turned out how he said it would. That is pretty astonishing. Misjudged the economy, misjudged Israel/Palestine situation, misjudged Massachusetts, misjudged the push back for universal health care, didn't understand the "tea party" gatherings, misjudging the difficulty in closing down Gitmo, misjudging Russia and the missiles in the Chez Republic and Poland, missing 3 deadlines with Iran that he set......holy cow, what does the guy know?

Clinton got the hint and go... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Clinton got the hint and got re-elected. Obama is a malignant narcissist and probably won't get it.

His initial response has been to blame anger at his enemies for his losses. He is incapable of recognizing that it is his policies or at the very least his ham-fisted implementation of those policies that people are pissed at.

He is used to failing and not having anyone point it out. He became the first president of the Harvard Law Review to NEVER publish a single article. That's a failure of the first rank, but he wasn't called on it.

He's an ideologue and has never considered that his ideas of how the world should be might be wrong. This is borne out in his accusations that his detractors are the ones that people are voting against and not him.

He is so divorced from reality that he honestly believes that the people want his policies. At the same time he thinks that their anger at the way things are in DC is that his policies are not being enacted, despite the fact that it causes the people to vote in a way that makes enactment of those policies nearly impossible.

Only a fool or a madman believes such things. Take your pick. Our president is one or the other.

"I like to watch."... (Below threshold)

"I like to watch."


Well, someone's got to do!

Barry keeps it up and the r... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Barry keeps it up and the republicans will have to defeat Hillary in the general election in 2012. Barry will be told in no uncertain terms you are not welcome. If that happens than Hillary will lose as the black vote will stay home out of protest.

"He is so divorced from rea... (Below threshold)

"He is so divorced from reality that he honestly believes that the people want his policies."

He lies easily. The SCARY part is that he BELIEVES HIS OWN LIES!

He lies easily. Th... (Below threshold)
He lies easily. The SCARY part is that he BELIEVES HIS OWN LIES!

So little stevie green is really Barack Hussein Obama?

Anyone seen Vic around late... (Below threshold)

Anyone seen Vic around lately?

What are the odds on a dem ... (Below threshold)

What are the odds on a dem house and senate impeaching their own president because he is nuts? Oh god that would leave us with the walking gaffe that is jumping Joe Biden as president. What hath the moronic democrat voters wrought by electing the unknown hopey feel good candidate out of the cesspool known as Chicago politics. Again great job voters you used to Peter Principle to elevate an unqualified nobody to president of the US because he was "clean and articulate". mpw

0 is having a major meltdow... (Below threshold)

0 is having a major meltdown in front of the whole world and it is not looking very pretty. I would not be too surprised to turn on Fox News some morning and see video of the boys in the little white coats hauling him out of the White House, strapped to a gurney wearing a special jacket that ties his arms down. He is just like ole Adolf in his last days, lashing out at everyone and blaming them for the mess that he put himself in.

0 lost it when Scott Brown was elected to the "Ted Kennedy" seat. Couple that to the Supreme Court decision that was handed down yesterday and we now have a prime candidate for the rubber room. That was the straw that broke the camel's back, in the sane world of 0. It is going to get even worse, now the cornerstone of his whole agenda is going down in flames. Of course the media (some of the sycophants) are rooting for him. I hope that he drags them down too.

This is a very arrogant nar... (Below threshold)

This is a very arrogant narcissistic president. He cannot come to terms with the fact that the american people aren't falling for his speeches. This is a truly dangerous man that has believed the press briefings. Very shortly there will be a huge crash and burn. ww

This is what happens with t... (Below threshold)

This is what happens with the idiot 52% of America vote for Hope & Change from clueless affirmative action Marxist with absolutely no real world work experience other than ginning up crowds of angry people wanting stuff from the stash.

The Chauncey Gardiner refer... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

The Chauncey Gardiner reference is much too kind. At least Chauncey was well-intentioned and benevolent. He could also talk without a teleprompter.

Not only does he believe hi... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Not only does he believe his own lies, but I think he bought into the media hype that somehow, magically, all the world's problems would be solved by his election and that all he had to do was host the celebration and accept the praises of a thankful world.

I expect that he will continue on this trajectory for another 2-3 months before a desperate democratic party finally has had enough and tells him to f off and starts trying to rebuild without him.

Isn't it strange 0 said he ... (Below threshold)

Isn't it strange 0 said he was glad to escape D.C. in his speech today? This from a president who seems to have been everywhere except in the White House this past year. Who knew you actually had to work after being elected?

It is stunning that one spe... (Below threshold)

It is stunning that one special election seems to be the extra amount of wind that was needed to start what was already a fragile house of cards to begin tumbling. It took a supermajority of Democrats to protect this Marxist's butt and now the panic has set in as the majority becomes threatened. I am risking being melodramatic, I guess, but the first shot of the American Revolution was fired in Massachusetts. I was worried that these statists would push us to the brink and I now consider it more than a simple coincidence that Massachusetts again (and suprisingly at that) may have been the tipping point at repelling these tyrants. I think things will get very rocky but in the long run this will be good for our country. It seems the American middle class that makes this country what it is is very engaged in politics at the moment.

I suspect MEchelle would ha... (Below threshold)

I suspect MEchelle would have to dragged screaming from The White House but what a wonderful sight that would be.

Maybe Barry needs a vacatio... (Below threshold)

Maybe Barry needs a vacation. Say until November 2012. As for Sheriff Joe, anyone even seen him lately?

Watch the left eat one another the past 3 days has been quite entertaining. MORE POPCORN PLEASE!

Republican placards for 201... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Republican placards for 2012. A picture of Barry and the statement. "4 years of on the job training and he still isnt ready to lead"

not Chaucy Gardner ... Mil... (Below threshold)

not Chaucy Gardner ... Milli Vanilli ...

Obama is the Milli Vanilli President

Geithner may be alot of thi... (Below threshold)

Geithner may be alot of things but he is a professional and may have finally had enough of the politics (Rahm and Axlerod) overriding his decisions ... thus the leak ...
No way Obama can fire him ... he would only have to make the TV interview rounds once to completely destroy Obama ... he's golden, he knows where the political skeletons are buried ...

Barry actually had the gall... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Barry actually had the gall to say today "It's not all about me." Is he incapable of detecting self-parody? Are his advisors?
He then launched into "I, I, I, me, me, me" throughout the whole speech. He also threw in the 'Being President is hard!' whine.
President Candy Ass.

As 0's grasp on his own par... (Below threshold)

As 0's grasp on his own party starts to slip and the congresscritters' fear for the safety of their jobs replace fear of the Chicago thugs, I expect all the little secrets about 0's background to start emerging. Sooner or later it will all come out in the wash.

Obama and the Democrats are... (Below threshold)
Jerry M:

Obama and the Democrats are in full panic because to get anything done now, they have to exercise bipartisanship which is something they never intended to do, in spite of their statements to the contrary, as long as they had a super majority. Their radical agenda is dead. Obama has amply demonstrated that he is incapable of governing during his first year in office so he is going back to the only thing he is capable of which is to hit the campaign trail. In his townhall meeting in Ohio today, Obama has once again put on full display his arrogance and disconnect with most Americans. Everytime he makes a speech like this he raises expectations which only amplify his failures when they are not met. What a sad, pathetic figure occupying the Oval office.

24.I commented the s... (Below threshold)

I commented the same thing at another site a few months ago and got blasted for it. My comment was considered "racist" or something like that. Milli Vanilli is the analog that fits best. A big plus for you Mr. Jeff.

Wait, it's Friday night and... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Wait, it's Friday night and I didn't see any new reports of banks going out of business ...Oh, sorry. There they are. FDIC lists more banks in NM, MO and FL going under.

Heckuva job, Barry.

This is one the best takes ... (Below threshold)

This is one the best takes on the politically suicidal bent of Obama.

I spent more than half my life in Washington and have never seen a politician more out of touch with reality than Obama. He doesn't even pay lip service to the ground swell of anger against him.

He blames the messengers, primarily Fox and Limbaugh for the opposition. He tries to marginalize them to damage their message. But even those who don't follow Fox and Limbaugh have had enough.

He doesn't know when to stop. For the time being he is trying to change the subject. He is dropping health care and now demonizing the bankers. Like dictators in Cuba and now Venezuela, he seeks to redirect hatred away from himself.

The US is smarter than them. And fortunately more democratic. With luck he will take the Democrat party down before he takes himself down.

I am deeply afraid of th... (Below threshold)

I am deeply afraid of that because Barack Obama has never had to deal with any personal adversity in his adult life.

Oh give me a break.

I mean, doesn't anyone remember that reporter that wouldn't let him eat his waffle?

I must demur that the "Chau... (Below threshold)

I must demur that the "Chauncey Gardiner" characteristic would best befit the *late* George W. "Left-in-the-attic-from-1988" Bush III and his crossed-eyes and screw-top hair; minus latent Wisdom, of course.

As for the rest of the post,


Barry just needs to throw a... (Below threshold)

Barry just needs to throw another weekday bash at the White House (what will this be, number 179, 180?), kick back, inhale a little deeper......and all will be well.

in the Marines we were taug... (Below threshold)

in the Marines we were taught to respect the Office...even if you didn't respect the man IN the Office.

But when the man IN the Office is defiling the Office...and is TOTALLY unworthy of respect what do you do?

You do all in your power to REMOVE that putz FROM the Office!

2012 can't come soon enough!

bryanD.......relevant as us... (Below threshold)

bryanD.......relevant as usual.

What will Siezer do? Who wi... (Below threshold)
Ha ha ha ha:

What will Siezer do? Who will Siezer blame?

Nothing and blame Bush!

Justrand -"You do ... (Below threshold)

Justrand -

"You do all in your power to REMOVE that putz FROM the Office!"

Legally, though. ALWAYS legally. Through proper channels, proper procedures, through the ballot box and the letter box, through emails and snail mail campaigns, supporting candidates that can get elected - and always looking and making sure that everything is above board and legal, and 'transparent' as possible.

I love a disaster flick as much as the next guy, and I really liked Tom Clancy's novels - but LIVING in one is something I NEVER wanted to do. (And after 9/11, we were sucked into one that we've yet to get out of.) Revolution against the major villian is a good plot device - but it'd be hell to actually live through. We got a glimpse of that when the old Soviet hardliners tried to grab back the power they ceded in August 1991. We don't need an armed revolution - this last week has shown quite well that the ballot box is as effective as bullets - when enough people pay attention to the issues.

Come to think of it, Barry'... (Below threshold)

Come to think of it, Barry's not a major villain - at least in my estimation. He's a fool, a patsy, a stooge, someone who never bothered to associate ideological cause and effect. The real villian? Hell if I know if there's a 'mastermind' behind it all. You get a lot of minor ones together like a complict media, a Chicago machine looking to get someone THEY own as President, a 'progressive' movement that hates everything they disagree with and would rather see the system destroyed than continue as it is, get some people with deep pockets that seem to hate the idea that people can actually decide to do things they don't like and you don't really need a 'master plan' as such. Just them obnoxiously pushing the crowd that's too polite to tell 'em to stuff it towards their particular group's ideas of utopia - never bothering to wonder if the people they feel must be pushed into things 'for their own good' might have a differing opinion!

They depended on us being the 'sheeple' they called us, willing to be poked and pushed along, herded into the pens of political correctness and trained to react with helpless paralysis to accusations of hatred and sexism and racism and homophobia and islamophobia - then the changes they wanted could be imposed without having to deal with resistance.

But then, Palin showed up. And Brown. People who weren't apologetic for being conservative, people who wouldn't back down when faced with all the noxious crap the left threw at them. And they've ignited a push-back that I believe will continue to grow. The power grab that the 'progressives' thought they could manage is suddenly nowhere near so certain.

As Garandfan pointed out- Obama and his gang have Alinsky's rules down. They know how to exploit them at every opportunity - but they haven't a damn clue what comes beyond that. They figured they'd be able to control the peasants - after all, weren't they smart enough to see what could be done with the Alinsky model?

But the peasants weren't stupid - they never were. They were patient, tolerant, as a whole far more courteous to the 'progressive' intelligentsia than the progressives were to them and willing to placate the noisy progressives even as it got more and more uncomfortable and costly - until the tipping point was reached.

And that happened Tuesday.

What's next? We'll just have to wait and see. But it's not going to be business as usual - at least, for a while...

Where's our stimulis money ... (Below threshold)
Ha ha ha ha:

Where's our stimulis money Seezer? Where's our interest? Where are the jobs You self serving lout?

not Chaucy Gardner ... Wesl... (Below threshold)

not Chaucy Gardner ... Wesley Mooch....

JLaw, Insightful a... (Below threshold)
Ha ha ha ha:


Insightful and thoughtful as always! I enjoy reading Your well thought and reasoned posts daily.. I have'nt the patience for Seizer and His ilk. I dont know how You manage to keep Your cool and not just call Him Seazar or something at every opportunity like some posters on here?

I been visiting this site for 7 years now and it rock's!! Keep the fire burning and Ceezer learning!

"Except that Chauncey knew ... (Below threshold)

"Except that Chauncey knew how to grow plants. Barry doesn't how to do anything."

And yet, he is full of what is key to growing plants. And I'm obviously not talking about water.

It really is amazing. It looks like GOP candidates will be running against not only the Dem agenda, but Obama himself. That's quite a turn of events. A year ago, people expected Obama's ratings to drop and conservatives certainly expected him to be "unmasked." Dem losses in a midterm were a given, too. But really, did anyone honestly expect a massive backlash that enabled a Republican to win in MA?

Obama is a buffoon and utterly clueless. He makes the campiest Adam West Batman villain look like The Dark Knight's Joker. If he continues on this same course, the Democrats will suffer in November. Not exactly a bad thing mind you, as they backed that pinhead in the first place. Problem is, that moron could still inflict a lot of damage on us before then.

It's wonderful that bryanD,... (Below threshold)

It's wonderful that bryanD, who's certain he's smarter than everyone here, came up with a comment so lame even a 13 year old boy would be embarrassed. I love the smell of liberal troll meltdown in the morning.

Great post HughS. Great bunch of comments here. I am still hoping the teleprompter messiah and his Chicago cronies don't damage America too much before they slink back home in 3 years.

THREE MORE YEARS??? We're still screwed.

Wet blanket time - I don't ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Wet blanket time - I don't believe Obama's done or that he's going to be giving up. What he wants is the goal, no cost is too high to stand in the way. I think he and Rahm see and understand the political landscape as it's now configured. They see the crowds of "raging peasants." And they understand all the danger to them and their shared goal.

I believe the response they are attempting, and which was on display in yesterday's Town Hall meeting, is to try to make it appear that he is one of us. That he's as furious and outraged as we are at what has been happening in Washington. They would enlist us as allies if they can; if not, at least for now it's enough to make it look like he's standing in the crowd with us and always has been.

Yesterday he shifted his focus from the "evil" health insurance companies (bye, bye health care reform - for now) to the "evil" banks making "risky" loans at our expense, and to the business as usual behavior of Congress (did I just see Harry and Nancy being lined up to go under the bus? Only time will tell). He's selected a new enemy to demonize and started his "I'm a populist just like you" campaign. Yes, once again Obama's doing the one thing he understands, he's out on the campaign trail looking to find his mojo.

It's not time to pick up the pieces and move on, this guy still has three years to go in office.

A 'Reset the POTUS' campaig... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

A 'Reset the POTUS' campaign is a certainty, no later than 2011. Plenty of ammo.

What's happened is that Oba... (Below threshold)

What's happened is that Obama has put the future of the country into the hands of a bunch of hacks; Axlerod, Emmanuel, Geithner, Holder, Napolitano, et al because he doesn't know what to do. And they, when not determining themselves in what direction to take the country, keep him in a bubble assuring him that all's well, that any of the opposition he gets wind of is just a bunch of kooks, rednecks and racists. When the heat rises, they think all they need to do is throw up a bright shiny object; evil banks! greedy wall street! money grubbing insurance! and we'll all forget the crazy notions we had of the White Houses effort to delve into the most minute and private parts of our lives.

But honestly, the one they had the most trouble with, in spite of his own tax woes, was Geithner. Am I the only one who sees just how unhappy that man is?

And here's a great conspiracy even bryanD can't ignore: Emmanuel is running this country. Obama is just his gullible front man.

Haven't been on the net for... (Below threshold)

Haven't been on the net for a few months now due to the fact that I was getting madder every day that Obama was advancing his agenda....Alinsky was only part of the process of our destruction. Obama just needed another part of the puzzle, and that's control over some type of national security force, and use the threat of internal terrorism to herd the sheeple into Marxism. But, the Mass. Rebellion has shown that the emperor is naked. Honestly, would Biden be any worse? He isn't a dedicated marxist, is he?

Even the most jaded of poli... (Below threshold)

Even the most jaded of political observers (ok, count me there) did not expect Obama and his misbegotten ilk to drive America so swiftly towards the "precipice" we now find ourselves at.

I truly expected the canny political instincts to kick in...and the fact that they HAVEN'T tells me that the Obamanistas thought they could grab enough control swiftly enough that they wouldn't NEED political control any more...they'd have DIRECT control. (they still think it)

With DIRECT control of Health Care, energy, finance and a few key industries the concept of "elections" starts to fade. Oh, you still need them to pacify the masses (hell, even the Soviet Union had "elections"). But when REAL control resides in a government immune from the effects of those "elections"...

re: JustrandExcelle... (Below threshold)

re: Justrand
Excellent summary of the situation.
We must stay informed.
They are not going to give up easily.

When you try to ram... (Below threshold)

When you try to ram it to the people, be prepared to reenact the "shower scene" from a bad prison movie and remember those immortal words ... "Don't drop the soap"

A 'Reset the POTUS' camp... (Below threshold)

A 'Reset the POTUS' campaign is a certainty

Oh, man, I can see it now. Get a picture of the infamous reset/overcharge button that Hillary brought to Russia and put it on all the campaign stuff. "Time to reset, because we've been overcharged long enough!"

There should be calls for O... (Below threshold)

There should be calls for Obama to step down.

He needs to be fired.

P.S.I am so fed up... (Below threshold)


I am so fed up with this "pretend" presidency.

Barry thinks he can just fake his way through with scripted teleprompter speeches and staged
camera ops.

I suspect that besides the ... (Below threshold)

I suspect that besides the "RESET" button,
"We Want Our Money Back,
We Want Our Country Back"
Will also be a popular campaign sticker.

"The inferior man blames ot... (Below threshold)

"The inferior man blames others."
Don Shula

Just about sums it up.

I laughed hard for a good f... (Below threshold)

I laughed hard for a good five minutes at the Chauncey Gardiner reference. Thats exactly how I've always viewed Obama. Although as others have pointed out good ole Chauncey did have some skills and common sense, so maybe its not fair.

In all seriousness, I think this presidency is basically already over. Its failed. Obama went all in along with his insane cohorts Pelosi and Reid, and banked on America simply looking on and cheering their brilliance as they bankrupted the country and remade us according to their progressive Alinksy plan. He has nothing else to offer. Thats it. There is no plan B. And with the way they disparaged any and all Americans who objected, and worked alone in the dark in the most partisan way possible, its isn't like he can suddenly become mister lets-work-together-on-this. He has used up all his political capital and rec'd nothing in return, he's burned bridges with Republicans and conservatives, the business community, the Cia and the military. It's clear that major world leaders view him as a doofuss also and he's not feared or respected by enemies. I think it's over, the emperor isn't wearing any clothes and everyone now knows it.

I like the idea : split it ... (Below threshold)

I like the idea : split it up, pass it, and fix it.






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