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Congresswoman Bachmann: "I was actually stunned at the arrogance."

That and more in response to former RINO and current Democrat Senator Arlen Specter's charge that she "act like a lady":

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Now needless to say this week has not been kind to Democrats. The election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts has them very much on the defensive. And yesterday all this pressure got the best of Pennsylvania Democrat Arlen Specter.

Now listen to this exchange that he had during a joint radio appearance on WPHT with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.


SEN. ARLEN SPECTER, D-PENN.: Now wait a minute, I'll stop and you can talk.


SPECTER: I'll treat you like a lady, so act like one.

BACHMANN: Well, I am a lady.

SPECTER: My question to you was what did you vote for?

BACHMANN: I voted for prosperity. I didn't vote for the government takeover of private industry.

SPECTER: She said I voted for prosperity. Well, prosperity wasn't a bill.

BACHMANN: Well, why don't we make it a bill?

SPECTER: Now wait a minute me. Don't interrupt me, I didn't interrupt you. Act like a lady.

BACHMANN: Well, I think I'm a lady.

SPECTER: I think you are too, that's why I'm treating you like one but just don't interrupt me.


...HANNITY: All right, well, what the heck happened there?

BACHMANN: I was absolutely stunned. This was the first time I had ever met Senator Specter. I sat down next to him at a table. We began a discussion and immediately it was as though he had turned on me because he was trying to talk about all the wonderful bills that Senator Obama had passed.

The stimulus which is $1 trillion spending bill, the budget -- expansion of -- more government take over of health care for children. And then next thing I knew, the person interviewing us had asked what I thought about president Obama's year. I disagreed. I told him that I think we should focus on prosperity and job creation.

And Senator Specter turned and then questioned whether I was a lady and told me to basically sit down and be quiet.


BACHMANN: I was actually stunned at the arrogance.

HANNITY: Well, don't interrupt me and act like a lady. And now this is obviously making a lot of news at this point. Has he at least called and apologized? Said he's sorry? Has he tried to contact you?

BACHMANN: No, not at all. We didn't hear anything. And I just left Washington. Now I'm in Minnesota back in my district and we haven't heard anything from Senator Specter's office.

But what was really stunning, again, about that whole interchange is it's emblematic of what the message the voters sent on Tuesday evening. The voters repudiated the arrogance that's come out of the Democrat Party.

And what I heard yesterday on the radio with Senator Specter was more of that arrogance. They haven't sobered up yet as to the reality that the people are in charge, not this very liberal majority.

Specter was simply substantiating his reasoning in moving to the Democrat Party and asserting to all within earshot that he fits right in.

I can tell you if the man had spoken like that to my wife, he might very well have gotten smacked in his kisser... by my wife.



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You'll have to pardon Arlen... (Below threshold)

You'll have to pardon Arlen. His entire career is falling apart. He jumped parties (again) to save his ass. Instead he jumped from the frying pan, into the fire. Wouldn't be surprised if the old sot tried jumping back again. But I don't think they'd have him. Maybe he'll try a "lieberman" and go "Independent".

Michelle, much like Sarah h... (Below threshold)
Ha ha ha ha:

Michelle, much like Sarah have that effect on demented twisted liberal's.

Spector has always loved to... (Below threshold)

Spector has always loved to give deliberately long pause sentence structure as if we know when he is through or not. He is a pompous ass who sees his political career going down. ww

Specter might have thought ... (Below threshold)

Specter might have thought he was debating Scottish law in Old Scotland.

So, basically, Arlen Specte... (Below threshold)

So, basically, Arlen Specter thinks this is a real documentary:


Specter would be dead long ... (Below threshold)

Specter would be dead long ago if he had to use Obamacare. Instead, our taxpayers paid for his cancer treatment when the ballerina's brother (the other Emmanuel in the white house) would have given him the blue pill and a Soylent Green exit party.

I think I would have told h... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

I think I would have told him that I act like a lady when I'm with a gentleman ... but to me he's a traitor to those who voted for him as their representative ...

Polls seem to be showing that the voters are going to fix that in November.

The republican party is obv... (Below threshold)

The republican party is obviously well rid of this thug. I wonder if Bush and especially Santorum are having any second thoughts about supporting this clown? Santorum has undoubtedly kicked himself for some time, but as dumb as Bush is, probably no effect.

She was stunned? Why? This ... (Below threshold)

She was stunned? Why? This SOP for Specter.

This meme is being celebrat... (Below threshold)

This meme is being celebrated? the "dissing" of Warrior Princess by Cancer Guy?

The Philly(?) talk-radio show, the original clip, had Bachman insistent on referring to her favored bill in question (after repeated requests for clarification), as a "prosperity bill" in lieu of the more educational HB# or a less cartoonish discriptive.

If I'm not mistaken---and I'm not!---"prosperity" is a key word for the Canada-Mexico-USA/NAFTA-SSP partnership beloved of the US Chamber of Commerce...late of Bush/"Comprehensiveness" regarding capital liquidity across borders, nevermindthewetbacks.

I like Bachmann, in general, but please! rightwingmedia blobs; the casting of Warrior Princess being harrassed by hairless Cancer Guy....LOL & *cough*.

Snarlin' Arlen...Liv... (Below threshold)

Snarlin' Arlen...
Living right up to his reputation only this time he not only stepped in it, he dove in. Arlen can read polls better than anyone which is why he's a party floopper. Was a Dem, became an R, went back home when he saw the winds shift.

Well, he dug his grave and now he gets to lie down in it.America will be better off with that bat shit crazy SOB gone from the halls of Congress.

Methinks the lady doth prot... (Below threshold)

Methinks the lady doth protest too much in this case. She was being argumentative and combative, and Spector's talk of treating her like a lady was rather Elizabethan, but I don't find the exchange "shocking" in anyway.

When you're in a battle with xys, please-please-please don't fall back on the fact that you're an xx. UGH.

Palin would NEVER do that. Hillary did, and other female politicians have and I HATE it.

"When you're in a battle wi... (Below threshold)

"When you're in a battle with xys, please-please-please don't fall back on the fact that you're an xx. UGH."

She didn't "fall back on the fact she's a woman", rather Spector USED the fact that she's a woman to try to shut her up.

Big difference.

Spector had no reason to refer to her gender, especially not that way.

I'd like to hear the entire... (Below threshold)

I'd like to hear the entire interview with Bachmann and Spector.

WIth Sean she called Obama "Senator Obama". I guess it was just a mispeak.

I've listened to a good bit... (Below threshold)

I've listened to a good bit more of the radio show and Specter was an ass, for sure. For the record, the radio show host interrupted Bachmann first, but Specter was clearly intentionally being rude and condescending.

"I'd like to hear the entir... (Below threshold)

"I'd like to hear the entire interview with Bachmann and Spector."-SAHMmy

Not on this site you won't!

While Arlen "Magic Bullet'63/64" Spector is horrrible ipso facto, the mind-numbing stupidity and collapse of Crown Princess' blog-twit apologists in the face of minor "controversy" is clue to vacuous game-plan jiggering between pizza deliveries. Long/short: Wiley Coyote passes out and defecates on self.

"...vacuous game-plan jigge... (Below threshold)

"...vacuous game-plan jiggering."

That's a pretty good summary of Barry's speech in Ohio today, bryanD.

bryanD, I did not expect to... (Below threshold)

bryanD, I did not expect to hear the audio on THIS website.

The rest of your post is bizarre and makes no sense. But that's okay, please don't further try to explain.

"bryanD, I did not expect t... (Below threshold)

"bryanD, I did not expect to hear the audio on THIS website."-SAHMmy

Funny. Why not?

"The rest of your post is bizarre and makes no sense."-SAHMmy

I'm no Alexander Pope, but I think my punctuation is in general order.

Again, Specter is and alway... (Below threshold)

Again, Specter is and always will be a political opportunist. He hitched his wagon to the democrats only to find out they are the Titanic and he does not know where to turn. Probably for the first time in his political life. ww

SEN. ARLEN SPECTER... (Below threshold)
Tina S:
SEN. ARLEN SPECTER, D-PENN.: Now wait a minute, I'll stop and you can talk.


SPECTER: I'll treat you like a lady, so act like one.

BACHMANN: Well, I am a lady.

In the sentence before Spector told Bachman to "act like a lady", he was critical of her for interrupting. Children tend to speak out of turn and be interuptive. To tell a person to act like a lady instead of a child is not sexist. Spectors comment sounds sexist only when taken out of context.

tinaS "Spectors commen... (Below threshold)

tinaS "Spectors comment sounds sexist only when taken out of context."

And your comment in this thread and literally dozens of others are in context.

The context of being anti anything related to repubs and conservatives.

"In the sentence before ... (Below threshold)
Ha ha ha ha:

"In the sentence before Spector told Bachman to "act like a lady", he was critical of her for interrupting. Children tend to speak out of turn and be interuptive. "

That's "interruptive" and if You want to see interrupting children at play, just tune into any Sunday morning shitfest and watch the liberals yakkety yak their fucking overbearing lamebrained pie holes off!!!

Carol says that:""... (Below threshold)

Carol says that:

"" Spector (sic) had no reason to refer to her gender ... ""

So he didn't.

He but alluded to her sex. (As in the Male SEX and the Female SEX)

"Gender" refers only to the inanimate and to parts of some foreigners' (Francais, eg) speech. And is usually expressed as "masculine" and "feminine."

He but alluded to her se... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

He but alluded to her sex. (As in the Male SEX and the Female SEX)

Bachman was exhibiting childish behavior, not masculine behavior when Arlen Specter told her to act like a lady. (As in CHILD and ADULT).

Reality Check: The arrogan... (Below threshold)

Reality Check: The arrogant old SOB was talking down to Bachman. The "act like a lady" phrase was used a couple of decades ago much like "children should be seen, not heard". Act like a lady was used by "gentlemen" to put a woman in her place. Translated roughly it means STFU you are a woman and don't have any business here anyway.


Specter's being defended by... (Below threshold)

Specter's being defended by people who condemned Rick Lazio for daring to stand next to Hillary Clinton's podium at a Senate campaign debate in 2000:

A decisive moment that led to the collapse of his campaign came during a September 13, 2000 debate where he left his podium, walked over to Clinton with a piece of paper that he called the "New York Freedom From Soft Money Pledge" and demanded she sign it. Clinton refused. Debate viewers were turned off by Lazio's aggressive demeanor towards Clinton...

It's about time somebody off to portside admitted their double standard.

More misery for liberals it... (Below threshold)

More misery for liberals it looks like OBAMA is losing their support of the american people i certianly hope it gets worse for them all






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