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hubris (\ˈhyü-brəs): n. exaggerated pride or self-confidence. From the Greek ὕβρις (hybris).

Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.

What better explanation is there?

Post-election Thoughts
By Victor Davis Hansen
Works and Days


What Did They Expect?

Now that the voters of Massachusetts have splashed our hypnotized young god back into his own reflecting pool, it is almost surreal to follow the left's sudden petulance and occasional hysteria -- akin to the climate of 2005-6 among some of the right when the once pro-Iraq War neocons began bailing and heading for the exits.

Then some of the most vehement pro-war sounding zealots suddenly swore that they had never supported the invasion at all. I think I called it at the time "my victory; your defeat" to explain their chameleonism between 2003 and 2006.

This present liberal bloodletting will continue, as Obama's polls dip even more, and the next liberal Coakley appears in the political cross-hairs. The left neither quite understands the populist outrage nor would have a clue how to deflate it if it did. (One of the most painful things to watch was Obama's anti-Scott Brown stump speech: a perfect storm of gaffes in which he showed no knowledge of Brown's record, slipped into his faux-black-pulpit cadences, did the old "Bush did it" whine, made silly jokes about pick-up trucks [can one imagine Obama driving up and down Illinois in one?], and reflected once again the Obama brand of thinking that the people are deluded and must be warned by a philosopher-king not to do what is not good for them.)

There is a pent-up fury that is a dividend of a year's bad economic news, the constant presidential condescension, and the hubris of false hope and change -- and we have not seen the extent of it yet. The people are weary of being talked down to as if they don't understand climate change, as if they don't get the inside scoop on deficit spending, as if they can't appreciate the brilliance of massive new government entitlements, as if they need moral sermons hourly on their race/class/and gender shortcomings, and as if they can't quite fathom why KSM, the terrorist warrior who planned the killing of 3,000 Americans and declared al-Qaeda at war with us, must be tried like a bank robber in New York. (Perhaps during the Battle of the Bulge we should have shipped back captured German saboteurs to New York for trials.)

We, the Ignorant

Meanwhile on planet earth I was thinking of Secretary's Chu's warning that our farms in California would "dry up and blow away" as today I chained sawed limbs from a week of horrific storms and flooding, and prepare tomorrow to go to Huntington Lake to dig out 10 feet of snow from the house.

Our populists seem to be shouting back at Washington, "We're tired of you - at least we don't cheat on our taxes, at least we pay our bills and don't call maxing out the charge card 'stimulus,' and at least when we say we are going to do something, we do it."

Republicans must be gleeful as an inept Obama in some sort of delusion now claims that the prairie-fire pushback dovetails with his own Ascension in 2008. Oh yes, Barack -- those who voted for a conservative in Massachusetts surely are the same sort of angry voters who turned out in droves for your hope and change mantra.

I somehow doubt The One has internalized the message, and further suspect that Nemesis' work is not yet done.


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Comments (6)

Barry's hopelessly devoted.... (Below threshold)
Ha ha ha ha:

Barry's hopelessly devoted....To Himself.

Did Obama 'get the message'... (Below threshold)

Did Obama 'get the message'? I think not. He's just re-hired his former campaign manager David Plouffe, who has opened his mouth and uttered this gem of wisdom:

"It's a good plan (ObamaCare) that's become a demonized caricature. But politically speaking, if we do not pass it, the GOP will continue attacking the plan as if we did anyway, and voters will have no ability to measure its upside. If we do pass it, dozens of protections and benefits take effect this year."

Has this fucking asshole been on the moon or Mars for the last 8 months? "Benefits take effect this year:? This bastard hasn't every READ the freaking bill! Just like the rest of Barry's followers. Earth to Plouffe - 'go ahead, dipshit - PUSH IT! And like the rest of the extreme left, come November you'll have a shocked expression on your faces when the electorate shoves Barry Obama up your collective asses.

Obama has no other option t... (Below threshold)

Obama has no other option than to force some measure of healthcare, and quickly. The longer this puppy is in the oven baking, the more he and his ilk remain front and center to an increasingly unpopular and corrupt social program.

If something is not passed, his legacy is doomed and his party destroyed for generations. This country will never forget, nor forgive, that Rome burned while the socialists were fiddling.

'Obama has no other option ... (Below threshold)

'Obama has no other option than to force some measure of healthcare, and quickly.'

The only problem is that those dumbshits interconnected EVERYTHING. You can't grant coverage for pre-existing conditions without expanding the number of people covered. So you have to keep in the mandatory coverage (which many have already stated they will challenge in court). You can't pay for the added coverage to millions more people by raiding Medicare and dumping additional costs onto each states Medical program (state governors are already up in arms over that). Pacifying the states by giving them all Full Medicare Payments (like Nebraska) ups the total price of ObamaCare beyond even the fake figures the Democrats have posted. The Democrats can finagle all they want on this. Has anyone seen the results for their latest submission to the CBO? It's been almost a week. If the numbers were good, wouldn't they be touting them now? 61% are now AGAINST ObamaCare. We're 10 months from mid-term elections. Do the Democrats really want to go there?

If Barry were smart (and I don't think he is), he'd pivot to 'the economy and job creation', and put ObamaCare on the back burner AND LEAVE IT THERE. He's done that it the past. Drop something and walk away fast. All he's got to save Democratic asses in November is get the unemployment numbers down. Yet he spends last week attacking banks WHO HAVE REPAID THEIR LOANS. And the stock market has fallen like a rock! Now that will be a real boost to the economy. Businesses need money to invest. They get it from banks (that now will not loan, expecting higher taxes). They get it from investors (and you can see what they're doing in the stock market - cashing in). Yep, Barry's doing great things. And Harry Reid says the Senate is going to take up Cap & Trade this spring? Oh, now that's really going to help businesses grow!

"...those who voted for a c... (Below threshold)

"...those who voted for a conservative in Massachusetts..."

What conservative?

Of course Obama hasn't lear... (Below threshold)

Of course Obama hasn't learned his lesson, but that's okay -- America's still in a teaching mood, and with the President's help will continue to be come November.






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