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Barack Obama Brings His Teleprompters to Speak to a Class of Sixth Graders

Both Ace and Jim Hoft commented on how sad it is that the President of the United States needs to be fed a script to speak to a class of sixth graders. I can't say I disagree. It seems the president can't look a class of sixth graders in the eye and have a conversation with them. Instead he's got to stand on his little podium there with a script fed to him by teleprompters and speak over their heads.


We've been told over and over again that he taught constitutional law as if we're supposed to be impressed. I can't help but wonder how he managed it without teleprompters.

Update: I have to amend my comments above. I stated that it seems the president can't have a conversation with the kids without teleprompters. He is capable of having a conversation with a class of sixth graders sans teleprompters after all. Whew! It was his remarks about the 'Race To The Top' program that he delivered to a class of sixth graders that required the use of his teleprompters.

Update II: Dan Reihl has an update that takes a lot of the humor out of the photo. A commenter left this nugget of information on Dan's post (emphasis mine):

What is even more disturbing than the need to whip TOTUS out to talk to school kids is the purpose of Obama's visit to that school. He was announcing his desire to put billions more into his program "Race to the Top" (RttT in Obamaland cutespeak) and also create a means for school districts to bypass the authority of their State Boards of Education in order to apply for federal RttT funds. What is so disturbing about this? One of the requirements of winning this federal grant money is that local school districts must contractually agree to adopt federal curriculum guidelines, even those that have not yet been defined by the Obama Administration. Yup....the federal core curriculum issue rears its ugly head again. Obama created the local school district bypass to these federal dollars in response to Rick Perry's decision for Texas to opt out. Obama can't stand Perry and the State of Texas....and was not about yield the chess board. Posted by: riograndevalleygirl | Sunday, January 24, 2010 at 10:41 PM


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Comments (15)

Come on, you can't seriousl... (Below threshold)
a. moral:

Come on, you can't seriously believe this photo is legit?

"Come on, you can't serious... (Below threshold)

"Come on, you can't seriously believe this photo is legit?"

No, didn't think you would. So hit the link and scroll down.


Makes him look like the fucking idiot he is, doesn't it?

Yes... (Below threshold)


That is just bizarre. Can y... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

That is just bizarre. Can you imagine if Bush had pulled such a stunt?

This man is a complete IDIO... (Below threshold)

This man is a complete IDIOT! He has been created, crafted and groomed. His handlers KNOW he cannot be allowed to speak without careful scripting...even to SIXTH GRADERS!

Barry think's He on America... (Below threshold)

Barry think's He on American idol...Pandering His next pawnsy scheme to Children..Utterly pathetic!

Even court jester is above his paygrade..

Kinda takes you back to Bar... (Below threshold)

Kinda takes you back to Barry's first days in office. Like the morning he was signing the order closing Gitmo within one year. He's signing and talking to the press about how this is a great day and the executive order deals with many things. Then he turns to and aide, telling this dweeb to tell the press what's in the order. So the next day the press goes on about how "confident the new president is....so confident that he let's others speak about the contents of the executive order he's signing."


All I can say is "God Bless... (Below threshold)

All I can say is "God Bless Texas"! EVERY governor in America needs to wake up and tell the Federal Government and King Barry that the STATES will not be rules by the FEDS. It's called "the 10th Amendment" to the U.S. Constitution. But then, I wonder if Barry has actually read that. He supposedly taught constitutional law - What did he teach, how to get around it??

The teleprompter story is a... (Below threshold)
speller ...check t... (Below threshold)

speller ...

check the update ... the story was incorrect not a hoax. A hoax would be a fake photo or if no telepromter was used at the school ...

He was at the school and gave a speech with the promter ... his talk with the kids was off the cuff ...

Never in the history of 'co... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Never in the history of 'communication' has
a man with such a plethora of electronic
paraphernalia and speaking events said so.....


#11Ohh, He say's a... (Below threshold)


Ohh, He say's a lot. It's just foriegn sounding because it's not American in origin.

It's full of lie's and propaganda like any third world dictator.. Which is exactly whom this assclown is!

"" ... We've been told over... (Below threshold)

"" ... We've been told over and over again that he taught constitutional law ... ""

Actually, we have been told no such thing.

We've been told over and over again that he was a "constitutional law 'professor.'"

Although, coupling the stark paucity of his grasp of our nation's founding law with the as-very-well-demonstrated never-actually-showing-up for "work" ethic that jumps from the creepy, terrorist-littered anti-American public track record laid down by this disbarred-for-cause one-time two-bit lawyer and by his also disbarred-for-cause one-time two-bit lawyer "spouse?"

Chances are the dangerously-dullard pretender to what presently passes for the "presidency" never learned his times-tables, let alone "constitutional 'law.'"

But it is New York City to a single brick lay-down misère that he never taught it!

Here's the video. Even Jon... (Below threshold)

Here's the video. Even Jon Stewart is on his ass about it.


Obama appears to the 6th gr... (Below threshold)

Obama appears to the 6th graders and oinks to them






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