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Breaking: Osama Bin Laden Takes Credit for the Christmas Day Bomber Plot

This just broke on Fox News. A new audio tape was released in which Osama Bin Laden takes credit for the Christmas Day bombing. He also said that more terrorists are on their way because America will not be allowed to live in peace while those in Palestine are suffering.

A few things:

1. Didn't Osama know that Obama is reaching out to the Muslim community? After all, Obama sent $900 million to the Palestinians. I guess that was a waste of money.

2. This proves how utterly incompetent and ill-prepared this administration is when it comes to fighting terrorism. Obama's AG Eric Holder is presumably the one who demanded that Abulmutallab be mirandized (who else would have had the authority to make that kind of decision), which allowed him to lawyer up and clam up. Who knows how much information we could have gotten about what Abulmutallab knew if the High Value Interrogation Group had been dispatched to interrogate this guy. Even the WaPo sees that the mirandizing of Abulmutallab was "myopic, irresponsible and potentially dangerous."

3. It gives Obama and his administration another opportunity to blame George W. Bush, which is their MO when it comes to dealing with the really hard aspects of being president. You can expect a parade of administration officials, not to mention MSNBC, CNN, and other Obama loyal media types, to point fingers and in the direction of George W. Bush, even though George W. Bush's anti-terror policies destroyed the al Qaeda network and isolated Osama from the rest of the world, making him completely impotent. It seems President Obama's weakened anti-terrorism stance was like viagra for Osama.

4. Will Obama still continue with his decision to try Khalid Sheik Mohammad and other detainees in New York now? Will he continue to release detainees back to places like Algeria, which is already one of the biggest hotbeds for terrorism around the globe? From Andy McCarthy:

Just as al Qaeda has an active hub in Yemen ("al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula"), it has one based in Algeria ("al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb"). In fact, the group traces back to the early 1990s, when Islamists nearly took over Algeria by democratic means. It was formerly known as the "Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat" (and more familiarly by its French initials, "GSPC" -- see this entry from the Militant Islam Monitor). As the New York Times reported in July, it has stepped up attacks on Westerners, including Americans.

Good to see that, between Fort Hood and the Christmas day panty bomber, the Obama administration has really gotten serious about protecting our nation against further attacks by an enemy it won't name, motivated by an ideology it won't describe.


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Comments (12)

"O"s foot, or feet, are stu... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

"O"s foot, or feet, are stuck in the bucket of elitist, liberal, pacifism. He won't change his core belief. So it follows that he wants terrorists treated like freedom fighters with a grudge against Rev.Wright's "damn America". He uses the drones in Afgahn/Pakis. like Clinton used cruise missiles to prove he was not to be fooled with but, he and his staunch supporters on the far left need to appear "fair" to all. "O"s fairness will get us all killed.

The most stunning comment I... (Below threshold)

The most stunning comment I heard yesterday was that the FBI spent all of 50 minutes interrogating Abulmutallab before they mirandized him.

After which he clammed up.

50 minutes? What fricking genius decided THAT?

Bestest Administration, eva... (Below threshold)

Bestest Administration, evah! Maybe Barry needs to give another Cairo speech and 'make everything clear'.

bobdog,It was Eric "... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

It was Eric "I haven't seen a terrorist I didn't feel sorry for", Holder. "O"s little twin at Justice.

Has Holder EVER gotten it r... (Below threshold)

Has Holder EVER gotten it right?

Think about all the decisions he's made since he was sworn in. The Black Panther case. Gitmo. The terrorist trials in Manhattan. The appeal of the Blackwater case. Now this.

Have we ever had an Attorney General with his head THIS far up his ass?

Maybe Bin Ladin did kick th... (Below threshold)

Maybe Bin Ladin did kick the bucket.

A lousy sound recording in the phone-cam age is a cry for help that I don't think any self-respecting sheik would make.

bobdog "Have we ever ... (Below threshold)

bobdog "Have we ever had an Attorney General with his head THIS far up his ass?"

You're letting janet reno off FAR too lightly. She was at least the equal of holder in using a birds eye view of her colon.

Smoke Beaters helps your em... (Below threshold)

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wow great blog..more power<... (Below threshold)

wow great blog..more power

Marc, it's just my opinion,... (Below threshold)

Marc, it's just my opinion, but it seems to me that Holder is not only incompetent but also blatantly partisan almost every time he sticks his nose out of the Justice Department. He behaves like he thinks his job is to run political interference for Obama.

Reno merely pissed me off. Ruby Ridge, David Koresh and Elian Gonzales were all stupid judgments, but not visibly political.

It seems to me there's a difference.

This fool is always taking ... (Below threshold)

This fool is always taking credit for something....This man was sick as crap when 911 happened, I think he's dead!

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A U.S. State Department spo... (Below threshold)

A U.S. State Department spokesman said al-Qaida's core leadership offers such groups strategic guidance but depends on them to carry it out.






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