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I Believe

This one goes out to everyone in the Who-Dat Nation.


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Colts by 4.... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Colts by 4.

Sure, Peter F., rain on Pau... (Below threshold)

Sure, Peter F., rain on Paul's parade. Sheesh! ;)

No worries, ain't nothing g... (Below threshold)

No worries, ain't nothing getting me down tonight.

Congrats, Paul! You long-su... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Congrats, Paul! You long-suffering Ain'ts fans deserve this.

Hint: Bet the over. ;) This is a gonna be a fun, high-flyin' SB! (I like the Colts D omly slightly more.

The Saints deserve accolade... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

The Saints deserve accolades and congratulations, but the song could have been arranged by the Army Corps of Engineers!


Congratulations! Its going ... (Below threshold)

Congratulations! Its going to be a Superbowl game I'll actually watch for more than just the commercials!

Paul....YEAH BABY!!<p... (Below threshold)

Paul....YEAH BABY!!


god bless our troops,

Ah yes, yet another sad cha... (Below threshold)

Ah yes, yet another sad chapter in the book of sorrows that is Vikings football history. Not every team can blow a shot at the Super Bowl and a shot at a new stadium in one fell swoop...on the other hand, they also missed out on the chance to get annihilated by the Indy Colts....

As a life-long (and long su... (Below threshold)

As a life-long (and long suffering) Saints fan, I doubt other sports team fans can understand the spiritual relationship between a football team and a city. You just have to be there. NOLA is like no city in the United States - it's beautiful, dingy, corrupt, succulent, squalid and joyful...all in the same package. It's the most real city I have had the pleasure to spend time in (unlike the plastic a**holes in Dallas). The love between NOLA and the beloved Saints dates way back before Katrina. (How else could an NFL franchise survive in a metro area with a per capita income of squat?) Thank you Saints for everything. Geaux Saints! Let's show'em how to bring a NOLA party to MIA!






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