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Bait and switch, Obama style

This ought to rile you... it ought to especially rile the Religious Left who are usually so quick to pronounce how less than considerate and indequately compassionate conservatives truly are... but trust me when I tell you this will hardly cause a ripple, if it causes one at all, in the oh so compassionate and considerate progressive community:

Suppose you received a letter asking for a contribution to help needy children. The solicitation was filled with heart-rending pictures and stories about the children's plight and how your money can make the difference between a bleak future and one filled with hope.

Duly moved, you make a donation only to learn that the organization used the money for something else. How would you feel about that? I'm guessing angry.

Well, now you know how parents of children with special needs are feeling.

The stimulus bill passed last year by Congress included $11.3 billion in federal assistance to special education programs across the country. This doubled the amount from the previous year. Advocates for kids with special needs believe that the increasing funding could have had a "huge impact" on the lives of these kids.

Notice I said, "could have." That's because a lot of the money isn't going to help children with special needs. Instead, schools are "redirecting" the federal funds to other uses.

Do read the entire piece and do understand that this is merely the tip of the iceberg with so much of the so called stimulus package... which is stimulating only leftist constituents and most especially the unions which represent them.

It ought to rile you up.

It ought to.



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Comments (8)

More of Siezer's ACORN tend... (Below threshold)

More of Siezer's ACORN tendencie's on display. Defraud charity's, create falsehood's using children. Defraud taxpayer's to payoff lobbyist and goon's that support his alien-inski anti-American view.

Barry's stimulating alright, stimulating his socialist agenda.

A sizable chunk of "Stimulu... (Below threshold)

A sizable chunk of "Stimulus" funds got "diverted by the states". And it was with Barry's blessing. Fuck Sheriff Joe Biden who was supposed to 'watch out for the taxpayer'. Biden couldn't find his own ass using both hands and a map with directions. The states used the money to avoid making any hard decisions on their budgets. WELL RECKONING TIME IS COMING! They thought the 2008 tax collections were bad, stand by for the 2009 collections - REFLECTING 17.3% UNEMPLOYMENT. The state legislators are going to shit their pants. Guess Timmy's going to have to print more money, and China is cutting back on credit.

we already know Obamas atti... (Below threshold)

we already know Obamas attitude towards the Special Olympic and the disabled. This is no suprise.
If you believe in Hell (I don't FWIW) I imagine there would a special section for people like this.

someone should alert Palin ... (Below threshold)

someone should alert Palin about this. She'll bring down the thunder on this issue with millions on special ed Moms taking to the streets.

Obama needs to be asked about this at his next press conference. Ok, Gibbs needs to be asked, Obama apparently will not be holding a presser until 2013.

Obama is a con-man a scound... (Below threshold)

Obama is a con-man a scoundrel and a fiend and thats about it

This isn't Obama. School d... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

This isn't Obama. School districts have been "diverting" special needs/special education funds for at least 20 years. In some places, parents have sued school districts, with limited results. It seems only the Department of Education could stop it, and they've never shown any interest.

The poorer the school district, the more funds they are likely to divert.

"This isn't Obama. Schoo... (Below threshold)

"This isn't Obama. School districts have been "diverting" special needs/special education funds for at least 20 years."

But, but, but, this was stimulus money, not part of the normal budget. Joe Biden was supposed to be overseeing this. This was supposed to be a new day, a new era of responsibility and transparency, no more corruption.

Sorry Oyster. Sheriff Joe ... (Below threshold)

Sorry Oyster. Sheriff Joe appears to be MIA. Like he is on a lot of things.






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