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Jew hatred runs deep


That cartoon is not as far-fetched as you might believe... in fact, not at all:

"Besides the obvious benefit to Israel's image resulting from such an event where she morphs from a bloodthirsty killer of dark-skinned Palestinian and Lebanese women and children to the rescuer of dark-skinned Haitians, there is the other possibility to consider-that this was used as a demonstration to the rest of the world that a new weapon of war had been developed, one whose devastation could not be attributed to another country but rather would be seen as an "act of God" to everyone but the leaders of a particular country in the crosshairs of Israel and the US.

Would Israel, working in collusion with the US Defense Department go so far as to cause an earthquake by strategically placing nuclear weapons in certain geologically-sensitive places, thereby causing the deaths of tens of thousands in order to gain a PR victory from it at a time she is universally despised around the world?"

Sick.  Seriously sick.

DryBones has more sickness at his place.



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Comments (9)

am I missing something her... (Below threshold)

am I missing something here or did you totally miss the point?
Dry Bones is a Jewish cartoon satirizing what the world says of Jews.
One of the news reporters did make a point of saying that Israel has the best field hospitals because of the many attacks of terrorism it has suffered.
So unless you are remarking on the comment questioning Israel's collusion with the USA in causing the disaster then I am lost

Bernie, you apparently miss... (Below threshold)

Bernie, you apparently missed a few people highlighting Israel's actions in Haiti with its actions in Gaza. See here:


I'm debating a posting on that one myself...


Bernie, if you have enough ... (Below threshold)

Bernie, if you have enough anti-nauseants, try reading the entire thread of comments at the linked article. I couldn't.

I wonder if they are Ron Pa... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

I wonder if they are Ron Paul fans.

Bernie,Rick is say... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:


Rick is saying that warped rationale of the cartoon, meant as satire, is actually very close to the reality of Israel's enemies' twisted logic.

Jeff gets the prize for wha... (Below threshold)

Jeff gets the prize for what I thought was blatantly obvious...

1.) How did the joos plant ... (Below threshold)

1.) How did the joos plant the bomb 6 miles under the city without being noticed?

2.) How did they know any "dark skinned" Haitian's would survive to be rescued? They practice this in the west bank or something?

Palestinians - just another... (Below threshold)

Palestinians - just another name for LOSERS. Personally, I'd like to send an emissary to say:
"Fuck you folks. You LOVE wallowing in misery. You've been doing it since 1948. Whole generations have grown up sucking at the world teat. You've accomplished NOTHING. All you do is WHINE. Well fuck you. No more money. No more efforts at getting you and the Israeli's to settle your differences. You're on your own. You fuck with our country, we're going to fuck back. Did you know that sand, heated to extreme temperatures turns into glass? How'd you like to live in a radioactive glass world? Did I mention FUCK YOU PEOPLE? Oh, and have a nice day! Once they find the world isn't their oyster any more, their tune would change. You can't live on a sand diet for very long. AND THE ARAB WORLD SURE AS HELL WON'T COME TO THEIR AID.

I have heard some amazing c... (Below threshold)

I have heard some amazing conspiracy theories in my day, but this is by far the most absurd, the most insane, and the most interesting one yet.

It couldn't be nukes; the seismographic signature would be very different than the actual cause of the Haiti quakes. It would take a machine invented by Tesla...






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