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Justice for Chemical Ali

Today another of Saddam's family was brought to justice in Iraq. His cousin, known as Chemical Ali, was executed.

Saddam Hussein's notorious cousin and henchman "Chemical Ali" was executed on Monday, Iraq's government said, eight days after he was sentenced to death for the 1998 gassing of thousands of Kurds.

Ali Hassan al-Majid, better known by his macabre nickname and as the King of Spades in the pack of cards of most wanted Iraqis issued by the US military in 2003, was "executed by hanging until death," government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said.

"The execution happened without any violations, shouting or cries of joy," in sharp contrast to Saddam's death on the gallows, he added.

As a reminder, Ali was responsible for ordering the gassing of 5,000 Kurds in northern Iraq.
Majid was sentenced to death on January 17 for ordering the gassing of Kurds in the northeastern town of Halabja which killed an estimated 5,000 people and was one of the worst atrocities of Saddam's iron-fisted regime.

Three-quarters of the victims at Halabja were women and children, in what is thought to be the deadliest ever gas attack carried out against civilians.

The conviction for the gas attack that came as the Iran-Iraq war drew to a close was the fourth time that Majid had received a death sentence.

Handing down the ruling, Judge Abud Mustapha al-Hamani branded Majid's offences as "deliberate murder, a crime against humanity" when the verdict was delivered amid muffled applause in the courtroom.

"Al hamdulillah, Al hamdulillah (praise be to God)," said a stone-faced Majid, in a hearing broadcast on television.

Good riddance.


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Comments (8)

Poor Ali. Ain't gettin' no... (Below threshold)

Poor Ali. Ain't gettin' no virgins. Matter of fact, some guy with horns on his head just told Ali "Smile and bend over".

"He aint gettin' ... (Below threshold)

"He aint gettin' no virgin's"

He was more into the cave hiding male toga wearin' type's.. He did however get 5 extra years He should not have.

they should have gassed him... (Below threshold)

they should have gassed him ...

Well at leat they didnt car... (Below threshold)

Well at leat they didnt carry out those 14 to 15 years of those rediculous appeals and their were not a bunch of pathetic liberals liting candles for him like the liberal pussietards do for convicted murderers here in america

This execution is proof Bar... (Below threshold)

This execution is proof Barack Hussein Obama hates brown people. Otherwise he would have pardoned Ali Hassan al-Majid.

Hold the liberals to their own standards.

Rest in pieces.... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Rest in pieces.

May he fry in hell.... (Below threshold)

May he fry in hell.

Great news. Sic semper shit... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Great news. Sic semper shitheads.






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