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The IPCC should cease to exist

In my opinion, the damage has been done, the wounds too deep, the patient should be allowed to assume room temperature.

Amy Ridenhour of the National Center Blog however is willing to give the IPCC a chance... with conditions:

In the wake of admissions the IPCC knew all along it was putting bogus science in its 2007 Assessment Report, that the false prediction was included specifically for its "impact on policymakers and politicians," and that this allegedly was covered up as long as it was because the IPCC chairman was raising money for his personal pursuits based on the prediction, the IPCC must immediately take three steps to restore its credibility. If it does not, the Obama Administration should use its influence to have it shut down.

To restore its credibility, the IPCC should:

1) Return its half of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize and replace its current leadership;

2) Adopt and enforce a strict conflict-of-interest policy;

3) Adopt an uncompromising transparency policy, which includes the release of all data, all emails, all meeting minutes, all drafts and all other documentation related to the development of assessment reports and all other policy pronouncements, in the past and from this date forward.

Step one would signal to the world that the IPCC is serious about reform.

Step two would reduce, though not eliminate, the temptation faced by IPCC personnel to tailor conclusions to moneymaking, career or fundraising opportunities for themselves or affiliated businesses or institutions.

Step three would be a constant reminder to IPCC personnel that their work genuinely will be peer-reviewed, in a universal sense, which is as it should be given the gravity of the IPCC's work.

On condition 1, I think Al Gore should return his half as well... but I suspect the chances of that are about as high as the IPCC returning theirs.

Zip. Zilch. Zero.

Time will inevitably tell the tale but the pressure on these people needs to remain high... for as long as it takes... for they have done serious damage to the credibility of science... to the detriment of us all.



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Comments (8)

Not going to happen.... (Below threshold)

Not going to happen.
On the radio the other night I heard a discussion on how global warming was going to result in more disasters like Haiti and how Americas response in Post 9-11 world would be to send in the Military.

So libs still cling to Climate change.
Second the US military cannot cannot do any good.
Also they still have no concept that we have used the Military to respond to disasters and provide aid before 9/11.

IPCC reports are dogma

AGW's so ingrained into the... (Below threshold)

AGW's so ingrained into the leftist theology that the there's pretty much no way it can be separated, even if glaciers cover Europe down to the Riviera, and North America down to Panama they'll be spouting about how the seas are about to start boiling any day now, and how it's necessary to jack up taxes until our economies topple in order to drop carbon emissions immediately.

Ain't happening. The railr... (Below threshold)

Ain't happening. The railroad engineer in charge of the IPCC has greased too many palms. And he stands to make BILLIONS if he can convince the lemmings to go along with the UN's plans.

These three suggestions sou... (Below threshold)

These three suggestions sound like the type of advice one would give at marriage counseling:

1. Give up the (mistress/porn/boozing)what ever the problem is between the spouses.

2. Stop frequenting the places or situations which tempt such deceptions.

3. Accept the fact that because you have strayed, you MUST work to regain trust by being completely honest and open about everything in your life.

The glaring problem with this three part scenario is that the IPCC has been DRAGGED to this place. They still have not come to grips with the utter wrongness of their actions, policies or goals. They have not agreed to work on making the "relationship" better. Unless and until that happens, there will be no change. They have become so enamoured of money and power it is unlikely this will ever happen.

The entire UN and the IPCC ... (Below threshold)

The entire UN and the IPCC should be abolished and move the UN to a place more approprate like CUBA

Whenever someone mentions I... (Below threshold)

Whenever someone mentions IPCC - first thing that pops to mind is FOLLOW THE MONEY.

So long as the IPCC's paren... (Below threshold)
Ken Hahn:

So long as the IPCC's parent, the UN, exists, it will create monstrosities. The United Nations has accomplished exactly nothing. It never will. Every US dollar sent to the UN or its subsidiaries has been used against us.

The touching faith some conservatives have in the UN is as destructive as the touching faith lefties have in "moderates" in tyrannical regimes.

The very idea is obscene th... (Below threshold)

The very idea is obscene that a parasitical bureaucracy as abjectly corrupted as is the IPCC should continue to exist -- and its lying bloody dole recipients continue to be remunerated -- a minute past the time of the recent revelations of the nature and depth of their criminality.

But it's all of New York City to a single brick that it will continue to exist and to do whatever its does long long long into the future and its otherwise deservedly unemployed indolent to wax fat upon it and upon us.






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