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"The President Is A Ni-(BONG)!"

Well, well, well... a top-rated Iranian official. has shown his willingness to embrace the new American administration in the spirit of hope and change and brotherhood and peace.

And he's doing it by calling the president of the United States a nigger.

Well, he didn't precisely use the N-word. He used the Farsi equivalent. Apparently there is more than one term for a person of African ancestry in Farsi, and he used the most derogatory one.

I find myself with mixed feelings about this.

The first is that it shows that there really isn't much hope for positive engagement and polite discourse with the Iranian regime. Obama's been nothing if not obliging to the Iranian regime, almost to the point of obsequiousness, and this is the response. His attempts at reconciliation are being taken as a sign of weakness, and kindness is repaid with contempt. Perhaps this will wake him up to the realities of the world.

The second feeling is anger. I didn't vote for Obama, despite two opportunities to do so. I consider myself a staunch opponent of many of his policies. (Although I do find myself giving golf applause to his quietly continuing many Bush administration policies that he ran against.) I don't like the guy, and I plan at this point to work for his defeat in 2012.

But he's still my president. And I find myself agreeing with the old saw that politics ends at the water's edge. This camel-humping asswipe from Iran is trash-talking MY president, expressing his contempt for the Chief Executive of the United States in a most vile and base and degrading fashion, and I don't like it one bit.

He's OURS to kick around, shithead. NOT yours.

Obviously we shouldn't base our entire foreign policy around dipshits who've managed to score high-ranking positions in despotic, nepotistic regimes, but we would be fools if we didn't take careful note of which governments tolerate their officials speaking thus about our head of state, and remember carefully their lack of courtesy. We should write off ever giving them the benefit of the doubt, of extending them courtesies and making good-faith gestures, and instead deal with them as if they were the most duplicitous, ill-intended, and malicious people on the face of the earth.

But we shouldn't get too angry over this. That was the intention of this jackass -- to get us all riled up and acting rashly. Perhaps to even respond by making empty threats and blustering a bit. He wants to rattle us, make us lose our cool.

No need. We really shouldn't expect anything else from the Iranian regime. So there's no reason to get upset about this one guy calling our president a nigger.

But "not getting angry" doesn't mean "don't pay any attention to it" or "forget about it."

(And if anyone doesn't get where the title for this piece comes from, see below the fold.)


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Comments (21)

Guess Barry will be "shocke... (Below threshold)

Guess Barry will be "shocked". All this time he thought he was dealing with like-minded "intellectual elites" in Iran. Maybe now all he's dealing with is street thugs.

Hey Barry! Any spare nukes you'd like to drop in certain portions of Iran? They'd be willing to "talk" then. Or you can just grab some KY and bend over. Again.

You're absolutely right. I... (Below threshold)

You're absolutely right. I have always subscribed to the philosophy, "He may be a son-of-a-bitch but he's OUR son-of-a-bitch!" and no-doggone-body is going to call our president something like that and retain any kind of regard from ME. I absolutely hate that word.

Well heck, I pretty much agree with Garandfan - the entire Iranian regime should bend over, graps their own ankles and kiss their . . . goodbye! They will be the dispatchee and Israel will be the dispatcher!

"And he's doing it by calli... (Below threshold)

"And he's doing it by calling the president of the United States a nigger.
Well, he didn't precisely use the N-word."
-jay tea

When we see no sign of handy transliterated Farsi in the body of the linked article, we must assume rhetorical license is being employed.

Especially since there are words consonant to "nigger" in several languages that are not quite synonymous but could be whipped out in a pinch...by schemers.

I'm thinking of "neger" of the Low German?/Dutch. Which is transliterated as Negro. The English of Plimouth Plantation used it in the earlier sylvan days, indeed. The word was eventually corrupted to "nigger" over time, but the two words are not the same.

Wow! bryanD is also an 'ex... (Below threshold)

Wow! bryanD is also an 'expert' in languages! Economics, weather history, politics; the list just keeps on growing.

I agree JT. He is an idiot,... (Below threshold)

I agree JT. He is an idiot, but he is our idiot. Only the liberals don't hold to that rule. That is why they didn't understand the whole Dixie Chicks thing. Not what they said, where they said it. ww

So does that make Hillary L... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

So does that make Hillary Lily Von Schtupp?

There are a lot of things o... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

There are a lot of things one could use to describe Barack Hussein Obama, but nigger is not one of them. I too, take offense at some low life bum of a foreign leader calling the fairly elected President of the United States of America any name other than Mr. President. We should launch 2 or three MX missles in their general direction. Just as a test.

We should launch 2 or three... (Below threshold)

We should launch 2 or three MX missles in their general direction. Just as a test.

Might as well toss a couple towards Venezuela as well. Hugo loves the smell of sulfur.

Wow.Sure is a good... (Below threshold)


Sure is a good thing that Obama has improved our relationship with Iran.

Can't imagine what they would have said if he hadn't.

He may be an incompetent ha... (Below threshold)

He may be an incompetent hack - but he's OUR incompetent hack!

I agree. Keep cool heads an... (Below threshold)

I agree. Keep cool heads and long memories.

Of course, don't forget the line of Russian tools who refused to shake his hand.

Classy guys, every one.

I thought the Iranians wer... (Below threshold)

I thought the Iranians were peace lovers that mean no ill towards anyone? Note thier peaceful use of nuclear energy and more recently their awesome respect for Women like Neda..?

I prefer to call Him "Barry" or "Siezer", but that's just Me.

Iranian mullahs - as if we ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Iranian mullahs - as if we needed another reason to hang them . . .

I prefer to think of the President as a pretty, pretty peacock prancing and preening prettily about . . . if we could build a room in the White House with full-length mirrors all around, he might never leave it!

When we see no sign of h... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

When we see no sign of handy transliterated Farsi in the body of the linked article, we must assume rhetorical license is being employed.

Here, you putz:

Here's the original PBS article:

Here is the Farsi article:

Here is the paragraph in question:
عصرايران - محمد جواد لاريجاني با انتقاد از سياست هاي باراک اوباما عليه ايران گفت: زماني که اوباما بر سر کار آمد از تعامل و گفتگو با ايران سخن گفت چه شده9 که امروز اين "کاکا سياه" حرف از تغيير نظام ايران مي زند؟!

به گزارش عصرايران محمد جواد لاريجاني شنبه شب در نشستي با حضور خبرنگاران و کارشناسان در جامعه

Here is the word in question:
Here is the dictionary definition of said word, from:http://www.aryanpour.com/


Now, kiss my alabaster white arse, bryanD.

BryanD:Perhaps, if... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:


Perhaps, if would have put down the fucking Cheetos for five minutes, do the fucking research, you could have avoided looking like a total fart.

But, no, I suppose masturbating to donkey-porn took precedence over getting your god-damn facts straight.

I would suggest you STFU for the rest of this thread.

For the rest of you:<... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

For the rest of you:

Actually, a little further research shows the insult in quotes in Farsi above:

کاکا سياه"
which tranlates directly the two words as
"negro slave"

I think the meaning is pretty obvious.

Damn, and I thought I hated... (Below threshold)

Damn, and I thought I hated wrestling matches 'cause they are always fixed. That was poetry in motion.

Blog buggery is getting to be a dangerous sport for you bD.

You can think of it as a pi... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

You can think of it as a piledriver move.

Gonna take more than a crat... (Below threshold)

Gonna take more than a crate of Anusol to sooth that pain.

To get back on topic, the b... (Below threshold)

To get back on topic, the best response to that tirade could be:

A) [chuckling] Is that the best you've got?

B) [Sneering] I know you are but what is he?

C) Sphincter says ni-[BOOM!!!!! followed by mushroom cloud].

Personally, I prefer A), as it encourages them to waste time trying to come up with more insults, and they'll look more and more like the poofy French.

The ... feeling is anger ..... (Below threshold)

The ... feeling is anger .... for 0zero I am a staunch opponent.... I don't like the guy, and will ceaselessly work for his defeat.

For he's not my "president." This camel-humping arse-wipe from Kenya via Indonesia is expressing his contempt for the office of the Chief Executive of the United States in a most vile and base and degrading fashion: - by continuing to pretend to it -- and I don't like that one bit.

So he's OUR shithead to kick around.






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