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UPDATE: Trials by Courts Martial Moved to Iraq

SO2 Jonathan Keefe, USN, and SO1 Julio Huertas, USN, will be tried in Iraq so they can face their accuser.

Note that Keefe and Huertas are not accused of assault, but of allegedly attempting to cover up the alleged assault by SO2 Matthew McCabe upon Ahmed Hashim Abed (the terrorist behind the March 2004 ambush that killed four Blackwater employees and saw their bodies dragged throught the streets of Fallujah, hung from a bridge, and burned).

SEALs court martial: Navy judge orders trials moved to Iraq
By Hugh Lessig
Daily Press

NORFOLK -- Two of the three Navy SEALs accused of mistreating a suspected terrorist will have the chance to confront their accuser in open court -- in Iraq.


The ruling is a victory for defense attorneys who wanted to question Abed face to face. Prosecutors sought to go forward with a videotaped deposition instead.

"If he is available for deposition, he is available for trial," said Cmdr. Tierney Carlos during a procedural hearing at Naval Station Norfolk.

Suprisingly, the Judge in the Court Martial of Petty Officer McCabe (Captain [O-6] Moira Modzelewski, JAG, USN), has not afforded Petty Officer McCabe the opportunity to face his accuser (as is his right). The Trial by Court Martial of Petty Officer McCabe is scheduled for May 3rd in Norfolk VA.

I'm of the opinion that the convening officer (MG Charles T. Cleveland SOCCENT/CC 7701 Tampa Point Boulevard McDill AFB, FL 33621) should be reduced in rank to E-1 and discharged at the convenience of the Government.


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This makes no sense to me. ... (Below threshold)

This makes no sense to me. Keefe and Huertas aren't charged with assaulting Abed, so in what sense is Abed their accuser? And why deny the same right to McCabe? Is the Navy concerned about Iraqi reaction, especially after those Blackwater guards walked free last month?

The Army had their politica... (Below threshold)

The Army had their political correctness rubbed in their faces at Ft. Hood. The Navy is about to do the same in Iraq.

Too bad all the politically correct generals and admirals can't be kicked out on their cloistered asses.

Maybe you want to contact t... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Maybe you want to contact the general and let him know your thoughts on the matter. If I had to guess I would say his phone number is something along the lines of 813-828-6250 at least according the DSN directory I saw.

If anything happens to thes... (Below threshold)

If anything happens to these guys watch the recruitment and re-enlistment numbers plummet. Barry might wind up saluting his dog when he gets off Marine1. And they'll have to hire the pilot from a pool.

GarandFan @ 2,The ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves Author Profile Page:

GarandFan @ 2,

The Convening Authority is, as noted in the blog post, MG Charles T. Cleveland [USA] SOCCENT/CC 7701 Tampa Point Boulevard McDill AFB, FL 33621.

And, as helpfully noted by "retired military" @ 3, his phone number is: (813) 828-6250.

E-1 sounds good, but don't ... (Below threshold)

E-1 sounds good, but don't discharge him!

There are many fine tasks he could do as an E-1, and for many, many hours and days. For starters, there's a lot of paint to be chipped out there in the fleet!

My guess is that this prick... (Below threshold)

My guess is that this prick of a general graduated from the AF Academy. Having served in the military 39 years, combat veteran, I can honestly tell you this: These officers, who graduate from the different academies (especially West Point and Annapolis) are the biggest, most arrogant pricks in the officer cadre.Very few exceptions. If you have never followed, how can you lead? College grads joining the military are commissioned as officers and are in charge of NCOs who have years of experience ie; a graduate majoring in finance may be assigned as a medical platoon leader - he has no fucking clue what this unit does, but he is immediately in charge. If the military would make the officers serve in an E5 capacity for at least one year before commissioning, we would have leaders who know how to follow, and know what they were leading. As much as Bush was disliked, I don't believe there is any way he would have allowed this courts martial to happen. My mother, father, 3 sons, and 1 grandson have served with pride, I have always told young people how good the military is. Now I have second thoughts, mirandizing the terrorists, giving them US rights and lawyers, bringing them here to let them spew their hatred and bullshit on national media, trying OUR military members for bullshit to be "politically correct". No enhanced interrogation. What have we come to? With its faults, our military is still the best in the world. What is crap is the political manipulators, if we have to go to war, it should be total committment, not game playing. NO US military member should EVER EVER be under the command of a foreign nations soldier. How many soldiers have we lost since WWII because we are "policing, peacekeeping, securing", and other bullshit politically correct terms. Not 1 ONE soldier should be sent into a combat situation unless the entire might of the United States is behind that 1 ONE soldier. We have awsome soldiers, too bad they are overseen by bumbling, interefering, ignorant, chickenshit politicans.
I will not vote for McCain this time, not that I don't respect him and his service, but because he has lost sight of reality in his role of politician. Just like the rest of those fat assed, entrenched political jackasses. And that lame ass obumma is our Commander in Chief? I call him traitor.







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