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Another Teleprompter Sighting

This time he is speaking to his middle class task force yet still requires the use of his teleprompter. From The Corner:


Added: @TheAnchoress wonders if Obama is so insecure that he needs the presidential podium and teleprompter to remind everyone that he really is the president.

Update: Curt at Flopping Aces has video of the middle class task force, which comprises of 17, maybe 20, people and notes with stunned disbelief that the President of the United States needs the aid of a teleprompter to speak to such a small group. Biden and Geithner are sitting at the same table with the rest of the group, so why must the president stand in front of the group, putting him in the position of speaking down to them? I'm thinking The Anchoress may onto something with her insecurity issue. Or maybe it's the other extreme and he is so full of himself that he insisted standing behind the podium to make sure everyone had an unobstructed view of his awesomeness.


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Obviously when The One want... (Below threshold)

Obviously when The One wants to make everything 'perfectly clear' he needs to read what others have written. Otherwise He doesn't have a clue. Er...ah...ummm....ah....er....uuuu.

I wonder if he has a telepr... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I wonder if he has a teleprompter in the bedroom as well. Hell he cant talk to anyone else without one.

This is a joke, right? Phot... (Below threshold)

This is a joke, right? Photoshop? No? Something, come on, give me some reason why I should not believe this actually happened!

Oh no, then 'O' so sad

I'm about ready to take bet... (Below threshold)

I'm about ready to take bets that President Ego will be the first former president to speak at the inauguration of his successor in Jan 2013.

Someone (probably me) will yell from the crowd, "SHUT THE FUCK UP! It's not about YOU anymore!"

LMAOGee. Just las... (Below threshold)


Gee. Just last year we had a President of the United States who could put together sentences in front of more than two dozen people without the aid of a teleprompter.

ONE skill: reading a telepr... (Below threshold)

ONE skill: reading a teleprompter and sounding sincere doing it.

ONE skill...and this moron got elected based on that ONE skill?

I have never had so little (zero) respect for a President. Carter was at least sincere. Misguided, moronic and anti-Semitic...but sincere.

The PUTZ-in-Chief is just reading the words and SOUNDING sincere.

...but...but...but...he kno... (Below threshold)

...but...but...but...he knows how to properly say the word nuclear. He's so smart! (sigh)

The fact that this guy can'... (Below threshold)

The fact that this guy can't talk to a group of 17 people or speak at an elementary school without a teleprompter is downright scary. It's even scarier that he doesn't realize how ridiculous he looks in these situations.

Has any president had a nervous breakdown while in office?

The hell with the telepromp... (Below threshold)
David Brooks:

The hell with the teleprompter.
I can't see his pant creases because the podium is blocking the view.

I am glad everyone is notic... (Below threshold)

I am glad everyone is noticing His inability to speak without those teleprompters, I didn't vote for him and I am a Southerner, Baptist, Retired Air Force Special Operations ex Army Infantry Soldier, and I believe everything out of his mouth is a lie, I'm not a socialist, communnist, or a Chicago Crowny, I voted for McCain and Palin, I am so mad at the way this country is heading to, and the way this government is running this country into the ground, I can't wait until the next elections, thank God for Scott Brown. Nuff said, big brother will probably be after me for saying bad shit about obama, he ain't my president anyway.

He's like a cardboard cutou... (Below threshold)

He's like a cardboard cutout that someone puts in front of the prompter and says, "Read!"

Zero probably uses a telepr... (Below threshold)

Zero probably uses a teleprompter to call his dog BO.

I bet he uses a teleprompter to order hamburgers at those photo-ops where he tries to look like a populist Joe Sixpack, too.

Heck, I've heard he uses one on the golf course to address the ball.

He look's so cute up there ... (Below threshold)

He look's so cute up there lying to everyone including his own insatiable ego.

This is embarrassing.... (Below threshold)

This is embarrassing.

The left used to mock Reagan for using note cards. What do they say about this?

I thought it was a photosho... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

I thought it was a photoshop at first, until I watched the video. Unreal.
Who needs a teleprompter for a 6 minute speech to 15 people?? Biden used it too, to just introduce the Prez!

Earlier in the video, Biden says 'Hey, we could grow the economy by 8% GDP every year we're in office, but it won't matter unless the middle class benefits from it.' (Translation: We want to control everything so the 'right people' are successful, not just anyone) What a moron.
If we grew the economy 8% every year (Ha! Joe, you'll be lucky if you don't collapse our economy), we'd be swimming in jobs. We'd have more jobs than we could handle. The middle class and every other class would do just fine at 8%. Dream on Joe.

Someone should tell Sheriff... (Below threshold)

Someone should tell Sheriff Joe that "growing the economy" does NOT mean expanding government, and that GDP growth IS NOT a measure of increased government spending.

Looks like Obama's going to... (Below threshold)

Looks like Obama's going to cut back on NASA's budget by axing the moon program.

Billions upon billions for bailouts, nothing for our space effort. But if we were to shove $20 billion a year to NASA for the next decade, with the express purpose of getting back to the moon, you'd see an economic boom from it.

But no, Obama's too smart for that. We'll send the money to zip codes that don't exist! THAT is the way to make jobs!

Go [email protected](# yourself, San Diego... (Below threshold)

Go [email protected](# yourself, San Diego

An empty blue suit with ... (Below threshold)

An empty blue suit with a red tie and a big mouth!

He need the teleprompter to... (Below threshold)
John S:

He need the teleprompter to repeat the words of the real president. (I wonder who she is?)

Get over it. Anchoress et a... (Below threshold)

Get over it. Anchoress et al: stop the bitching. The guy at least is at work, in town, and not down in Texas taking more holiday time than any previous president.

all you seem capable of is sniping, drooling spittle and ranking--all bereft of IDEAS.
Would you prefer dimbulb Palin sputtering nonsense?

Justrand shouldn't be shock... (Below threshold)

Justrand shouldn't be shocked to realize that a self-and-own-culture-loathing empty galabiyah glove puppet may comparatively competently fake sincerity. After all he is indeed an empty vessel whose visible outer is put together, married to and mentored by other viciously Borderline-Personality-Disorder-suffering terroristic CPA members and by that gang's Marxist/Hitlerist Hollywood honchos.

And wasn't it, after all, definitive Hollywoodian, Sam Goldwyn, who long long long ago said to the effect that the secret of success is sincerity? And that once you can fake sincerity, you've got it made?

Ask Pussy (Cat) Woods, whydoncha?






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