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Will California Say "Hasta La Vista" to Illegal Alien Prisoners?

If Ahnuld has his way, we could see "undocumented" prisoners sent to Mexico:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Monday that the state could save $1 billion by building and operating prisons in Mexico to house undocumented felons who are currently imprisoned in California.

The governor floated the idea during an appearance at the Sacramento Press Club in response to a question about controlling state spending. His speech came on the same day that changes in prisoner parole and credits for time served took effect.

"We pay them to build the prisons down in Mexico and then we have those undocumented immigrants be down there in a prison. ... And all this, it would be half the cost to build the prisons and half the cost to run the prisons," Schwarzenegger said, predicting it would save the state $1 billion that could be spent on higher education.

About 19,000 of the state's 171,000 prisoners are illegal immigrants, according to the most recent statistics available online. The state spends more than $8 billion a year on the prison system.

I'm willing to bet that:

1) The number of illegal immigrants in California prisons is far higher than 19,000

2) This idea never sees the light of day

Instead, thousands of prisoners will be set free this year. Hundreds were set free in San Diego just yesterday.

But that's ok as long as we are acting PC, right? Sure.


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Comments (13)

Cal unions, specifically th... (Below threshold)

Cal unions, specifically the prison guards, would never let this happen.

About 20 years ago in San D... (Below threshold)

About 20 years ago in San Diego Country, we had a 15 yr old mrdered by a 19 yr old illegal. The illegal wanted the kid's boom-box. The 19 yr old was caught and sentenced to life in prison. Not 2 years later, the 'compassionate' State sent the guy to Mexico to serve out his sentence. He escaped after about one month. Hasn't been located since. Arnold should just STFU and sit in his office until a replacement is found.
Will anyone be SURPRISED if the crime rate UNEXPECTEDLY goes up?

It would save even more to ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

It would save even more to pay the Mexican government to imprison their own citizens who have committed crimes in California. Being sent to a Mexican prison is also more of a deterrent and Mexico could use the cash. Such a system wouldn't work for prisoners connected to Mexican drug cartels as they would just bribe the government to let them out.

Of course the liberal solution is to just decriminalize crime.

Where's the savings when th... (Below threshold)

Where's the savings when the article mentions... "predicting it would save the state $1 billion that could be spent on higher education".

Not just CA, but the whole ... (Below threshold)

Not just CA, but the whole US spends more money defending illegals that are here than if they would just build a fence and deport their a**es. I am sick and tired of illegals being given more consideration than law-abiding US citizens. It is time we take our country back, not only from illegals, but criminal congresscritters and their crime-spree, money grabbing, under-the-table deals co-horts. This crap about printing DMV tests in spanish and english, and all that other stuff that has been done to make it easier for illegals to "adjust" is just that; a bunch of CRAP. Let's get people in office who are pro-USA, not all for Mexico (jsut to garner more votes).

Maybe someone can explain t... (Below threshold)

Maybe someone can explain to me WHY we would pay to build prisons in Mexico for these illegal thugs? Why not dump them over the boarder and post national guard troops to shoot them on sight if they should attempt to return?? Unbelievable.

Probably the best one-term ... (Below threshold)

Probably the best one-term president was Polk. Accomplished all he set out to do and left.

Ahnold! Austrian for dumbas... (Below threshold)

Ahnold! Austrian for dumbass!

It's a much bigger problem ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

It's a much bigger problem than illegal aliens in prisons, and it's nationwide. California may be facing the worst crisis right now, but other states have also been forced to release prisoners early because of overcrowding, and the problem isn't getting any better anywhere that I know of.

The public can't have it both ways. If we want all these various "mandatory" sentences, we have to pay for more prisons and more guards and more administrators. When we stuff people in prisons beyond capacity, something has to give.

Maybe if they just didn't l... (Below threshold)

Maybe if they just didn't let them over the border in the first place.

Ship the illegals back and ... (Below threshold)

Ship the illegals back and enforce the borders. Problem solved. Next?

When prisoners complain abo... (Below threshold)

When prisoners complain about the overcrowding, I have one thing to say: Don't commit the crime that sent you there you stupd idiot. You chose to go there by your own dealings, so don't blame anyone else for your predictament. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. If you didn't want to be in an overcrowded prison, you should have maybe taken a different path and done the right thing.
I say close the borders, then start sending all those illegals back, and not just the ones from Mexico, but from every country; all of those that overstayed their visas, too. Time to clean house. NOW!

many of us in NORTHERN CALI... (Below threshold)

many of us in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA/SOUTHERN OREGON would like to say HASTA LA VISTA to CALIFORNIA,OREGON and form the 51st sttae of JEFFERSON






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