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"Just stating the facts..." Update: Judge Alito's "You Lie" moment

After "blaming Bush" for the umpteenth time tonight, President Obama said "just stating the facts." You know, just sayin'. This is the most wonderful gift that could have been given to the GOP. I think they should repeat it ad nauseam. You know, when they show charts of Obama's spending in one year compared to spending under eight years of Bush -- "just stating the facts." Or when they point out the way the Christmas Day bomber, and Gitmo and other "man-made disaster" issues have been handled. Or how the unemployment numbers rose significantly in response to the spendulus bill. "Just stating the facts." And on and on.

I have to admit it takes a lot of nerve or self delusion or something to be able to talk about "just stating the facts" after spending a year (including tonight) pointing to fairy tale magical "jobs saved or created" numbers. Gotta give him that -- he's shameless (just stating the facts, baby).

Most striking to me is that he learned he had to use some different buzzwords in reaction to declining poll numbers and losing elections in Virginia, Massachusetts, etc., but he didn't learn that it is not all about him and that he has made mistakes. I heard plenty of rationalizations, but no admissions that his policies were (and are) crap. If he has not gotten that message, I just don't see how he will turn things around. Be it this economy or his poll numbers. Americans are not gonna blindly trust his word anymore. They have smartened up and will now verify. Just stating the facts.

Update: ABC pointed out (and showed video of) Judge Alito mouthing "That's not true" and shaking his head during one portion of the speech. A kinder, gentler version of "You Lie!"

Update II: Anchoress has an excellent analysis and round up of links.

Update III: I agree with Drew. The more I think about the speech, the more annoyed I get. So many lies, so much arrogance.


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Amen Sister!... (Below threshold)

Amen Sister!

No 'pivot' to the right. O... (Below threshold)

No 'pivot' to the right. One Trick Pony is staying the course. Fight? When the hell did he ever "fight" for anything?

Facts? What facts?<p... (Below threshold)

Facts? What facts?

Oh, he meant the cherry-picked CBO facts.

It was so good, Chris Matth... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

It was so good, Chris Matthews said he forgot Obama was black.

And BTW, "chrisy" matthews ... (Below threshold)

And BTW, "chrisy" matthews must have been ignoring facts as he said: "I forgot he was black tonight."

That dweeb needs to be run out of TV or... given and all obama 24/7/365 network.

Barry and Company had nothi... (Below threshold)

Barry and Company had nothing to do with that 3.5 million that became unemployed on his watch. That was Bush's fault. Barry was too busy with policy decisions. And other things. And besides, it's wasn't his fault. But he's willing to listen if someone has something to say. As long as they remember, "I WON".

Stupid idiot Rectumblicon B... (Below threshold)

Stupid idiot Rectumblicon Byrd, keep flapping your arms!!!

It just shows that liberals... (Below threshold)

It just shows that liberals like Chris Matthews are the real racist. The fact that Obama is part black seldom ever cross my mind unless someone brings it up. Evidently it is almost always on Matthew's mind.

Blond haired, Aryan Matthew... (Below threshold)

Blond haired, Aryan Matthews probably lies awake at night, sweating while he thinks of Obama's parents. A BLACK MAN in bed with a WHITE WOMAN.

"Chris Matthews said he for... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"Chris Matthews said he forgot Obama was black."

Holy crap! I can't believe he said that. How the hell is that NOT racist?

Why did you think that, Chrissy? Because he didn't use his on again/off again Harry Reid 'negro dialect'?

Imagine if a Righty said that.

Actually, Alito seems to be... (Below threshold)

Actually, Alito seems to be a fine Supreme Court justice, so far.

Please, don't infect S.M.'s juju by *latching-on*.

Thunk yoo.

"ABC pointed out (and sh... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

"ABC pointed out (and showed video of) Judge Alito mouthing "That's not true" and shaking his head during one portion of the speech. A kinder, gentler version of "You Lie!""

Or a moment of disagreement. That's the way the adults in the room saw it.

But then, Republicans can't disagree anymore -- their too busy acting like 10 year-olds.

The Only thing Barry ever f... (Below threshold)
Stephen E. Morgan:

The Only thing Barry ever fought for was his turn for a taste of Reggie Love's chocolate colored salt lick"

Or a moment of disagreem... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Or a moment of disagreement. That's the way the adults in the room saw it.

But then, Republicans can't disagree anymore -- their [sic] too busy acting like 10 year-olds.

He said "That's not true" not "I disagree." He wasn't acting like a ten year old, he was "just statin' the facts." Do I really have to pull out a few quotes from prominent Dems acting like five year olds? I don't think it is necessary. Anyone paying attention knows some of the crap that has been thrown over the past decade and if they don't they can do a Google or Bing search as good as I can.

Lorie, you're trying to her... (Below threshold)

Lorie, you're trying to herd cats. Can't be done, and it's a mistake to try. All you'll get back are mindless insults.

Mindlessness is deciding "T... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

Mindlessness is deciding "That's not true" is the equivalent of "You're Lying".

You say "the sky is pretty" and I say "no it isn't" that isn't me calling you a liar. It's a simple disagreement. Obama said allowing corporations to have First Amendment rights is a bad idea and will lead to problems that Congress can address with legislation and Justice Alito disagrees.

Declaring that Alito called Obama a liar? I say "That's not true"....

s green "Or a moment o... (Below threshold)

s green "Or a moment of disagreement. That's the way the adults in the room saw it."

For the sake of discussion let's stipulate that's true it's only a minor disagreement.

Exit question: What is your opinion of obama, or any sitting president calling out a Supreme Court decision and doing so in a venue that allowed the chattering masses that is the congress to give a standing ovation?

And BTW s. green as long as we are on the subject of lies, or lyeing, obama said in the speech that "Last week the Supreme Court reversed a century of law."

In fact, Austin v. Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the case that was overturned by Citizens United v. FEC, is only 20 years old.

The 100-year-old ban on corporations contributing directly to candidates remains in place.

So stevie boy, did he lie? Or did he just have a disagreement? [with the truth]

Steve Green wrote:<bl... (Below threshold)

Steve Green wrote:

Or a moment of disagreement. That's the way the adults in the room saw it.

Wrong again, as usual. The Citizens United case did not impact on the section of the federal statute prohibiting foreign corporations from contributing to campaigns. As a lawyer, Obama should have understood that, but then, he's a dumbass.


That's what Alito was getting at. In any event, the final word on the constitutionality of legislation comes from the Supreme Court. It's been that way since Marbury v. Madison in 1803. It is astonishingly inappropriate for the President to make such a public comment about a Supreme Court decision.

It IS inappropriate, iwog. ... (Below threshold)

It IS inappropriate, iwog. Especially coming from a President who claims to have such a deep understanding of our Constitution and our laws.

Aside from the fact that he bemoans that our Constitution doesn't go far enough in redistributive social justice.

Aside from the fact that he stradles both sides of the fence on the issue that our Constitution STILL protects our right to bear arms. (but we know which side of the fence he's beholden to)

Aside from the fact that he thinks that enemy combatants not even protected by the Geneva Conventions are entitled to US Constitutional protections.

But other than that....he's a brilliant constitutional scholar!

I didn't watch the speech last night. I didn't think I could stomach it.

Hey, Obama has been quick t... (Below threshold)

Hey, Obama has been quick to action.

Already this morning, he can proudly announce that Congress has banned foreign corporations from running election ads.

(The fact that this was true before his speech is of no consequence)

stevie G ...are yo... (Below threshold)

stevie G ...

are you always so hard of hearing ? Obama said FOREIGN corporations ... and 100 years ...

Alito was saying the 100 years was not true ... and if you do any reading at all you'll find that the ruling in no way changed the laws on foreign corps that are still not allowed to donate or run ads.

Obama, the Constitutional professor, knows what he said was false which means he is the one lying ... why is that so hard to understand ?

Your cry for help is clear ... just tell us what we can do to help you get past the fact that Obama conned you.

CNN: 71% of 400 people poll... (Below threshold)

CNN: 71% of 400 people polled say Obama policies taking Country in right direction as opposed to 53% before the State of a clueless buffoon aired..

CNN - You Lie!

#22Questions like ... (Below threshold)


Questions like "Are you satisfied with how X is doing his/her job?" have no place on any reasonable poll since you can't interpret a "No" answer.

It's like asking Goldilocks if she liked the first two bowls of porridge. In both cases, the answer would be "No" but for reasons that are polar opposites.

I heard poll results yesterday, that said that 2/3s of Americans don't like the direction the country is heading. That could mean that 1/3 think the country is getting too liberal, 1/3 think it's getting to conservative, and 1/3 think it's moving in the direction they like be it liberal or conservative.

Poor Stevie, on the wrong s... (Below threshold)

Poor Stevie, on the wrong side of the 'facts' again. When is he ever going to learn?

...just marveling here at t... (Below threshold)
Rich Fader:

...just marveling here at the self-delusion it takes to think "that's not true" differs from "you lie!" in any meaningful manner except perhaps being slightly more polite.

It would have been far cool... (Below threshold)

It would have been far cooler if you could have read Alito's lips uttering 'fuck-wit.'

The true point is that the Jug-Eared Douche has nothing but disdain for the Constitution, and his intellectual betters that actually know it.

Of course, his intellectual betters include 8th grade civics students, but I digress.

In his post # 9, GarandFan ... (Below threshold)

In his post # 9, GarandFan says that blond haired, Aryan Matthews probably lies awake at night, sweating while he thinks of 0zero's parents. A BLACK MAN in bed with a WHITE WOMAN.




Not "Man" and not "Woman."

Try (statutory) "rapist."

And then try "infant."

At best 0zero's male sperm donor was a self-and-own-culture-loathing, un-and-anti-American Communist party of America agitating child rapist.

And at worst he was a terroristic, alcoholic, self-and-own-culture-loathing, un-and-anti-American Communist party of British Kenya agitating child rapist.

And at best his mother was a promiscuous infant.

Speaking of facts.






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