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North and South Korea Exchange Artillery Fire Along Disputed Yellow Sea Border

Was this the kind of Change folks were Hoping for on the international scene?

Koreas exchange fire near sea border, markets drop

SEOUL, Jan 27 (Reuters) - North and South Korea on Wednesday exchanged what appeared to be artillery fire near a disputed sea border with the South off the west coast of the peninsula, Yonhap news agency reported government officials as saying.

South Korea's presidential Blue House said both sides were firing into the air and there were no casualties, according to Yonhap. It has called a meeting of top national security officials.

Remarkable outbreak of international adveturism we're seeing over the last year...


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Barry it's about 3am? Ring ... (Below threshold)

Barry it's about 3am? Ring a bell?

The unruly kids of the worl... (Below threshold)
Dr Carlo Lombardi:

The unruly kids of the world know that there's a substitute teacher in Washington.

Hopefully it is the same ol... (Below threshold)

Hopefully it is the same old cold war chicken game similar to what Russia and the U.S. use to do. Splash a few shells in harmless area to make some noise. With North Korea I wouldn't bet the house on it though.

Although IMO sooner or later someone like North Korea, Iran, Venezuelan or a combination will test Obama. If it is not handle right it could make a mess of the world.

Where is all the LOVE that ... (Below threshold)

Where is all the LOVE that Barry promised?

The President of The United... (Below threshold)

The President of The United States is responsible when there is any kind of military action in the world. When is he going to wake up and start using the arsenal that his predecessors, except for one, were too afraid to use? Drop some nukes and that will make the world a much safer and place. Nuke North Korea, Myanmar, Indonesia, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, most of Africa, Venezuela, Columbia, Cuba, might as well take out San Fransisco and LA while we are at it.

Then we can all live in peace.

"A year ago, if you had tol... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"A year ago, if you had told me being President wasn't hard, I wouldn't have believed you. I know we promised you unicorns and rainbows and receding oceans, but we didn't promise magic wands. In retrospect, maybe we should have.", Worldcitizen whined.
"Being President is so hard!", he whined again.

Les,I know I am li... (Below threshold)


I know I am liberal so I do not have a grasp on anything that has to do with a real work. I make all my money out of crayons and construction paper. I has been working well for me, you should try.

If you do not think that the US should use its military might maybe you should rethink what it means to be a real American. What is the point of working on a devistating left hook if you never use it?

And, at least I offered a suggestion of a course of action the president should follow. What is your idea, other than using harsh language?

Worldcitizen is good at whi... (Below threshold)

Worldcitizen is good at whining. His world is falling apart. The Obamassiah has failed to deliver. The early stages of denial can be very painful. One can only hope Worldcitizen will move on to acceptance.


Hey Worldcitizen, to cheer you up, from the Washington Post, Barry's accomplishments for 2009:
1. Signed Stimulus - that didn't
2. PUSHED Congress to pass health-care reform (and they haven't)
3. Traveled overseas (HEY! he got a medal.....for accomplishing NOTHING)
4. Upheld WH traditions like the Easter Egg Roll - SUCCESS!!!!
5. State Dinner - oops! Crashed by 3 unauthorized people

Well One out of FIVE isn't bad.

"Then we can all live in pe... (Below threshold)

"Then we can all live in peace."

I'd settle for a 500lb bomb on your ISP, WC. That'd likely improve the chances for world peace tenfold.

Hey Worldcitizen: In other... (Below threshold)

Hey Worldcitizen: In other economic news, new home sales fell 7.6% in December. As we speak, stock prices are also falling.

I hear Barry is good at 'reading'.


A little research:... (Below threshold)

A little research:

June 29, 2002: Clash between South and North Korean naval vessels in the Yellow Sea sinks one South Korean frigate and kills six South Korean sailors and an estimated 13 North Koreans

How do you think the President of the United States should respond to a fire fight where people actually were killed on both sides?

July 2, 2002: The United States cancels a planned delegation visit to North Korea, citing Pyongyang's failure to respond to a proposed July 10 meeting date, as well as a June 29 naval skirmish between North and South Korea.

Ohhh my, what a tough and tumble response. And notice how that it is 4 days later. OH, MY...What could have the reaction have been from the real America? Do I hear a peep?

This site is nothing but whining about how you all feel disenfranchised by the current administration and congress.

Why dont they send that bla... (Below threshold)

Why dont they send that blabbering beanbrain JIMMY CARTER over there maybe he can earn himself another peace prize

Why dont Barry's handler's ... (Below threshold)

Why dont Barry's handler's just load "My Pet Goat" into the prompter tonight? He would be truthful for once being as it's all about Him and We could be proud of our Country once again..

GrandFan,Do you re... (Below threshold)


Do you really want to tie the stock market's performance to a president? And about houseing, it is a buyers market. Are you not happy with a free market system? Or do you only like it when times are good? Are you saying you want the government to set the price for real estate?

"This site is nothing but w... (Below threshold)

"This site is nothing but whining about how you all feel disenfranchised by the current administration and congress."

So you go on and on about Korea, then wind up with that question? But since you asked, it was your Obamassiah who came to power from Mt Olympus, believing his own press that he had a "mandate" to restructure society and make it a socialist utopia.

Do you really want "to tie the stock market's performance to a president?"

Sure, when YOUR asshole president goes on with the "who to hate this week". In this case banks and how he's gonna tax the shit out of them. Sending the stock market down. Remember the words of your Obamassiah "Words have consequences". Too bad Barry isn't upset with the MILLIONS in bonus money paid to the CEO's of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

"Are you not happy with a free market system?"

Yeah, until the government gets involved "to spread the wealth". Fannie and Freddie really helped, didn't they? Do you really want Barney Frank 'to roll the dice one more time'? Or how about another of the highlights of the Democratic Party, Maxine Waters. 'Anyone complaining about Fannie or Freddie insolvency is racist!'

"Are you saying you want the government to set the price for real estate?"

No I didn't say that. But that hasn't stopped your fuckstick friends in Washington from propping up home values and dragging out the market correction time.

HINT: Why not take all those nuclear weapons that you're so anxious to use and go over and play at DK or DU.

GrandFan,Did you n... (Below threshold)


Did you notice the title of this post? It has to do with North and South Korea. I guess I should have tried to change the topic to something like...the economy?

What as the Dow Jones at when Bush took office and where was it when he left? How many points has the Dow Jones gained in 2009? And today you are whining about, hang on let me check...a 39.90 point drop as of now.

I see, you want the government to stay out of the free market but then because of the state of the current economy you want Obama to do something about it? No, that is not right, you don't want him to get involved in the market you just want to blame him for it.

You are exactly right the people that ran Fannie and Freddie made a lot of mistakes. I just did a google search on the quote you attribute to Maxine Waters and this thread is on the top of the list. Making things up, I think. And I am not sure what dice you are refering to.

I do not have any love for any politician whatever letter they put after thier name. I have tried to make the point on a number of threads that I think all politicians are liars and most are crooks. I do not trust any of them but I am not going to put up a blog to whine about only one side. I just like reading Wizbang to keep abreast of the people who like to call themselves conservative.

Its 3am...Do You know where... (Below threshold)

Its 3am...Do You know where Your Presidente is?

WC:<a href="http://w... (Below threshold)


Oh, and Mr. Raines?- he made off with MILLIONS in bonus money, just before Fannie & Freddie crashed and burned.

World Citizen. I wonder wh... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

World Citizen. I wonder where you got your papers. Your ass should be grateful to people who call themselves citizen of the United States of America as we have pulled you ass out of the fire so many times as it is becomming very tiresome considering you dumb f*cks keep jumping back into the fire. What part of "Marxism doesn"t work" is it that you fail to understand? Obama is a community organizer working way over his pay grade. What do you expect the rogues of the world to do with a leader who bows to the Japanese? If you are a citizen of the world, exercise your citizenship in some other place and imigrate.

Grandfan,Nice vide... (Below threshold)


Nice video but the word racist did not appear in it as did nothing like the quote you attributed to Maxine Waters. She just said how great Fannie and Freddy were, over and over again.

Zelsdorf,The old a... (Below threshold)


The old and tired love it or leave it meme again, come on. Can't you think of anything original? Which fires are you refering to? WWI and WWII? 65+ years ago. The Koreas are still at war, lets not go to Vietnam, what is next Grenada, Panama, Iraq I, Afgahnistan, Iraq II, now Pakistan. Exactly whose butt are you saving? And of course by you I meant those of us who have actually serve in the US military.

I think you have it in your mind that if you talk like a tough American people will treat you with respect. Wrong, again.

A question for you and you ilk. Why do you think using profanity makes your point more powerful? I am not going to run and hide because you call me names. From my favorite kung-fu movie. Parphrasing..."Any weakness you think you perceive is your own."

WCOhhh m... (Below threshold)


Ohhh my, what a tough and tumble response. And notice how that it is 4 days later. OH, MY...What could have the reaction have been from the real America? Do I hear a peep?

US and South Korean forces were in close contact after the attack, said Gen Len Laporte who commands some 37,000 US troops stationed in South Korea as deterrent against North Korea. This provocative act by North korea is serious violation of the Armistice Agreement and could have serious implications in many areas,

The response and commitment to a US Allie was immediate and unequivocal in 2002.






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