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SOTUS And The ObamaCon

Charles Krauthammer, who was on to the ObamaCon early and often, just commented on Fox News that the White House continues to blame the Massachusetts election result on anger toward former President Bush and the failure of the Coakley campaign to adequately use the resources offered to it by the White House. Krauthammer characterized this response as a "level of obliviousness that approaches clinical denial".

I think what we are going to see tonight is just that. A case study in denial. As has been mentioned on this blog before, the decline that Democrats and the Obama administration find themselves in will not end until someone in their leadership forces them to understand the well established concepts elucidated by Elizabeth Kubler Ross in her well known book "On Death and Dying". The central message of the book is that terminally ill patients go through a process as they come to grips, mentally and emotionally, with their condition. Those stages are:

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

As a bank officer that specialized in handling failing businesses once told me, this book was as valuable a treatise on business failure, and tragedy in general, as it was a guide to those who were terminally ill. So I bought the book and found that it was a profoundly wise and carefully considered treatment of the human condition in matters that extend well beyond medicine. In other words, it should be shelved in the medical section of a book store as well as the business section, life advice section and political section.

The Obama White House seems to be stuck somewhere between Denial and Anger, while certain members of the Democratic Congress seem to floating between Anger and Bargaining. Others, such as Senator Byron Dorgan and several more retiring members, appear to have passed on to Acceptance.

The most interesting question is when and what will be required to move this most arrogant of White Houses to the level of Acceptance? The first step is the most important, but there is no indication that the Obama White House understands this, which is why this White House is beginning to show signs of trying to recalibrate the acceptable levels of politcal hubris the electorate will accept.


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Comments (9)

Some people never move beyo... (Below threshold)

Some people never move beyond denial until the pressures to do so become so overpowering that rather than face the truth, they commit suicide.

We are about to witness a party do that, in a matter of days after giving this speech the democrats will attempt to shove ObamaCare down the throats of the American public by having the House vote for the Senate version, which allows for federally funded abortions and, the blowback is going to be unbelievably severe.

Then by summer, the patience of even the most fair-minded person will be exhausted, when the economy is still further in the toilet, which the Stimulus bill and massive deficits will ensure is the case. And it's all on them, by then they will have controlled Congress for 3 1/2 yrs and had TOTAL control for 1 1/2 years.

By September the polls will be showing the greatest political debacle for the democrats ever and then, a desperate democrat party will experience total schism. By November they will experience the beginning of what the republican party went through in the 1930's-50's...decades of disfavor.

The writings on the wall. Stick a fork in them, they're done, they just don't know it yet.

With the CBO projecting con... (Below threshold)

With the CBO projecting continued 10% unemployment through the end of this year, Barry better get over the 'anger' real soon.

With elections coming closer, he's liable to become a lame-duck, even to his own people.

I agree with Geoff. In thi... (Below threshold)

I agree with Geoff. In this particular situation I believe our tragic hero suffers from being such a narcissist that he will not be able to pass the denial/anger stage. I have no interest in listening to him anymore. I cannot think of one major promise he kept from his campaign. He lies. Period. There is no more delicate way to put it. Obama and the Democrats pretended like the American public didn't even exist during their healthcare debate and I don't care how conciliatory they might want to pretend to be we would be guaranteed a repeat performance if they felt they could get away with it.

"Denial, Anger, Bargaining,... (Below threshold)

"Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance"....

THAT(!) reminds me of the possibly-last mainline fully-adult American film...

the GREAT autobiographical (and prophetic) flick by stage director/choreographer-turned-film director, the *late* Bob Fosse...

"All That Jazz"...a MUST buy.


(The following clip would be considered a Spoiler in most cases....but ATJ is TOO DEEP!)


p.s. the "D/A/B/D/A"/ Kubler-Ross thingee is brilliantly overlayed across the movie via audio stand-up comedy routine...

Again. Great movie.

Oh, good. bryanDolt is here... (Below threshold)

Oh, good. bryanDolt is here.

Krauthammer, of course, is ... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

Krauthammer, of course, is a liscensed psychiatrist, so for him to use language like that is particularily significant.

Interesting how many people out seem to sense that Obama is psychologcally fragile, in a way I have never heard discussed about a president before. I even sense that he is, but I am unclear exactly why. I just... sense it.

It's disconcerting, and I wonder what Krauthammer's sense is, and if this is his way of dipping his toe into waters where he is (correctly, I think) reluctant to go.

"Oh, good. bryanDolt is her... (Below threshold)

"Oh, good. bryanDolt is here."
5. Posted by iwogisdead

MY post was (creatively) on-topic (viz. Hugh S's D-A-B-D-A citation).

YOUR post is the text equivalent of a literal *tea bag* reception of my refrigerated baby batter factories...in your mouth.

Gute nacht.

Can't say I disagree with c... (Below threshold)

Can't say I disagree with comment 1 and frankly saw it coming.

There is little doubt this speech was crafted to prompt the dems to push thru HC at any cost, to them or the public.

His lines about "accede[ing] to criticism" that "his priorities are out of step with the nation's" is Pure Unadulterated Arrogance.

Pure hubris.

I think that "Dhimmi" Carte... (Below threshold)

I think that "Dhimmi" Carter has never moved beyond anger. President "Obowma" will still deny after January 20, 2012 (or G-d forbid 2016) and stay in anger that the American people never gave his policies "a chance". All we can do is pray that he "Dhimmicrat" party winds up with sufficient honest people in Congress to prevent the takeover that they have been plotting for generations.

I do not mean that this is a deep conspiracy as in a novel, but that the impulse towards tyrrany has always been with us since the Tower of Babel. The contrary impulse towards freedom has also always been with us since the "Generation of the Dispersion" and has expressed itself in attempts such as the American Revolution to get it right.






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