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State Of The Union - Open Thread

It's your Obama's State of the Union speech open thread. You know what to do...


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Ambien's got nuthin' on thi... (Below threshold)

Ambien's got nuthin' on this snoozer.

They umm cut taxes? When??... (Below threshold)
retired military:

They umm cut taxes? When??

Also Nancy is up to what 4 or 5?

Umm there she goes again.

Already attacked the banks which took stimulus money (whether they wanted to or not) and even those that didnt take the stimulus money.

Didnt raise taxes? umm tell that to the cigarette smokers.

The old saved 2 million jobs mime that cant be proven.

That was a really lame appl... (Below threshold)

That was a really lame applause by the Democrats for the stimulus bill.

New jobs bill? Can't wait t... (Below threshold)

New jobs bill? Can't wait to see what new payoffs for Democratic constituencies it will contain.

Did you see the look on Boe... (Below threshold)

Did you see the look on Boehner's face when Obama proposed massive redistribution of wealth for small banks.

I just love the incredulous... (Below threshold)

I just love the incredulous look on Brown's face every time he hears another piece of BS.

You know what to do...</... (Below threshold)

You know what to do...

Throw up?

What about our own oil and ... (Below threshold)

What about our own oil and gas????

OMG he listened!!!</... (Below threshold)

OMG he listened!!!

"Even if you doubt the over... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"Even if you doubt the overwhelming evidence of climate change, you ..."

Here let me fix that for you

"Even if you doubt the overwhelming evidence of climate change fraud, you ..."

See never say I didnt offer help to Obama.

oops, climate change stuff,... (Below threshold)

oops, climate change stuff, time to bang the gong!
export WHAT goods?
oh boy, a five year plan to double our exports! why does that sound familiar?
Is Arne Duncan sitting on a vibrator, his head sure is rocking?
Nice sounding education grant and credit, unbelievable way to bribe students into working for the government!
I'd sure like to save 1500 bucks on my mortgage payment.

High-speed railroad. Gut!</... (Below threshold)

High-speed railroad. Gut!

The "Lost Decade"_ Obama/SO... (Below threshold)

The "Lost Decade"_ Obama/SOTU.

I don't know Jay Tea's Drinking Game equivalent.

I'll assume 10 beers/ 2 shots really quick + konk-on-head.

Obama mentions "banks". </p... (Below threshold)

Obama mentions "banks".

Biden and Dodd flinch.


NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS!!!!!</... (Below threshold)


Thanks honey, you stuck me ... (Below threshold)

Thanks honey, you stuck me with childhood obesity (she looks sooo happy)
Cherry Picking GAO figures on healthcare
Don't walk away from health care reform
I think folks have been TRYING to let you know Barry, you haven't been listening!
Is that finish the job for or on the American people.
Its All Bush's fault! I knew it!
no increases, how about some CUTS BARRY?
line by line.....YOU LIE!
Even Nancy and Biden didn't clap for the comment on those making more than 250k, I wonder why?
Uh oh.... EO time.
Deficit in TRUST, OH YEAH!
uh ohh, SCOUS looks very unhappy.
Not a good idea, Barry!

Oh. My. God.He is ... (Below threshold)

Oh. My. God.

He is lambasting other politicians for waging a "perpetual campaign?"

This guy has balls as big as church bells.

Nuclear weapons security:</... (Below threshold)

Nuclear weapons security:

closing barn door after the entire herd is gone.

Uh Oh, Chief of staff not h... (Below threshold)

Uh Oh, Chief of staff not happy about gays in the military. TOo bad buddies.

Ch-ch-changes!Turn a... (Below threshold)

Turn and face the changes Barry!

I've not heard one concrete... (Below threshold)

I've not heard one concrete plan proposed, nor just how any lofty vague initiatives be paid.

This has simply been a lesson in how to read rhetoric from a teleprompter.

And speaking in a hushed tone doesn't make your statements any more sincere.

The man's a con.I ... (Below threshold)

The man's a con.

I loved when the Congress laughed at his comment, "the cuts will begin NEXT year."


It was better than, "You lie!"

lemme think... obama "respo... (Below threshold)

lemme think... obama "responsibility" but not necessarily the "blame"?

Or did I miss something, anyone hear him accept blame for anything?

I thought not.

How's that work? If you're responsible for something and it doesn't get done, who else is to blame?

Oh wait... it was that damn brown guy up in mass. Other than that, it's full speed ahead with health care that no one wants as written.

Obama's "discussion of gove... (Below threshold)

Obama's "discussion of government spending":

Year 2000: SURPLUS: $200 billion

Year 2009: DEFICIT: $1 trillion

=BUSH (above)-----------------------------------

2011: "Discretionary spending freeze"

Low ball @ Supreme Court</p... (Below threshold)

Low ball @ Supreme Court

Oooo! Against "foreign corp... (Below threshold)

Oooo! Against "foreign corporations spending" in "our elections"! viz. last week's corporate "personhood Supreme Court "Aye" decision."

Bush's average annual defic... (Below threshold)

Bush's average annual deficit= $190 billion

Obama's FIRST YEAR deficit = $$$$1.2 TRILLION!

Obama's deficit in ONE YEAR was higher than Bush's in EIGHT YEARS

Racheal Madcow on MSNBC sai... (Below threshold)

Racheal Madcow on MSNBC said Obama had a "playful, feistiness" about him tonight.

Just what you want in a President.

Chris Matthews claimed Obama was "seductive," yet the camera work could have been better.


He (Matthews) also said he forgot Obama was "black tonight."


"Homeland Security"...<br /... (Below threshold)

"Homeland Security"...
"coming together in London"...


Never has one man spoke so ... (Below threshold)

Never has one man spoke so long, said so much, that meant so little.

Oooo! Against "foreign corp... (Below threshold)

Oooo! Against "foreign corporations spending" in "our elections"! viz. last week's corporate "personhood Supreme Court "Aye" decision."

Poor Barry. Guess next election cycle his campaign people are going to have to turn on all those nasty verifiers when people make credit card donations. Real names, real US addresses....some speech writer didn't think that one through.

"This "war" is ending..."_O... (Below threshold)

"This "war" is ending..."_Obama

*What is "war" in this context, re: "combat" vs. other *troops*?*

Obama's "discussion of gove... (Below threshold)

Obama's "discussion of government spending":
Year 2000: SURPLUS: $200 billion
Year 2009: DEFICIT: $1 trillion
=BUSH (above)-----------------------------------
2011: "Discretionary spending freeze"

bryanD has evidently forgotten the Democrats have been running Congress since 2007. You know, the folks who actually write the budget and apportion the money.

I hope Barry isn't planning... (Below threshold)

I hope Barry isn't planning on giving this speech a strong B+.

MORE KOOL AID FOR bryanD!</... (Below threshold)


"Iran" shall meet "growing ... (Below threshold)

"Iran" shall meet "growing controversies" in response to their national sovereignty movemnet.


Repeal of Don't Ask/Don't T... (Below threshold)

Repeal of Don't Ask/Don't Tell.


You'll notice that Barry th... (Below threshold)

You'll notice that Barry the Magnificent didn't talk about GITMO tonight. That place he was GOING TO CLOSE IN ONE YEAR.

Barry didn't talk about the KSM trail in New York. The one that Congress IS NOT GOING TO FUND.

Barry didn't talk about the diaper bomber, or the fact that HIS Attorney General had the bastard mirandized and then provided an attorney.

Oh, and I'll just bet the Iranians and North Koreans are shaking in their boots tonight. If they haven't already laughed their asses off.

OBAMA SOTU___Judge bD:... (Below threshold)

OBAMA SOTU___Judge bD:

Performance: _A-_

---applause lines were notably downplayed, PTL---

Repertoire: _C_

GrandFan "Oh, and I'l... (Below threshold)

GrandFan "Oh, and I'll just bet the Iranians and North Koreans are shaking in their boots tonight."

You forgot one group.

The United States Treasury has taken Hamas off the international list of terrorists this week.

What was that bit about "We... (Below threshold)
Radio Free Peru:

What was that bit about "We're concluding negotiations with Russia on arms reductions"?
Russians concluded them last year with an "Up yours, Comrade".
Did he just get the word that the Russians ain't negotiating anything with him?

kevin:Real-time re... (Below threshold)


Real-time response: only 39 comments (poor) on a Gravy (open thread) Post.

A *stress test* failure.

I suggest dropping a min. of two (2) Bushbot Wizbang (lesser) posters and seeking out two (2) *iconoclasts*.

Your comments should be 100.

(If not "replace", then Add.)

P.S Actually your comments... (Below threshold)

P.S Actually your comments thread is, like, ++seven++, repeaters included. (Sorry!)

_Do you want to make money or what?_

As it saith in the Scriptures:

"Man shalt not live off of GarandFan alone..."

Someone please call byranD'... (Below threshold)

Someone please call byranD's mom. He's off his meds.....again.

"Someone please call byranD... (Below threshold)

"Someone please call byranD's mom. He's off his meds.....again."
44. Posted by GarandFan


Only methamphetamines can explain your 24/7 residence at Wizbangblog dot com.

At long last, sir! Have you no pride?!


So how many times did the e... (Below threshold)

So how many times did the empty blue suit with a red tie utter "ME", "MYSELF", "I", "UM", "ER" "AHH" "EHH"? More or less then 300 times?

As a point of fact, even mo... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

As a point of fact, even most of the deficit for 2008 was due to spending urged by and voted for by Obama and the Democratic Congress. But I don't fault him for blaming Bush for everything - it isn't as if he wants to take responsibility for his own performance.

Biggest outrages: calling for bipartisanship after governing in the most partisan manner of any Administration, ever - even FDR and LBJ dealt more with congressional opponents with their huge majorities - and claiming to have supported the protesters in Iran (he "supported" them right into the mullah's torture chambers). The SCOTUS lie showed him to be a tactless, arrogant hack, but we already knew that.

I can understand the gullibility and wishful thinking which led many people to support this completely unqualified buffoon in 2008, but anyone who still supports him has to be either dumb as a rock or just plain Marxist.

J a "and claiming to h... (Below threshold)

J a "and claiming to have supported the protesters in Iran (he "supported" them right into the mullah's torture chambers)."

Can't disagree with that, obama punted at the time of the iran election protests by saying he wouldn't "meddle" in the issue, "It is not productive, given the history of US-Iranian relations to be seen as meddling - the US president, meddling in Iranian elections," Mr Obama said.

Under the bus you go protesters, his negotiating options would be severely limited if he was seen supporting those that want freedom.






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