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In case you've forgotten that Chris Matthews is an idiot

Allow me to help:



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"...the old tribalism..."</... (Below threshold)

"...the old tribalism..."

If a Republican had said that you would have heard shouts of racism.

The man is a idiot. ... (Below threshold)

The man is a idiot.

In case anyone forgot, Chri... (Below threshold)
Illinois Alum:

In case anyone forgot, Chris reminded the nation of the President's race. But why give this idiot a chance to spread his stupidity? Hardly anyone watches MSNBC and those few that do probably switched off after hearing this nonsense.

All things considered, it's... (Below threshold)

All things considered, it's just as well the comment system just ate my first reply to this. It had to do with the left's racism, Matthews being the equivalent of an old KKKer going "Yep, he's a nigger - but he's OUR nigger, and we'll work him until he's worthless then sell his ass in a heartbeat. But don't he speak well for a darkie?", and Martin Luther King spinning in his grave fast enough to power a 500 megawatt turbine.

Why is it the left seems completely unable to look BEYOND skin color, and judge the person by their actions and beliefs alone?

Matthews is consistently di... (Below threshold)

Matthews is consistently divorced from reality, like the mass of liberals.

Other than the idiotic raci... (Below threshold)

Other than the idiotic racial references, the other stupid thing calling the Republicans partisan. He knows that partisanship is a two way street.

CM says Obama wants to do tort reform. Based on what evidence? Boehner said months ago that the President refuses to meet with the Republican leadership. If the President was willing to address tort reform, then why isn't it in the bill? Oh yeah, every amendment proposed by the Republicans to include it was shot down by the Democrats in Congress.

How is that NOT partisanship by the Democrats?

You know, I forgot Chris Ma... (Below threshold)
The Viewing Public:

You know, I forgot Chris Matthews was on TV for an hour.

It was just a slip of his s... (Below threshold)

It was just a slip of his sheet, really.

It's hard to be fair and im... (Below threshold)

It's hard to be fair and impartial when you have a school girl crush on the President. What are the signs that Chris Matthews of MSNBC's Hardball has a school girl crush on Obama?
1) He was seen writing on his note pad, Chris Obama-Christopher Obama-Barack Matthews-Barry Matthews.
2) When the President-elect caught him staring at him from behind a tree Matthews ran off giggling
3) He was seen dropping his books at Obama's feet and then just standing there batting his eyelashes..
4) He gets a thrill up his leg every time he hears Barack Obama speak.
5) He forgot Obama was black. He forgot Obama was white. He forgot Obama was a man. He forgot Obama was an Americ.... Obama makes Matthews just feel all giggly inside.

It's troubling that he even... (Below threshold)

It's troubling that he even thought about it as having any racial content.
I mean, who finishes a conversion with somebody and then stops to think that he was glad that racial themes didn't come up ? Short answer, when at least one of the parties is a racist. So is Matthews saying that he has a "racist heart" ?

MSNBCKKK... (Below threshold)


"So is Matthews saying t... (Below threshold)

"So is Matthews saying that he has a "racist heart" ?"

I can't say what's in his 'heart' - but judging by what he says (which is the only real evidence) racial characteristics figure pretty high ... and apparently not in a positive way.

Keep this. This is a true a... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Keep this. This is a true and visual definition of Racism. Matthews should be fired on the spot.

It's hard to ignore his rac... (Below threshold)

It's hard to ignore his race when iberals like Mathews keep bringing it up. They're totally obsessed with it. What planet is Mathews from anyway. Talk about Obama's failure as a president and his moronic idea not the color of his skin

Maybe if Barry had a harmon... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Maybe if Barry had a harmonica or was playin' bass up there Matthews wouldve felt better.

So, does this mean that the... (Below threshold)

So, does this mean that the other 23 hours of yesterday he thought of him as black?

Even in context (which will be the argument) it's stupid.

This must be the "post ting... (Below threshold)

This must be the "post tingle" crissy matthews..Because he obviously never noticed Barrys skin color before.. "an African American in front of all those White people", 'Godfather conversation", "I forgot He was black for an hour tonight".

After the interview Chris put His hood back on..

MSNBC - Where old lefty med... (Below threshold)

MSNBC - Where old lefty media hacks go to die. And not soon enough.

What a racist, classless th... (Below threshold)

What a racist, classless thing to say! "This guy was so good I forgot he was black"?
Holy cow! If a Republican would have said something that idiotic, he would not have only had to resign his job, but change his name and leave the country!

How can Chris Matthews be a... (Below threshold)

How can Chris Matthews be allowed to walk the streets alone? He is so stupid his hair must hurt.

Matthews is big on identity... (Below threshold)

Matthews is big on identity politics.
A local radio station here in Ma. repeatedly plays a clip of Matthews stating:

"Brown is a Protestant. Nobody's even mentioned it--I guess I just did."

Side note: Great zinger Madalyn. His hair must hurt. lol

From Tingles to Reid ("a 'l... (Below threshold)

From Tingles to Reid ("a 'light-skinned' African American 'with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.'") to Slow Joe ("I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy") - the real shame is that Blacks in the US don't see they're being played, and kept on the poverty plantation by the same racist Dem dickheads that brought us the Civil War...

It really isn't easy to ide... (Below threshold)

It really isn't easy to identify yourself as the BIGGEST idiot when surrounded by Olberman and Maddow, by by God Matthews managed it!

Chris has jumped the shark.... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Chris has jumped the shark. No lifeguards
needed, please. No lifesavers needed. Let
the media, itself, police this schizo.
I'm hoping his broadcast days are "finis".

"That tingle you f... (Below threshold)

"That tingle you feel is just your brains oozing out of your rectum Chris!"

Between Harry "no negro dia... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Between Harry "no negro dialect" Reid and Chris "I forgot he was black" Matthews, the left wing certainly is showing off their....true colors....

"In case you've forgotten t... (Below threshold)

"In case you've forgotten that Chris Matthews is an idiot"

If I ever need a reminder, I will look no further than the Presidency!






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