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It'd be difficult to Facebook tag this one wouldn't you say?


Thanks Gerard.



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First, my caption as it dem... (Below threshold)

First, my caption as it demands one: Darn, I wore the burka that makes me look fat... I am going to burn this photo. I am sure the regular caption winners will do so much better!!

Second, better some bland clothing than the shoes my son bought at Big Five sporting goods, as they have MAO(as in Mao-you know) on the bottom of them...the burka says something about the culture that is in the picture as does a pair of sneakers from an American sporting store...see the shoes here: http://doublenickelfarm.blogspot.com/2010/01/mao-in-style.html

"Smile!"... (Below threshold)


What's the point of taking ... (Below threshold)

What's the point of taking a picture like this?
God forgive, I just can not stand their ways. Maybe because I am a woman.

Woo! Sexy! Where are the ot... (Below threshold)

Woo! Sexy! Where are the other 67?

"Say falafel!"... (Below threshold)

"Say falafel!"

I hope they don't airbrush ... (Below threshold)
Don L:

I hope they don't airbrush me....

Oh oh, my toes are showing.

Dang, my tatoo is hidden.

Hubba, hubba!... (Below threshold)

Hubba, hubba!

They are wearing these in r... (Below threshold)

They are wearing these in rebuttal to the white one's Matthews and Byrd wear in their leisure time..

I can see the second one fr... (Below threshold)

I can see the second one from the left's toes! Death to the infidel whore!

God they look hot...<... (Below threshold)

God they look hot...

Ss in I bet that outfit in the sun has to be a real pleasure cruise.
Note that Jihad Johnny taking the picture is in his Martyr white summer outfit.

Come on ladies...show me a ... (Below threshold)
Say Hey DK:

Come on ladies...show me a little eye brow!

Waitaminute.Aren't... (Below threshold)


Aren't those pics of the Pelosi delegation visiting Iran last year or the year before?

I can't believe she's weari... (Below threshold)

I can't believe she's wearing the same burkha as me!

Ackmed, these are the conte... (Below threshold)

Ackmed, these are the contestant that you get to choose from on the Iranian version of the dating game.

By the way, I think the second one from the left is really Bin Laden in drag.

Come on girls, praise Allah... (Below threshold)

Come on girls, praise Allah and thank him for your liberty! You are the envy of every American woman!

I know some of you don't me... (Below threshold)

I know some of you don't mean to trivialize this travesty forced on these women. Some of the comments are pretty funny. My intention is not to spoil the fun, but please excuse me for not joining in. It turns my stomach to see women subjugated like this and then have the ridiculousness of posing for a photograph imposed on them.

snap .... I think I can se... (Below threshold)

snap .... I think I can see some cleavage on the one in the middle ... nose cleavage that is ...

The winner of Miss Universe... (Below threshold)

The winner of Miss Universe Saudi Arabia made her first appearance in public today. She was greeted by all the members of the Islamic Free Press Association.

How disgusting of that jerk... (Below threshold)

How disgusting of that jerk to take a dump right in front of these lovely Women!!

Burkha babes! Woo hoo!... (Below threshold)

Burkha babes! Woo hoo!

Say CHEEEZE!!!! fffrrrrr... (Below threshold)

Say CHEEEZE!!!! fffrrrrrrippppp!!

As Henry bin al-Ford once s... (Below threshold)

As Henry bin al-Ford once said, "You can have any burka any color as long as it's black."

Oyster,Understood ... (Below threshold)


Understood and spot on.

this picture made my day.</... (Below threshold)
James H:

this picture made my day.

Mohammed thinking: "What a ... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Mohammed thinking: "What a bunch of hot babes! That last group were real dogs."

Put on your shitkickers lad... (Below threshold)

Put on your shitkickers ladies and have at it!

Steve? Where'd you get the ... (Below threshold)

Steve? Where'd you get the camera? Infidels are us?

Of course there is no "tag"... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Of course there is no "tag" - if you knew who they were, their husbands would have to behead them.

"Honor," ya know.

Nope. An easy tagline.... (Below threshold)
Andy in Agoura Hills:

Nope. An easy tagline.

"Hot chick on the left!"

Say "Goat cheese"-... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Say "Goat cheese"


Serious question. Why are the women all in black and the guy is in White? You would think they are racist or something.

Nice eyes.... (Below threshold)

Nice eyes.

After picture I will beat y... (Below threshold)

After picture I will beat you....

Ahmed does the "poop squat"... (Below threshold)

Ahmed does the "poop squat" in front of his harem.

Oyster and Hank,Pl... (Below threshold)

Oyster and Hank,

Please do not mistake levity with the seriousness of what the photo represents. The captions come from having an awareness that the culture that these women are subjugated to leaves them with little hope of any real life outside of complete and utter submission to a 7th century world in the 21st century.

As I linked in my comment above I share how our very own society has and continues to uplift the evil freaks of the world. We promote anything but our culture anymore(the link has MAO crap) We live in political correct times, where our president tells the Arab world that we are no longer and Christian nation...we live in a society where our elected officials cowtow to this abusive of women and wear headcoverings when acting as head of state.

We live in times where we are called racists for even suggesting that the women in the above photo are subjugated. Make no mistake about it levity is needed...especially when MAO has not only been turned into a cult icon in the US, but is revered by those in the White House and is fashioned into the soles of sneakers sold at a national sporting goods chain. Please click on my link above...either we stand and say what it is or not- but no more PC some customs of other cultures(and most certainly dictators of other nations) do not need our making them famous, what is needed is for us to stand with those suppressed and allow hope to shine in their lives(you know real hope, not Obamahope).

Its a 110, a 110 in the sha... (Below threshold)

Its a 110, a 110 in the shade..Well, at least it matters not if these ninjas shave their stash & pits.

Harem Scarem!

How do we know they are Women? A: They spent 3 hours putting their make-up on before this shot.

These are really undercover nags, fighting for Womens rights in the muslim world..

Jennifer, I completely unde... (Below threshold)

Jennifer, I completely understand. Like most of those posting in this thread, I know there is no real disrespect toward these women or their plight. And levity is necessary to keep us from going crazy sometimes.

Heading off to the Rocky Ho... (Below threshold)

Heading off to the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Riyadh.

"Salima, Salima, Salima, Sa... (Below threshold)

"Salima, Salima, Salima, Salima, and Trixie."

Five beggars and a thief!</... (Below threshold)

Five beggars and a thief!

I don't suppose there'll be... (Below threshold)

I don't suppose there'll be a bathing suit portion of the competition.

Sarchasm...... (Below threshold)


Jennifer and Oyster,... (Below threshold)

Jennifer and Oyster,
Remember that mockery is a devastating tool to use for change.
Right now, it's really all we have to keep this horror from becoming acceptable here.

All kidding aside for a min... (Below threshold)

All kidding aside for a minute on my part-
Whenever I see this ritualized dehumanization of women, it breaks my heart. I always thank God that I am a woman in America.
I would love to see a version of this picture, two seconds later, where each of these women pulls an Uzi out from under her burkha and tells the men that things are about to change.

"I don't suppose there'l... (Below threshold)

"I don't suppose there'll be a bathing suit portion of the competition."

Yes there is!! They get to bathe after they are raped! And it suits the "men" just fine!






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