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The Floor Is Yours, Steve

Wizbang has been a part of my daily routine for years, way before I became a contributing author. The readership consists of many smart, articulate participants, hailing from liberal, independent, and conservative spectra, who lend their voices to the running commentary. It is what I have come to appreciate about this place, and I admire it more and more as time passes.

When I post an article to Wizbang, I usually just throw it out there, and let whatever contributions made by the readership carry the debate. Many times those who disagree do so with civility, but many times they do it with unmistakable disdain. Whatever happens, happens. You agree with me, God love ya! You disagree, God love ya! It is something fully expected, something which is really unavoidable, and an aspect of blogging which I wouldn't have any other way.

Though most times I don't interject myself into the comments section of the pieces I write, depending on my mood, sometimes I do.

I don't remember ever writing a piece spotlighting any single commenter. Even the most partisan, foulest of liberal trolls usually offer up their thoughts on a subject with a respectable amount of intelligence and insight, no matter how loony they may be, and they help to facilitate the back-and-forth nature of discussion. It's sort of a necessity, and it's fun.

All that said, sometimes, someone just begs to be called out. Not due to any philosophical, idealogical, or political disagreements. Not even because of their style of debate. But, sometimes, they just belch out something for reasons so inexplicable, you just feel like asking "Why?".

This is one of those times.

Many of you here will recognize the name Steve Green.

I noticed him a few months ago, always eager to bash me for something I've written (Which is fine, expected, and fun!). Other commenters have locked horns with him on several occasions. He's a rabid lib, most always saying something consisting of nothing.

For a while, especially over the past few months, he was a reliable fixture in the comments section of my articles. Always opposed to my take on the subject at hand, either attempting to abrasively disagree with me or fellow commenters, or just resorting to personal attacks because, well, he can, his involvement in the comments section became a welcome occurence.

Though there is a litany of posts which he has written concerning many of my articles, I found his final posts in response to one of my pieces to be such exceptional examples of liberal bewilderment, that any credibility of conviction I thought he may have possessed has vanished.

In a piece I wrote regarding rising gas prices, and the silence of the media toward Obama compared to the thrashing which they inflicted upon George Bush, here is part of Steve Green's second to last post:

You conspiracy-theory loonies are getting wackier an (sic) wackier.

Gasoline prices are rising slowly rather than jumping quickly as they did several years ago.
That, plus the obvious, glaring fact that gasoline is still cheaper than it was back in the $4 days -- and the obvious, glaring fact that we've had gasoline at these prices before so it's nothing new - all adds to consumer complacency.

Either that or that black man in the White House is doing voodoo on you. BOO! lol...

I'll wait for Sarah Palin's Fox News report to find out just how much voodoo is at work here.
Meanwhile get a new tin-foil hat. The one you're wearing is a little cock-eyed.

Now, the key line, and most irrelevant to the issue was, obviously:

"Either that or that black man in the White House is doing voodoo on you. BOO! lol..."

Black man? VOODOO?

Why would Steve purposefully interject race into this? It was not germane to anything written, nor was it in response to anything included in the comments section by anyone who engaged in the discussion.

I asked him numerous times to explain why he felt the need to make race an aspect of his "position" on the issue being discussed, and why he felt the need to link race to me as a reason for my writing that article.

He gave no response.

Since that article, I have written about 13 other pieces. Not once has he commented on any of them.

After his history of faithfully commenting on most any piece I have written (at least from my memory), I figured that he just got tired of me.

But, I've just recently noticed he has been regularly commenting on pieces written by other Wizbang authors since his above contribution.

Understandably, I'm crushed.

However, since, at the time, I was baffled by exactly why he purposefully, and without encouragement, forced race to be an issue in a discussion about gas prices, I feel obliged to give him a chance, for all to witness, to explain what his motives were. 'Cause, frankly, I miss him!

I mean, liberals don't just view issues through the prism of race.

Do they, Steve?


Here is Steve Green's first response:

"Glanced at the post - it appears to be the usual waste of time - Shallow Mallow strikes again."

Sure, Steve. An entire post about you, and this one you only "glanced" at it.

Nice try.

Now, explain why you did this.


Steve Green's second response:

"lol at 15. Good luck in your new career as a stalker.

I'll be happy to challenge you in future comment threads if you'd just write something interesting.

Now get to work on it. I'll let you know when you write something worthwhile."


This is still not an explaination. ANSWER FOR WHAT YOU WROTE.


Though Steve Green has written a few more posts (and Bruce Henry has decided to offer his hand to Steve in liberal kinship), Steve has refused to acknowledge his inexplicable purpose for the use of race in his aforementioned post.

Whether out of plain refusal, denial, or lack of a valid reasonable explanation, he just does not want to say why he made the conscious choice to interject the issue of race into a conversation where it was not merited.

By displaying this unwillingness to simply justify his use of Barack Obama's race in his post, he has revealed what is most likely just the tip of a bizarre iceberg.

From this point on, whatever he writes here, whether it contains valid substance or not, will be doubted not only for its honesty and motives, but its sincerity, as well.

And all he had to do was tell us why.


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Well, according to Chris Ma... (Below threshold)

Well, according to Chris Matthews....

Oops forget I said anything.

2 plus hours since posting,... (Below threshold)

2 plus hours since posting, and no sign of Stevie, not to worry, I'm not surprised and expect his presence is of more use over at media mutters or some such place.

As to your enclosed question: "I mean, liberals don't just view issues through the prism of race."

Better ask that of chrisy "I forgot he was black" matthews.

Like Chrissy, Stevie is a r... (Below threshold)

Like Chrissy, Stevie is a racist.

This doesn't surprise me in... (Below threshold)

This doesn't surprise me in the least.

When I think of Steve, I think of gas, too.


I must have missed that pos... (Below threshold)

I must have missed that post. Steve You got some negs.. Others +'s

Superneg Steve vanished for a spell after wishing Rush died of heart failure too! He's such a bringer of good cheer and little ray of hope!

"I mean, liberals don't just view issues through the prism of race.

Do they, Steve?"

No, they view everything thru it. Right Steve..-

I don't know whether or not... (Below threshold)

I don't know whether or not Steve Green (or the other libs) views everything through the prism of race. We will probably never know. However, I do know that (many of) the libs here and nearly everywhere have a certain pattern of debate, which includes, invariably, using non sequiturs as much as possible. One of the several ways they do this is to inject race into the debate.

Or maybe Steve Green has just been smoking too much Steve Green.

Green's obviouslya racist, ... (Below threshold)

Green's obviouslya racist, but more importantly, he discriminates against the religion of Voodoo.

Very well written. ... (Below threshold)
MDr Author Profile Page:

Very well written.

Stevie' c'mon, make some pr... (Below threshold)

Stevie' c'mon, make some profound statement or devine Alinski's good will towards all People big and small!! This is Your moment too shine!......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

er.. ? Maybe not.

Think of the movie A Christ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Think of the movie A Christmas Story. The leg-lamp has been broken and Dad has failed in his effort with glue. Recriminations have been exchanged. Mom has just told Dad what she really though of the lamp.

The narrator (Gene Shepherd, a truly great story teller) advises us that Dad is searching for a "crusher" of a come-back. He comes up with is, "Notafinga."

No doubt Steve is preparing his come-back even now. Steve, how about: Notafinga?

Silence........Granny came ... (Below threshold)

Silence........Granny came down to get some preserves and found stevie violating his probation! Shame on you G-man!

Meh, his white sheets need ... (Below threshold)

Meh, his white sheets need to be washed just like little chrissy's.

I may harbor ill thoughts about "The Won" but it's not because of his skin color. On the other hand SG seems to pop out the stupidest thread derails of damn near any of the trolls that have floated through here.

Mind you he is entertaining just to watch how stupid he can be and how many (-'s) he can draw, see two or three post's up for his latest BS attacks for examples.

Glanced at the post - it ap... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

Glanced at the post - it appears to be the usual waste of time - Shallow Mallow strikes again.

I picture Stevie, unemploye... (Below threshold)

I picture Stevie, unemployed, living in his mother's basement in a dirty robe with peanut butter and jelly stains all over it. Not only hate conservatives and women, but just about everything. The kind of hate he pours out isn't from the neck up but from his heart. He is truly a hateful person. ww

"Either that or that ... (Below threshold)

"Either that or that black man in the White House is doing voodoo on you. BOO! lol..."


These are YOUR words. You put them out there for everyone to see. You must have had a reason for it.

You initially dodged answering the question of why you said this in the original post simply by refusing to answer for it.

It worked then.

It will not work now..

You are being called out for it.

Why did you say this? What was your intention?

Please explain the logic behind the usage of this statement.

Be a man about it. Provide an answer.

For God's sake, LIE if you have to.

s green "Glanced at th... (Below threshold)

s green "Glanced at the post - it appears to be the usual waste of time - Shallow Mallow strikes again."

Self appointed editor in chief... "Glanced at the post" - it appears I shot off my ignorant mouth - and despite "good" intentions my racist leanings "strikes again."

Glanced at the pos... (Below threshold)
Glanced at the post - it appears to be the usual waste of time - Shallow Mallow strikes again.

Somewhat less than I expected, I must say.

L M A O R O T F !G... (Below threshold)

L M A O R O T F !

Good one Shawn. Even bryanD's staying away!

lol at 15. Good luck in you... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

lol at 15. Good luck in your new career as a stalker.

I'll be happy to challenge you in future comment threads if you'd just write something interesting.

Now get to work on it. I'll let you know when you write something worthwhile.

@ 19And yet again ... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

@ 19

And yet again Mr Green shows he is not intelligent enough to form a coherent response to the matter at hand. Explain yourself, Steve!

Keep his feet to the fire, Shawn!

Of course, if I were in charge around here, his butt would be gone due to his racist comments...

Steve Green actually exists... (Below threshold)

Steve Green actually exists?? I cannot believe it! All this time I had him pegged as a reverse sock puppet who was only broken out to demonstrate how silly liberals might be.

s green "I'll be happ... (Below threshold)

s green "I'll be happy to challenge you in future comment threads if you'd just write something interesting. Now get to work on it. I'll let you know when you write something worthwhile."

And yet, you return to comment again in this thread.

P.S. I don't think "challenge" means what you think it means.

You have confused challenge with YELLOW BELLY, i.e. as in you're a yellow bellied lily livered shit stirrer.

Shawn, why don't you just b... (Below threshold)

Shawn, why don't you just ban this clown and get it over with? Most of us will thank you for it.

He brings nothing to the conversation but unreasoning conceit.

"Either that or that ... (Below threshold)

"Either that or that black man in the White House is doing voodoo on you. BOO! lol..."


Asking you to answer for why you felt compelled to interject a RACIAL non-sequitur in a conversation which had nothing to do with race what-so-ever is not stalking.


You are going down as one of the most dishonest, unprincipled, gutless people to ever have posted here.

Show some integerity and just answer the fucking question.

Mr Green doesn't seem inter... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Mr Green doesn't seem interested in enlightening you, Mr Mallow, but I will.

How many of the commenters here got the e-mail picture of Obama in a witch doctor costume and passed it along? Maybe with the comment, "I'm no racist, you understand, but this is hilarious!"? You guys are racists.

Or, if you read about it and wondered why anyone would be offended, you might not be a racist but you're the next best thing.

If you have to preface a joke with, "I'm no racist but...", it's a racist joke. If you've said that phrase in , oh, the last TWENTY YEARS or so, please don't say that liberals are the real racists. You may be struck by lightning.

How many of y'all think Imus got a raw deal in the "nappy headed ho's" incident? If you do, you're a racist. Sorry, but you are.

How many have used the Reid foot-in-mouth thing as an excuse to say "Negro" over and over, or chuckle while fat racist fuck Limbaugh does it? Racist. Or if you think, or claim to think, that Reid's comments and Trent Lott's were equivalent, you are either a bona fide racist or a clueless, hopeless dittohead.

There are countless "tells." I've lived in the South for 55 years, long enough to remember whites only drinking fountains as a child. I've met thousands of I'mNoRacistButThisIsFunny jokers, thousands of I'mNoRacistButMixedRaceCouplesMakeMeSick onlookers, thousands of I'mNoRacistButAffirmativeActionScrewedMe jobseekers, and, lately, thousands of I'mNoRacistButLiberalsAre Republicans. Pathetic. Pointing out that someone may be leaving their racism unsaid is not racism, it's healthy skepticism.

So if you think that Mr Green's implication that much opposition to Obama is of the kneejerk scaryblackguy variety is ridiculous, I suggest you haven't given the issue enough thought.

Thanks, Bruce. Spot on.... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

Thanks, Bruce. Spot on.

Shawn -"For God's ... (Below threshold)

Shawn -

"For God's sake, LIE if you have to."

He doesn't dare. He'd need to put some thought into what he actually believes in order to come up with a credible lie - and that sort of introspection's way beyond the paygrade of a script monkey like steve.

Neither can he tell the truth - again, the introspection's too much. What if he realizes that he's guilty of the racism he accuses us of? That'll bring his entire worldview into question. If he's wrong about that - what ELSE might he be wrong about?

The whole house of cards he uses to shield himself from reality would collapse. You can't accuse someone of racism if you yourself harbor incorrect thoughts, or of cheating the poor if you yourself don't give to charities, or being hatefilled if you yourself hate - as long as he can maintain the denial, he can still believe he's the good guy, fighting the good fight against the evil folks who are the racist hatemongers.

But he dare not look at his own actual thoughts and feelings while doing so.

bobdog,I can't ban... (Below threshold)


I can't ban anyone. That falls to the section editor.

I would have no desire to ban this spineless bucket of pus.

He knows he is wrong. He just does not possess the pride or integrity it takes to admit it.

He has validated every criticism levied at him.

He's a wuss.


You can't convince me that ... (Below threshold)

You can't convince me that #25 and #26 are real people. nobody is that ludicrous

So, Mr Henry, since Steve G... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

So, Mr Henry, since Steve Green brought up the race card in a thread that had NOTHING to do about race, Steve Green is a racist?

And Steve Green agrees with this?

And by implication, since Bruce Henry chimed in with blanket accusations of racism in a thread that dealt with Steve Green's dodging of why he brought up racism, isn't Bruce Henry a racist?

Using Bruce Henry's own twisted logic, that is.

And Steve Green has yet to explain himself in his own words.

"Thanks, Bruce. Spot on."</... (Below threshold)

"Thanks, Bruce. Spot on."

-Steve Green.

You are pathetic.

Bruce -Oh, the 'ev... (Below threshold)

Bruce -

Oh, the 'everyone's a raciist, especially if they deny it' meme. Sweet! It's sure hard to prove a negative - so how about I figure someone's NOT a racist until they bring it into the conversation, and start screaming about how racist everyone ELSE is?

"How many of y'all think Im... (Below threshold)

"How many of y'all think Imus got a raw deal in the "nappy headed ho's" incident? If you do, you're a racist. Sorry, but you are."

Given what has been SAID by these people, yeah Imus got a raw deal (and I'm no friend of Imus).

Al Sharpton
Jesse Jackson
Louis Farrakhan

But no one can criticize them! Can't hold their feet to the fire, that would be RACIST!
And you can damned well bet in the run up to Barry's re-election bid, if you're not for Barry it's because your Racist!

Hey Stevie 'No Balls' Green... (Below threshold)


SG NEVER answers directly w... (Below threshold)

SG NEVER answers directly when he doesn't have an answer to make himself look good. He just acts superciliously affected, which he is, and just as he and his alter ego BH have in this thread.


Heh...Stevie responds in 3 ... (Below threshold)

Heh...Stevie responds in 3 mins to Bruce...so much for that air of indifference he had for Shawn dedication to him.

"Glanced at the post - it a... (Below threshold)

"Glanced at the post - it appears to be the usual waste of time - Shallow Mallow strikes again."

Stevie in the sky with diamonds...

Stevie in the sky with diamonds...

Picture yourself with a vote by the river.. Where forelorn acorn workers drink dandelion wine.....Suddenly Stevie asks for a doobie..? And he's got some scary ass eye's..

du du du... Stevie is fried unrhyming..du du du Stevie is fried unryhming...oohhhhh ohhhh...

GREENBEEN TINKER-<... (Below threshold)


"Thanks, Bruce. Spot on."

Thanks for carrying thar load Bruce..

"L M A O R O T F !Go... (Below threshold)

"L M A O R O T F !
Good one Shawn. Even bryanD's staying away!"
18. Posted by GarandFan

Shawn is lonely for Steve Green.
I think its kind of sweet,
but it has nothing to do with my beautiful mind.

Is "racist" some all-encomp... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Is "racist" some all-encompassing designation now? When the term is diluted in such a way, it becomes meaningless.

This, the libs have done.

PS: Stop picking on Steve, I am friends with his wife, Ellie Light.

To those of you living in t... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

To those of you living in the Bizarro Universe, where liberals are racists, Sarah Palin is qualified to be president, W was a terrific leader, tax cuts are always the answer no matter what the question is, and Brownie did a heckuva job, I have a few questions and observations.

Were you guys awake during the 2008 campaign? Did you get the emails, as I did, from your conservative brethren? Did you notice the signs at the Palin rallies? The cries of "Kill him!" and "He's a terrorist!"?

Did you see the signs at the Tea Parties that were attended by "Real Americans" in 2009? Noose imagery, etc.? Did you hear the rhetoric? Did you not notice the xenophobic tone?

Do you imagine that the whole "birther" nonsense is NOT driven by racism?

So you see, suspecting that a rabid Tea Party supporter and Palin fan might be partially motivated by unspoken racism is not beyond the realm of possibility, now, is it? Not to speak for Mr Green, but that might be the gist of what he said in the comment that Mr Mallow took such offense at.

And no, Captain, noting that others may be motivated by racism is not evidence of racism, per se. Race is now and always has been the elephant in the room in America, and people can't dodge it by saying "I'm not a racist because I SAY I'm not!" Just because you never burned a cross in someone's yard doesn't mean you're not a racist.

And I had to chuckle at Mr Mallow's claims that "If you disgree, God love ya!' and "Most times I don't interject myself" into the comments section.

I remember very few threads in which he was criticised that he DIDN'T interject himself. And the last time I criticised him, I got a hearty "fuck you", literally, in response. So, whatever, Mr Mallow.

Also, it's a little bit like a schoolyard bully to single someone out like this and have your friends gang up on him and call him names. More like an eighth grade girl on Facebook, really. Mr Green is a big boy and I'm sure he can handle it, but aren't you a little embarrassed?

"Shawn is lonely for Ste... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

"Shawn is lonely for Steve Green...."

Sung to the tune of "He's not Heavy, He's my Stalker".

I like Shawn. I think once he grows up he'll be a fine writer. Until then I'll put him back on ignore.

What's truly amazing is that he apparently has no friends among the blog writers on this site. A friend would have told him he was making a jackass out of himself long before Shawn got to the point of commenting "I would have no desire to ban this spineless bucket of pus." What an amazingly childish rant.

But, it seems to me, there are racists and Aryan Supremists out there who are so upset these days about having a black man in the White House they can no longer control their rage. I don't know if Shawn is one of those or not - but he clearly can't control his anger and hatred towards those (like me) who aren't like him - a trait one can attribute towards racists as well.

Re: "So if you think that M... (Below threshold)

Re: "So if you think that Mr Green's implication that much opposition to Obama is of the kneejerk scaryblackguy variety is ridiculous, I suggest you haven't given the issue enough thought."

I don't really like to be rude, but you're full of shit. Your problem (and Steve Green's) is that it's becoming increasingly difficult to defend the positions that Obama takes on major issues and it's even more difficult to defend his incredible in-eptness as president. When all else fails, bring out the race card.

If Bush, or any repub had broken as many campaign promises as Obama has, you'd rightfully be pillorying him. If unemployment had reached these levels during the a repubs tenure, you'd rightfully be all over it. If a repub had made the numerous gaffes that Obama has, you wouldn't hesitate for a second before calling them on it (see Palin, Quayle, etc).

But somehow, in the warped minds of liberals, Obama's skin color has major relevance and can be used to deflect honest criticism of the man and his politics. And that's exactly what you and Steve Green do; you use his skin color as an argument.

That, I submit, shows a greater lack or respect for Barack Obama than any criticism his political opponents might profess.

It appears stevie green and... (Below threshold)

It appears stevie green and his buddies are using obamas skin color as an EXCUSE for the idiocy of his agenda.

Stupid knows no skin color WIT: Steve Green and Barak obummer


Bruce Henry seems to have g... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Bruce Henry seems to have gotten quite the volume discount on straw men and is unloading all of them here.

Bruce Henry appears to be S... (Below threshold)

Bruce Henry appears to be Steve Green when He comes up out of the basement and grabs some chitlin's and fatback's out of granny's fridge.. then runs down to the local library's PC to submit a moron's justification for a moron's dilemna.

Hey Brucie' You were not given the floor!

"Hey Brucie' You were no... (Below threshold)

"Hey Brucie' You were not given the floor!"

Being that Your down there, would You mind picking up Stevie's needles? That way You can feel good about playin the game!

"Either that or that bla... (Below threshold)

"Either that or that black man in the White House is doing voodoo on you. BOO! lol..."


Anything you have posted thus far concerning me or my motives is meaningless. (And don't feel too relieved that Bruce Henry is sympathetic to your side of things. If you've followed his screeds on this site, it's actually an embarrassment.)

You can not defend why you felt the need to use race in a discussion where race was not at issue.

Instead of just letting you off the hook for writing something so inappropriate to anything that was being discussed, and just letting it fade out, I wanted to understand why you would do this, so I called you out on it.

Why is this so difficult for you?

Why can you not explain why you wrote this and tell us the point you were attempting to make?

Why is it so difficult for you to provide an answer?

These are not unreasonable requests.

Just tell us why.

And 1 minute after Brucey v... (Below threshold)

And 1 minute after Brucey vomits,Stevie shits.

Bruce,As much as I... (Below threshold)


As much as I would like to answer some of the points you've interjected in your attempt to defend Steve Green and, more appropriately, divert attention away from the subject at hand, I'm not going to.

Fact is, anything you have posted so far does not matter.

This isn't about you or what you think.

This is completely about Steve Green and why he choose to use the issue of race in a discussion where race had absolutely no reason to be a point of contention.

He is an adult. If he was sure enough of his reasons to write what he wrote, he should be sure enough of himself to simply explain why he felt it was appropriate to bring up the subject.

That's it.

You seem to think you are helping him in some way. All you are doing is magnifying the fact he is dodging responsibility for what he wrote, and he's incapable of providing a simple explanation for what point he was trying to make.

Stop trying to be some sort of "defender of the defenseless" and let him answer for himself, Bruce.

Bruce,You must hang ... (Below threshold)

You must hang in a more bigoted circle than I, as I have not seen the email or picture you describe.

"tax cuts are always the... (Below threshold)

"tax cuts are always the answer no matter what the question is"

My God, You are an idiot! They work every time they are tried You stuck on stupid wanna be thread jacker.

Green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe You are hiding in the shadow of Bruce? Just voice your thoughts on any subject and You will recieve a reasoned thoughtful dignified response.

Caveat... If You remain silent, it means Bruce is Your uncle or Your pimp? Take Your pick.

That's up to you, Mr Mallow... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

That's up to you, Mr Mallow. I'm not trying to defend Mr Green, or Obama for that matter, in this thread.

What I was attempting to do, since Mr Green chose not to, is explain that it's not unreasonable to suspect an Obama critic of unspoken, or unacknowledged, racism. Not just ANY old Obama critic, but YOU, sir, a rabid Palinophile and Tea Party "Patriot." Your diatribes are typically so over-the-top and repetitive (have you ever NOT used the phrase "narcissist-in-chief"?), that it's not too far out to suspect you may be writing on an emotional, not a rational, level.

Not that I'm accusing you of being a racist, Mr Mallow. Just pointing out that it's not entirely crazy to interpret your body of work here in that way.

Many people criticise Obama for many reasons. Lord knows he deserves a good deal of it. I have criticisms of my own, which slightly differ from yours, I'm afraid. But is it really impossible to believe that some criticism of Obama may be based on his race, which the critic knows he can't really say? Or even may not acknowledge? Have you never met a racist who said, "I'm no racist, but...", and then proceeded to show you what a racist he was?

And, for the last time, it is not prima facie evidence of racism to be the first one in a thread to bring it up. That's just silly as hell.

Obama is a jug eared socialist narcissist in chief!

Are you sure you're not just scared of a scary black guy?

Racist! Gotcha!

See how silly that is?

Alright, Bruce. I'll bite.... (Below threshold)

Alright, Bruce. I'll bite.

"I'm not trying to defend Mr Green..."

So, your statement that "Mr Green doesn't seem interested in enlightening you, Mr Mallow, but I will," is not really about defending Green?

You're just speaking for him. A true act of nobility.

"...rabid Palinophile and Tea Party "Patriot."


From what I can see, I have written exactly one article specifically about Sarah Palin.

And one article about the Tea Party regarding the use of the word "teabagger" to describe them.

I am sure there are numerous times where I have written in support of both, and wherever they are here on this site, they're out there for all to see, so feel free to look them up.

And I've described Obama as a "narcissist" in one way or another so many times because I feel that description is so appropriate, it can't be used enough.

"Not that I'm accusing you of being a racist, Mr Mallow. Just pointing out that it's not entirely crazy to interpret your body of work here in that way."

So because I am consistent in my criticism of Obama, who is black, there exists the highest probability that my writings are rooted in racism?

Though I did not write for Wizbang at the time, I was almost just as critical of Bill Clinton and his administration. How would you interpret that? Face it, Bruce. You just want to broad-brush those who disagree with Obama as being racially motivated, not because they have demonstrated they are, but because you can.

From the various comments you've contributed regarding this post, one can come to the following conclusion about how you view race and Obama:

Assume everyone who voices their dissent is racist. It is up to each person to prove he/she is not one.

"And, for the last time, it is not prima facie evidence of racism to be the first one in a thread to bring it up. That's just silly as hell."

I agree. And it's a great example of a strawman, since that statement has not been implied.

I know it's hard to believe, Bruce, but this is not about you.

This is about what an adult, Steve Green, chose to say and why he said it.

Lol. Bruce has a thing abou... (Below threshold)

Lol. Bruce has a thing about people who say "I'm not racist,but". Then he gies on to tell Shawn " I'm not accusing you of being racist,but ".

Shawn,I have to di... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


I have to disagree with you one one point.

I can't believe you actually referred to Stevie as an 'adult'.

No adult would behave the way he does, unless you mean it strictly in a chronological sense.

Just very quickly, Mr Mallo... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Just very quickly, Mr Mallow:

No, still not about defending anybody. Just answering the ever-more-common talking point that liberal suspicion of an Obama critic's motives is itself a racist attitude. It's not.

Two, I didn't say "highest probability," in italics or not, in regard to your writing. I said that some may not find it unreasonable to infer some, shall we say, unenlightened thinking in your unrelenting and emotional attacks on Obama and his wife.

And lastly, as to your third point, it's not a strawman. While you didn't imply it, some of your Amen Chorus did. Perhaps I didn't make clear the point I was addressing. Beg your pardon.

Some people have a b... (Below threshold)

Some people have a belief eg Steve
no matter how logically we explain the facts (we arent racist) we cannot change one's belief?
(eg there are some people that believe Mr Obama is the best President ever although the facts show otherwise)
unemployment, deficit, inviting doctors to the white house to discuss their inputs to the health care plan (they didnt talk to them they just sent them home) - how do I know my doctor went twice to the White House and the same thing happened ...






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