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"Partners For Peace" My Hamas

Well, Hamas (the terrorist group that runs the Gaza Strip after winning an election) is in a bit of a snit of late. And their public statements show it.

First up, they denied charges that they committed war crimes by targeting civilians during the last dustup with Israel. Their defense to the charge was novel, to say the least: they didn't target civilians because their missiles are unguided, and therefore can't "target" anyone. It's kind of hard to "target" something with a weapon that's addressed to General Delivery, Israel.

This ties in quite nicely with the long-standing Palestinian excuse that since Israel has universal military conscription, there really aren't any civilians in Israel and everyone is a legitimate target. Everyone -- from infants to elderly to the infirm to teachers and medical personnel -- are past, present, or future members of the military, so they're fair game.

Meanwhile, they're also upset that one of their top people suffered a most unpleasant accident. While staying in a hotel in Dubai, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh -- who was personally involved in at least one terrorist attack, and one of the key people in getting weapons from Iran to Hamas in the Gaza Strip -- was accidentally poisoned. Or stabbed. Or shot. Or electrocuted. Or smothered with a pillow. Or suffered extreme existential ennui. Or something. Anyway, another terrorist scumbag is now room temperature, and that's a heinous war crime or something, so Hamas is furious and vowing to kill even more non-civilians in highly-targeted "To Whom It May Concern" attacks.

Fortunately, we have an alternative to Hamas available for discussions. Over in the West Bank, we have Fatah -- the heirs to those peace-loving folks at the PLO -- revamping their charter. And as a sign of their dedication to peace, they've removed all mentions calling for the destruction of Israel. And there was much rejoicing.

Right up until someone noticed the fine print in the new charter that said that this was in addition to the original charter, the old charter was still in force and was unchanged.

Including all the "death to the Jews" stuff.

The key message to take away from all this is this: absolutely nothing has changed. The Palestinians -- through their duly-elected representatives, the terrorist groups Hamas and Fatah -- are still not interested in a negotiated peace. Their position remains the same: no matter how many times they fight and lose, the only thing they will accept is complete and absolute victory.

And they keep getting better and better at finding the magic words that will allow their enablers in the West to convince enough people that they've really changed, that they really, really are ready to negotiate and find a peaceful settlement.

Some of us have realized that they pretty words are meaningless, and we need deeds to demonstrate their true change of heart.

That ain't happened yet.

And it don't look like it's gonna happen any time soon.


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Comments (10)

And whats really insane is ... (Below threshold)

And whats really insane is *WE*, and by that I mean politicians, give then millions for their murderous purposes. I wish I could see a protester screaming "No money for blood" at a protest, but I realize that would be politically incorrect.

Great Britain took the same... (Below threshold)

Great Britain took the same position as Hamas in World War I.

From the very start of WWI (August 1914), the British Empire declared that the Royal Navy would stop/seize any food from delivery to German ports and stop the delivery also to Neutral ports that Britain suspected might be transhipped to Germany. Their argument was, conceptually, that all of the population of Germany, from pregnant mother to nursing infant, were essentially combatants since German authorities controlled food distribution.

This position was a complete reversal of the long-standing British positions when other nations had been at war (e.g., Russo-Japanese War) and Great Britain had wanted to sell them things like food.

The point I am making is that those who consider themselves at war often rationalize what they do in ways that do not pass the laugh test. It makes many of the current and historical US positions all the more impressive.

For example, the US Supreme Court made the Union give back stuff they USN illegally seized off Mexico in the Civil War that the Union claimed were intended for the South. The humane treatment of prisoners today who are terrorists is just another example. Can folk recall now the dismay the Iraqi prisoners expressed when the US turned over control of Abu G. to the legitimate government of iraq?

Yet another example why you... (Below threshold)
Kat Author Profile Page:

Yet another example why you are my FAV author here on Wizbang!, Jay... ;-)

Palestinians - just another... (Below threshold)

Palestinians - just another name for losers. Got to be something wrong when you scream "I'll teach you!" then blow yourself up.

This ties in quite... (Below threshold)
This ties in quite nicely with the long-standing Palestinian excuse that since Israel has universal military conscription, there really aren't any civilians in Israel and everyone is a legitimate target. Everyone -- from infants to elderly to the infirm to teachers and medical personnel -- are past, present, or future members of the military, so they're fair game.

To be consistent, they would have to acknowledge that every person in Gaza is a "past, present, or future member" of Hamas and a legitimate target for the Israelis. Instead, they claim that since every terrorist was once an "innocent civilian" then they can never become a legitimate target.

This also explains why they are so upset with Israeli targeted attacks. They want Israel to sink as low as they have done so that they can rationalize their actions.

We already know these peopl... (Below threshold)

We already know these people are not the brightest lights in the harbor. What's disconcerting is that this kind of rationalization makes sense to some. Or in their pursuit to demonize everyone else, many simply ignore such ridiculous pronouncements, as are put forth by the likes of Hamas, et al. Otherwise their little "Stop Palestinian Apartheid" bumper stickers wouldn't make them feel so good.

Maybe Israel should unguide... (Below threshold)

Maybe Israel should unguide a few dozen missiles themselve's and take out (accidentally of course) Hamas and Fatah peacemakers..

914, I like the way you thi... (Below threshold)

914, I like the way you think.

Israel: "So, Hamas, you wouldn't mind if we took the guidance units off our Hellfire missile, would you? They're expensive, and we can keep the missiles balanced by simply making the warhead bigger."


Someone once said; " This w... (Below threshold)

Someone once said; " This war will end when the Palestinians teach their children to love life more than death"
Fortysomething years later: We're still waiting.
My prediction is this war will end when one side or the other gets so hammered in the next outbreak of violence that they lose their will to resist. I'm betting that the Israelis will be the ones doing the hammering.
Palestinians need to face facts and make a true peace with Israel or become extinct.

Golda Meir is the source, t... (Below threshold)

Golda Meir is the source, though I have seen slight variations dating all the way back to 1957:

"Peace will come when the Arabs start to love their children more than they hate us."






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