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PETA: Using Real Groundhog to Predict the Weather is Cruel

No, all of you people who are laughing thinking that this story is fake, this is REAL. Here's the freaking source.

What kind of person actually thinks that using a real groundhog for Punxsutawney Phil is cruel? He's a groundhog. He's coming out of the ground. That's what they do. When he comes out of his hole, people don't pick him up and shake him violently, screaming in his face all the while.

But to answer my own question, PETA thinks that using a real groundhog to predict the weather is indeed cruel:

"Other popular exhibitions have featured robotic penguins and dolphins who swim and communicate just like real animals do and we think that an animatronic groundhog would similarly mesmerize a crowd full of curious spectators in Punxsutawney."

See, the point of this tradition is to see if the groundhog comes out of the hole to predict more Winter or an early Spring. A robot-groundhog will provide no anticipation because the result is known in the first place, not to mention the loss of tradition.

Also, how in God's name is this cruel to animals?! Robot-groundhogs; well I never.

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Comments (12)

Anyone out there know if th... (Below threshold)

Anyone out there know if there's a state that has an open or restricted season on them "animatronic groundhog" critters? I need some trigger time with my .17HMR.

When I read the headline, I... (Below threshold)

When I read the headline, I thought that this was another story about Al Gore.

I'm PROTESTING! PETA is an... (Below threshold)

I'm PROTESTING! PETA is anti-robot! They have feelings too! Just where to those judgmental bastards at PETA get the nerve to start whining "why not use a robot". Just beware PETA, when the androids take over, they'll already have your computerized membership list and they'll KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!

Can we pull a naked peta me... (Below threshold)

Can we pull a naked peta member from a hole in the ground to determine the weather, of course she would have to be good looking (I know very tough to find). mpw

Aw' just use the gopher fro... (Below threshold)

Aw' just use the gopher from caddyshack and they will shut thier pie holes.

Idle time, idle minds.... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Idle time, idle minds.

In defense of PETA, perhaps... (Below threshold)

In defense of PETA, perhaps they have heard of my idea of poking out the groundhogs eyes. I believe that would keep him from seeing his shadow.

We have a replacement sugge... (Below threshold)

We have a replacement suggestion. Here, http://stopthepresses2.blogspot.com/

PETA would certainly hate w... (Below threshold)
James H:

PETA would certainly hate what I'd do. I'd have my cat with me. If Phil sees his shadow, the cat gets to do what cats do to rodents. Then, I'd ask the backup 'hogs, "So, who sees his shadow?"

Now, I'm not siding with or... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Now, I'm not siding with or defending PETA here. I think they're at best stupid, ignorant, and thoughtless and this case is no different.

However this statement is wrong:

"See, the point of this tradition is to see if the groundhog comes out of the hole to predict more Winter or an early Spring.

No, the tradition is that WHEN (not if) the groundhog comes out of his hole he will either see his shadow or not and if he does there are six more weeks of winter, but if he does not then there'll be an early spring.

So, PETA's point that this functions could in fact be performed just as effectively by a robot is correct. Hell, it could be performed by a cardboard cut out for that matter. But still, Puxatawny Phil is in no way being abused or mistreated at all. In fact, he's got it a hell of a lot better than most groundhogs so PETA's point while technically correct is just as ass backwards moronic as anything else the left comes up with.

James H,Unless you... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

James H,

Unless your cat is a bobcat or cougar it's not going to be able to kill a ground hog. Sorry, not gonna happen. They may be rodents, but if they are, they are reeeealllly big rodents.

My cat thinks she's a couga... (Below threshold)
James H:

My cat thinks she's a cougar. Good enough.






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