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Rip Torn Was So Drunk...

This sounds like a question Gene Rayburn would have asked on The Match Game. Here's the correct answer: Rip Torn was so drunk that he didn't know that the bank broke into and fell asleep in was not his home. That is really drunk:

Hard-drinking actor Rip Torn was taken in handcuffs Monday morning to a Connecticut courthouse, where he pleaded not guilty to allegations that he broke into a bank with a loaded revolver while intoxicated.

Torn, looking glum and disheveled, made a brief appearance in the Bantam courtroom after his arrest on gun and burglary charges on Friday night. He walked in with his wrists and ankles shackled to several other prisoners and wearing cowboy boots, dark pants and a Navy blue jacket.

The "Men in Black" actor, who was expected to post $100,000 bail, also agreed to enter an alcohol rehab facility once he is released.

Torn, 78, was armed with a loaded gun when he broke a window and entered the Litchfield Bancorp in Salisbury on Friday, officials said.

The actor was so drunk he had no idea he was in a bank and thought he was dozing in his own home, sources said.

Bank President Mark Macomber told TMZ.com that no one was in the bank during the break-in and that the only damage was the smashed window in the back of the building that Torn apparently thought was his front door.

Torn's family has staged multiple interventions over the past couple of years with little to show for it but court dates and embarrassing headlines, sources close to the actor said.

According to one source, Torn figured he had made significant progress by cutting back from four pints of alcohol a day to a single pint.


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Comments (12)

I wonder if the Christmas d... (Below threshold)

I wonder if the Christmas day bomber has appeared anywhere in leg shackles? Or is Rip considered a greater danger? At 78 you wouldn't think he'd be able to drink that much.

It IS a significant improve... (Below threshold)

It IS a significant improvement from 4 pints to only 1! I'm just saying. Another thirty years and he'll have that other pint licked.

That's not 1 pint a day dru... (Below threshold)

That's not 1 pint a day drunk, unless he decided to down his daily pint in 2.3 seconds.

Your Honer - I cant tell yo... (Below threshold)

Your Honer - I cant tell you how many times Ive come home from work, only to find that some @sshole has chained all of my pens to the tables. Thats why I had the gun!

"Torn figured he had made s... (Below threshold)

"Torn figured he had made significant progress by cutting back from four pints of alcohol a day to a single pint."

Bullshit! The guys a stone alki. ONE pint wouldn't do a thing for him, and you don't get that toasted unless you've had more than 4.

Bullshit indeed. How is the... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Bullshit indeed. How is the guy still alive?

LiberalNitemare!!! Thread... (Below threshold)

LiberalNitemare!!! Thread Ender!

He had the DTs because he w... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

He had the DTs because he was in withdrawal!
.....having only 1/4 what his body craves.
He'll be much more oriented when he gets back
on 2 quarts/day. You'll never catch him in
a bank in off hours again....I betcha.

RIP TORN AND GERALDINE PAGE... (Below threshold)

For years I enjoyed the acting of this couple.
Please note that at age 78,Rip may be on medication that might need to be adjusted.Even though he has often played the villain, it is difficult to believe that he has turned into a criminal by "breaking into banks".I am sure his famiy will do an intervention and get this wonderful "man back into the black".

"Torn figured he had mad... (Below threshold)

"Torn figured he had made significant progress by cutting back from four pints of alcohol a day to a single pint."

Is He too late to run for Teddys seat? He appears abundantly qualified..

Maybe He thought He drove i... (Below threshold)

Maybe He thought He drove into a river or something and was just trying to break the windshield to escape?

I hate when that happens . ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I hate when that happens . . .

But Rip doesn't drink anymore . . . of course he doesn't drink any LESS . . . seriously, he doesn't drink nearly as much as he used to . . . he shakes so badly now he spills most of it . . .






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