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Bullet Time

The next time you hear (or read) someone talking about how we "dodged a bullet" in 2008 by not getting Sarah Palin as our vice president, ask them about John Edwards.

2004 vice presidential nominee John Edwards.

2008 major presidential candidate John Edwards.

Serial philandering John Edwards.

Cheat on his cancer-stricken wife John Edwards. (I think he one-upped Newt Gingrich on that one...)

Deny paternity of his bastard John Edwards.

Pay off his mistress with campaign funds and big supporters' money John Edwards.

And, now, possibly, wife beater John Edwards.

So many of us knew he was scum for years.

Some of us didn't quite know what kind of scum he was, in particular, but knew from the outset that he was scum.

A lot of others knew precisely what kind of scum he was, but covered for him.

And a lot of those were the self-appointed Guardians Of Truth, soi-disant Custodians Of History As It Happens, and covered for him because they wanted him to win.

This is the man who the Democrats wanted to place one heartbeat from the presidency in 2004, and a lot of them wanted to put in the Oval Office in 2008.

There's a move to give the National Enquirer a Pulitzer for their exposing this scum. While I think they certainly did a great service, I don't think that it was "great journalism." It didn't take a lot of investigatory work -- any of the mainstream media could have uncovered it. In fact, quite a few of them did know all about it. They just preferred to leave it covered. And "Pulitzer Prize" is closing in on "Nobel Peace Prize" for credibility these days -- almost a mark of shame.

If we "dodged a bullet" in 2008, then the only metaphor for what happened in 2004 would be Tsutomu Yamaguchi.


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Comments (14)

Kind of like a less sincere... (Below threshold)
James H:

Kind of like a less sincere Bill Clinton, isn't he?

Actually, that's probably i... (Below threshold)

Actually, that's probably insulting to Bill Clinton.

Anyone that put trust in a trial lawyer that can channel the dead deserved what they invested it.
Plain and simply he's lower than slug slime.

I knew this guy was a total... (Below threshold)

I knew this guy was a total scumbag. Now after what was has been revealed in the last few days, that is a compliment. The Son 0f A Bitch is lower than a snake's belly. I am glad this bastard has been found out, before he did any more damage. I hope some Bubba in the slam makes him his boyfriend and gives him the same treatment.

Btw where are the trolls on this one?

The scary thing is that the... (Below threshold)

The scary thing is that there were TWO of them vying for the White House. The One won.

edwards is the poster child... (Below threshold)

edwards is the poster child for what dims have offered as Presidential candidates for at least the last 2 decades.

Style, but NO substance, and a sordid past covered up by a complicit liberal media.

He gave off a sleave vibe t... (Below threshold)

He gave off a sleave vibe that was undeniable. Also, what I hear, Elizabeth is not the kind and caring, nurturing person either but not near as bankrupt of morals as Johnny. Time after time, the liberal wing falls for the well spoken, good looking candidate instead of investigating if the guy actually knew anything. It all started with Nixon and Kennedy and has gotten worse each cycle. ww

You forgot "dead baby chann... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

You forgot "dead baby channeling" John Edwards.

I wonder how John Edward's ... (Below threshold)

I wonder how John Edward's Two Americas look to him now?

What a pathetic piece of Excrement.

Johnboy is just one cheatin... (Below threshold)

Johnboy is just one cheatin lawyer among many in D.C. Why is it these scholarly lawyer types think everything is about them and thier sick little proclivities?

I guess thier just selfish sicko's. Right Barry?

As a sometime 'Democrat tro... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

As a sometime 'Democrat troll', I never liked John Edwards. He always struck me as a phony, even before I knew about his sex scandal. The 10% of Democrats who saw something in him and wanted him as their candidate I felt were always being conned. What was John Kerry thinking?

To think that people actual... (Below threshold)

To think that people actually voted for this sleazeball in the first place. The guy that was at the top of the ticket is no angel himself. Wonder how many times he knocked up a staffer and lied about it? Guess we will never know, because of the media blackout curtain that covers up his own nefarious misdeeds.

What was John K... (Below threshold)
What was John Kerry thinking?
He was just doing what he was told. Terry McAuliffe thought Kerry-Edwards was the Dems' best shot in '04.
We "dodged a bullet" here i... (Below threshold)

We "dodged a bullet" here in Virginia when Terry McAuliffe was defeated in the democratic primary for governor. What a sleaze.

Does anyone remember Global Crossing?

I feel bad for the kid.<br ... (Below threshold)

I feel bad for the kid.
Imagine growing up knowing this sleazeball is your father, knowing he denied being your father, knowing he lied about everything.

Oh well, with any luck the kid will inherit his hair.






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