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The big lie

Resident go to Religious Leftist Mike Todd is doing his level best to reveal 'The Big Lie':

As I have said before, we in the west have been force-fed a narrative that tells us that Palestinians--all Palestinians--are dangerous, if not terrorists. And this is, if I can be blunt, a lie.

Those of you who have been on trips to the Holy Land have experienced this, whether you're aware of it or not. Remember the warnings? Having spent three days at a Franciscan guesthouse right on Nativity Square in Bethlehem, I've seen this narrative play out with my own eyes. The tour bus pulls up, and the pilgrims on board fairly run into the church. Ten minutes later they are back out, and heading quickly for the bus, some looking suspiciously over their shoulders at the local Palestinians who, I'm convinced, come to watch the show. Don't stray from the group, and for God's sake don't talk to anyone. The bus moves on quickly to the next holy sight, or, at the end of the day, for the relative safety of West Jerusalem, with the pilgrims uttering a silent prayer of thanks for making it safely back to civilization.

Obviously I'm exaggerating, but I don't think I'm exaggerating much.

I want to suggest to you that this scenario is intentional. It's planned. It's carefully designed to keep people from actually meeting a Palestinian. After all, an encounter might lead to a conversation. A conversation might lead to some level of understanding, and understanding has an annoying habit of revealing truth. And truth, even just a little, would reveal this narrative for the lie that it is, and shatter it completely.

Mike fails to go into who is responsible for the false narrative (though the implication is clear... it's the Jooos... and the Jooo supporters... for those of you who haven't a clue) but I want to take the opportunity to ask... where's the evidence for the claim?  Got links?  Is there substantiation?

Yes, there are some who would make the claim that ALL Palestinians should be mistrusted, avoided, seen to be evil... but thinking people don't make those kinds of generalizations... or do they?

Mike considers himself a thinking person... and in large part I'd agree though I question the thinking... but is Mike engaged in a big lie himself, a lie meant and intended to promote a leftist perspective and agenda, one that desires to see Israel faulted for all that is wrong in the Middle East?  Is Mike making a generalization himself when he damns the Jooos (indirectly)?  Has Mike walked the streets of any Israeli city and met her people and drawn any conclusions?

I would suggest that there is more evidence to support that it is Mike engaged in "The Big Lie" lthan there is to support the lie he's claiming to be so big.

In the mean-time, there's this relevant news coming out of that region:

No one would suggest that ALL Palestinians are responsible for this... but I can't help but wonder, when Mike propogates the idea that a big lie is being promoted, whether he would ever consider meeting and greeting with the loved ones of those maimed and killed by Palestinian terrorists... and choosing as a result to draw any conclusions?




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Comments (6)

I will never forget the spe... (Below threshold)

I will never forget the spectacle of Palestinians dancing in the streets after the 9/11 atrocities.

I will never forgive it, either.

You want a big lie ... Mod... (Below threshold)

You want a big lie ... Moderate Muslims ...

Do you know what it takes to convert a moderate palestinian muslim to a radical palestinian muslim ?

Proximty to Jews and a weapon ...
Proximty to Jews ...
Jews alive anywhere on earth ...
The sun coming up today ...

Do you know what you find when you scratch a palestinian male ?

he really wants to kill Jews ...

Do you know what you find when you don't scratch a palestinian male ?

he wants to kill Jews ...

When asked what it would take to make them stop wanting to kill Jews, the average palestinian male says.

No more Jews on the Earth ...

Teenage palestinian males are like rabid dogs. They are infected and there is no cure.

I know of Palestinians, now... (Below threshold)

I know of Palestinians, now Americans, who buck the stereotypes being used by the first two commenters (though admittedly I also know that they are not Muslims and in fact have embraced Christianity)... and I hope that commenters would be careful not to propogate and substantiate "the big lie" to which Mike speaks...

"Mike considers himself a t... (Below threshold)

"Mike considers himself a thinking person...."

That was his first mistake...........

Mike ...Certainly ... (Below threshold)

Mike ...

Certainly most muslims are peaceful. You are right that I may be playing into the "Big Lie" with my comment.

Islam is a religion of peace after all. Moderate muslims would never kill converts or abuse their women. Moderate muslims the world over are calling for peace with Israel and the west everyday. Just look at the annual mass protests by moderate muslims protesting the actions of radical muslims.

Islam is a religion of peace. The Koran clearly does not call for all to submit to Allah. It does talk alot about killing those that don't submit though.

Islam is a religion of peace.

Moderate muslim: muslims w... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Moderate muslim: muslims who would rather contribute to muslim charities than kill infidels

Muslim charities: Vehicles for transferring funds from moderate muslims to radical muslims (qv Holy Land Foundation).

Radical muslim: The muslims who want to kill the rest of us.

Yeah. There's a REAL big difference between the guy with the gun who wants to kill you and the guy who wants to buy him the gun so he can do it.






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