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Grow A Pair, Mr. President

It's become almost a competition within the Obama White House: who cam come up with the best way to blame a problem on the preceding administration. The variations on the theme have become cliche's so quickly:

"We have to clean up this mess..."

"We inherited this mess..."

"This was here when we walked in the door.."

"We have to overcome eight years of..."

"Our predecessors left us a worse mess than we thought..."

"This is a result of eight years of..."

And it's getting tiresome.

Hey, Mr. Obama, you're so damned smart, how come you didn't know any of this when you were running for office? Back then, you had all the solutions if we just trusted you.

You were going to reverse all our failures. Solve all our problems. Bring an end to bitter partisanship. Improve our standing in the world.

But now that you're actually expected to keep those promises, all of a sudden things are far more complicated and involved and challenging and generally worse than you thought.

But not worse than you told us. You made it abundantly clear just how badly eight years of Bush-Cheney had screwed us. It was a hell of a mess, but you were ready to clean it up. To coin a phrase, it was a shovel-ready project, and you had the shovel.

Instead, you've given us a steady stream of excuses and rationales and finger-pointing and more partisan rhetoric.

And how about those promises? "Closing the door to lobbyists." Except the couple of dozen you've appointed to powerful offices. "Closing Guantanamo within a year." Still open. "No tax hikes on people making less than $250,000." Whoops. "Unemployment won't go above 9 percent." That depends on how you define "percent," and if you're still operating on a Base 10 number system. "The most ethical administration ever." Unless you count things like paying your taxes.

Sheesh, you're acting like a guy who's never had a position of leadership or responsibility before, never really been held accountable for anything, never had to meet a payroll or be the boss.

Oh, that's right, you are.

If only someone had pointed that out when you were running for president.

Oh, that's right, a lot of us did.

But you won anyway. You're the president now. You wanted the office, you said you could handle it, you said you could do the job.

Start doing it.

If you can't grow a pair, then, sir, then at least act like it. Fake it if you must.

A lot of people start out faking it, then later discover that they actually can do the job. Give it a whirl.

And retire the "it's not my fault, it's the fault of the guy who had the job before" crap. Nobody forced you to take the job. Hell, there were a lot of other applicants for the job, and you told us all that you were better qualified and would do a better job than any of them.

And, for god's sake, even after the Massachusetts election, you STILL have a bigger majority in Congress than your predecessor ever enjoyed. Hell, in his last two years, your party held both Houses and you're STILL blaming him for everything.

You said you were ready "from day one" to be president. We're closing in on Day 400.

Start proving it.


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Comments (38)

Well done Jay. (caps on God... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Well done Jay. (caps on God)

Hillary was spot on about t... (Below threshold)

Hillary was spot on about this guy (now I must go wash out my mouth with soap).

My God Barry is a broken re... (Below threshold)

My God Barry is a broken record.. "Bush did it", "We inherited it". Accept it Barry'. You and the lobbyist tax cheats around You are responsible.

Bravo, Jay, Bravo... (Below threshold)
Brian The Adequate:

Bravo, Jay, Bravo

I believe the Wookiee has t... (Below threshold)

I believe the Wookiee has the stones in that family...

Hillary has bigger balls in... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Hillary has bigger balls in her lockbox than Obama will ever grow.

Speaking form the conservat... (Below threshold)

Speaking form the conservative point of view, I am glad that Obama is our president.

A competant democratic chief executive might have been able to actually implemant some of the lame brained foolishness that he ran on.

No fear of that with (p)resident Obama

NO S^%T. mpw... (Below threshold)

NO S^%T. mpw

In other words, Barry, stop... (Below threshold)

In other words, Barry, stop being a whining putz!

You forgot to mention the o... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

You forgot to mention the oceans would stop rising and the Earth would begin to heal once The One was elected. The minute the jackass uttered that line in June of 2008, America had its giant clue with bright day-glo arrows around it.

Affirmative action got Obama into Harvard, and far-left activists did everything else for him. His accomplishments were and are nil. Now we are stuck with a petty, pouty, prissy, pissy, prancing, preening peacock for a President.


Pray for our country - and for the freedom-loving people of the world.

"A lot of people start out ... (Below threshold)

"A lot of people start out faking it, then later discover that they actually can do the job. Give it a whirl."

He has. We've seen the results. Poor Barry. Never held accountable before. Always looking for the next step up. At least he's consistent. Spends money VERY WELL. No discernible track record of accomplishments. Yep, running true to form.

If you hire a man with no r... (Below threshold)

If you hire a man with no resume' and iffy references, don't act surprised when he is incapable of doing the job. In a way, I do blame Bush/Cheney a little. They made it look like anyone could do the job. However, they were "naturals" when compared to Obama.

I have a wish list of thing... (Below threshold)

I have a wish list of things I'd like to see "The Won" accomplish but alas, because of all the aforementioned reasons by JT I do not expect his lamentations to cease.

Of course my fondest wish for this (P)resident *WILL* be fulfilled come January 22, 2012 when he walks out of the office and into ignominy so richly deserved.

PS... I really like "(P)resident" and think I'll start using it in reference to the bumbler in chief.

Every day that goes by with... (Below threshold)

Every day that goes by without him recieving a "Major Award" obviously grates on him.

It's not his fault. He's a VICTIM!

He's gotten so many "Attendance" awards (Senator, POTUS, Nobel, etc) that he come to EXPECT to be fawned over without having to do a damn thing!

Quick, somebody hand the whiney brat a shiney object and tell him he won "Best Turd". Let him guess whether it applies to his bowel movement or his personality!

I thought Mr Mallow was on ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

I thought Mr Mallow was on medical leave. Why is he posting under Jay Tea's byline?

Seriously, Mr Tea, you can do better than this.

At least throw in a "narcissist-in-chief" or two.

"Grow a pair Mr. President"... (Below threshold)

"Grow a pair Mr. President"

Brain cells that is..Thats right I said it!

"Closing the door to lobbyists."

His administration is infested with lobbyists and the only doors He closes are slammed in the face of capitalism and promised transparency. The partisan hack.

"Seriously, Mr Tea, you can... (Below threshold)

"Seriously, Mr Tea, you can do better than this"
And clearly Mr Henry so could you. Please be more specific where Mr Tea's post is in error. Otherwise......

Well said, Jay Tea. You've ... (Below threshold)

Well said, Jay Tea. You've addressed what is exactly wrong with this guy. I would add to "Grow a pair"-"Hey, O, if you can't man up or fake it, then find someone who can and go back to community organizing after 2012."

"Otherwise....."... (Below threshold)


Otherwise f off "spork".

Re # 17:It's not "... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Re # 17:

It's not "in error" as much as it is a lot of rehashed criticisms and generic Obama-bashing, not really worthy of the esteemed Mr Tea. He phoned this one in, I'm afraid.

That's all I'm saying.

Bruce,Wish somethi... (Below threshold)


Wish something of the same could be said of you.

Man. That hurts, Bruce. It really does.

Pointing out just how inconsistent and incompent this narcissist has been, how he's lied throughout his campaign up through now, is valid, even if you choose not to believe it.

Hmmm. Let's see. Your contributions to most any post you write are:

1) Show up.
2) Bitch about how things are said.
3) Ignore what is being said.
4) Offer nothing.

Ever gonna, you know, make a point, or, like, add stuff?

If you just put a bit more effort and tossed a little race into your posts for absolutley no redeemable reason like your playground buddy Steve Green, you two could pass for twins.

Brucie comes through like c... (Below threshold)

Brucie comes through like clockwork with his useless snark and smarm.

Jim Addison"You fo... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Jim Addison

"You forgot to mention the oceans would stop rising and the Earth would begin to heal once The One was elected. "

Well after all global warming is pretty much a thing of the past. Can that be considered as the earth healing? I am sure if you ask Obama he will agree.



It appears that the criticism of you (regarding your postings on this thread) is correct. I have seen you do better in the past. Maybe it is because you dont have much to work with (not much to praise Obama for anyway) and he has let you down as well.

Gitmo not closed
Bills not on the web for 5 days before signing
Lobbyists in the administration.
Tax cheats and crooks coming out of the woodwork in his appointees.
Still fighting in Afghanistan
He cant take credit for victory in Iraq.
Deficit through the roof (or through the basement depending upon how you look at it).
Cant get his agenda passed with supermajorities when Bush got most of what he wanted with a democratic controlled Senate for 3.5 years and a dem House for 2 hours.

I mean with a resume like that let me ask. In 2012 are you going to vote for him if he even runs again?

that was 2 years on Dem Hou... (Below threshold)
retired military:

that was 2 years on Dem House. Wish we had been lucky enough to only have a dem house for 2 hours.

Mr Henry,Give Mr Tea... (Below threshold)

Mr Henry,
Give Mr Tea his due. What you interpret as rehashing is simply a post on mistakes Obama himself seems so prone to repeating to his own detriment.

I thought that Bruce meant ... (Below threshold)

I thought that Bruce meant that we all knew these things about the (P)resident already. He wanted to see Jay Tea express things even more descriptive and emphatic. For example the comment from Jim Addison

Now we are stuck with a petty, pouty, prissy, pissy, prancing, preening peacock for a President.

Bruce, come on and be hones... (Below threshold)

Bruce, come on and be honest. This guy is shooting blanks. He doesn't have the depth needed for the job. He surrounded himself with people who "think" they know what the people want. He is becoming delusional in a worrisome way. Call your friends and tell them it is time for an intervention. It is not time to defend his failings of the past year plus. The dems have been in leadership going on four years, time to retire the "the republicans did it" nonsense. They are sounding like little children on the playground. "he did it". ww

I'm pretty sure Mr Tea know... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

I'm pretty sure Mr Tea knows what I mean. He's not as thinskinned as some.

Again, I thought how this works was:

1.An author posts something.
2.Commenters say what they liked or didn't like about the piece, sparking a discussion, or just making a funny, or whatever.

If there is some level of thoughtfulness required for every comment, I can only say, I'll try to do better if you guys will.

Relax, Bruce. All Mr. Tea h... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

Relax, Bruce. All Mr. Tea has done is offer up the usual obligatory "Don't You Just Hate _____" post -- giving the regular commenters an opportunity to snort and winny and grunt and oink their approval.

No "there" there is par.

Mr RM:I don't know... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Mr RM:

I don't know whether I will vote for Obama "if he runs" (ha ha, keep telling yourself that that's in question) until I see who his opponent might be.

I can tell you this. If he runs against Gov Palin there will be a reelection landslide not seen since 1984. Scott Brown might do better, although "former community organizer" has a more dignified ring to it than "former nude model." And of course all the inexperience arguments would be invalidated.

Tell me, RM, who, specifically, do you want to run in 2012 on the GOP side? That is, excluding the two I just named?

I think he's been growing s... (Below threshold)

I think he's been growing some audacious boobs. Seems appropriate.

Wow. I can see that the tru... (Below threshold)

Wow. I can see that the truth hurts, and Bruce and Steve are howling in pain.

"We inherited this mess..."

"This was here when we walked in the door.."

"We have to overcome eight years of..."

"Our predecessors left us a worse mess than we thought..."

Mr. Obama ... frmr SENATOR Obama, currently (P)resident Obama (WPE) ... sir, along with your fellow Democrats sitting in a majority in Congress, you VOTED for this mess!

DEAL with it, mmkay?

spork #28-Nice com... (Below threshold)

spork #28-

Nice comeback spork!

ONLY people on the right ca... (Below threshold)

ONLY people on the right can grow a pair. People on the left cannot. Along with a pair comes first a BACKBONE. Nuff said.

Re # 33:Translate ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Re # 33:

Translate that for me, 914. Does that mean "Shut up!" or does it mean "Whatever"?

I know it's one or the other.

Grow a pair?? I heard he w... (Below threshold)

Grow a pair?? I heard he was contemplating a sex change operation.

JT - You really hit it righ... (Below threshold)

JT - You really hit it right with this post. He has no clue and counts on tax evaders, communists, and domestic terrorists to guide him. We are in serious trouble. He also has a habit of flipping the bird to republicans. Nice guy, doncha know?

Bruce Henry"Tell m... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Bruce Henry

"Tell me, RM, who, specifically, do you want to run in 2012 on the GOP side? That is, excluding the two I just named?"

Well first I think Obama's chances are iffy if Hillary runs and things dont improve dramatically. Obama is like the brown midas. Everything he touches turns to shit.

To be honest I hadnt really thought about it that much. 3 years is a bit long to name presidential contenders in the party out of power.

I would take just anyone with a R by their name over Obama (hence me swallowing very hard to vote for McCain last time).

IMO Palin cant do worse than Obama and I think can do quite a bit better. I think she has gotten a raw deal from the dems and the press and the 4 years from last election to next may well do her good to get her some seasoning. IMO she was a better pick than Obama for President last election and with more seasoning will be much much better.

I am not fond of Huckabee. Definitely dont want McCain to run (if he is smart he wont even go into the primaries). I would have very much wanted to vote for Powell a few years ago but he has gone on hiatus the past few years (probably due to Obama being black more than anything else).

I would have voted for Newt but he has put his foot in his mouth quite a few times on quite a few subjects so I would prefer someone else. (same as Powell).

Not McConnel. Not Jeb Bush.

I would love to see Condi Rice run. I think she can handily beat Obama and 20 times the job (not that it wouldnt be hard for pinochio to do a better job than Obama). If Hillary takes the dem nomination and Condi runs then Condi would win in a landslide. The minorities would turn out in droves for her over Hillary. If it were Obama vs Condi then I think Condi would wipe the floor with him.

So if I had to choose a nominee for 2012 I would say Condi.






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