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Pure evil

Via BlackFive comes this report from the BBC that will surely turn your stomach:

In Pakistan an account of life with the Taliban has emerged from a 13-year-old girl called Meena, who says her own family tried to turn her into a suicide bomber.

There is no independent confirmation of her account but police say they believe she is telling the truth, and her information could be valuable.

Meena told her story to our Pakistan correspondent Orla Guerin.


My brother used to tell me that the place for a woman is either at home or in the grave. I was always restricted to home.

He said: "If you leave the house I'll cut off your head and put it on your chest."

My brother had been to the local school and beaten the girls and the teachers.

He said anyone who wanted to study was a friend of America.

I wanted to be a doctor. I wanted it so much that once I dreamt I was sitting in a hospital, working as a doctor. I wanted to help the poor, those who cannot afford medical fees.

Taliban commanders used to come to our house. There was an underground bunker beside the house, with electricity.

It was concrete and very strong. Cars would drive on top but no-one would realise what was underneath. In that hideout they used to train suicide bombers.

Most were children of my age or younger than me. They were used for these activities because they were too young to know any better.

Going to 'paradise'

I used to see these children getting on a vehicle to go for their missions. They used loud Islamic CDs to motivate them.

And I would think, "My God, more Muslims are going to be buried". Then the news would come that more Muslims were wiped out.

There's more, including a video.

How anyone can think we can coexist with this sort of wickedness is beyond me.



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Comments (7)

Where's NOW on this one? T... (Below threshold)

Where's NOW on this one? They going to spend money fighting a Tebow ad or this?

Due to Bush expanding hatre... (Below threshold)

Due to Bush expanding hatred of Women in the muslim world, NOW will refrain from any statement or committment until such a time as muslim Women burn thier bra's in defiance of the Bush doctrine .

Barbarians do barbaric thin... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Barbarians do barbaric things. That's why we call them "barbarians," isn't it?

The real scandal is the politically correct pose of all major officials and institutions, pretending that barbarians are really peaceful folk just like us, and that it is unacceptable to point out their barbaric practices when it is just a "difference in cultures."

Yeah, there's a "difference in cultures," all right. Ours is suicidally polite, and theirs is barbaric.

What Culture? Mindless rab... (Below threshold)

What Culture? Mindless rabid animals have no culture, and I refuse to apply the label 'human' to sacks of puss that could treat their children like garbage. Anyone who makes excuses for jackals like that is beneath and beyond all contempt. You can shout' Imperialism'! Blood for oil! or any other damn slogan in the world all you want, but just go out and take a look at your own daughter, sister, niece and think what these rotten pustules on the body of humanity would subject them to. Think of ANY of children and watching these 'people' turning them into hollow shells filled with hatred and lies.

No excuses exist. No excuses are even possible.

I need one of those "Coexis... (Below threshold)

I need one of those "Coexist" Bumper Stickers. A simple application of scissors to cur off the "Co" and it works quite nicely.

"Where's NOW on this one? T... (Below threshold)

"Where's NOW on this one? They going to spend money fighting a Tebow ad or this?"

I have come to believe that NOW and other liberal groups base their stands on one principal guideline: What does the Christian Right believe? If an issue or event offends Christians, it is considered "good." (This might work the other way around, but I'm less certain of it than I am about the liberal Left.) The Left's protest of a postage stamp because it has an image of Mother Teresa was the last straw for me. The Left opposes the Right with no regard to the issue at hand, even working to undermine our ability to feed ourselves (environmental extremism), drive to work and mow our lawns (Man-made Climate Change) and and defend ourselves against murderers (as in the present article or in the defense of Mumia Abu-Jamal).

Quote from and Linked to at... (Below threshold)

Quote from and Linked to at:
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