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New home video of Challenger explosion surfaces

Via Left Coast Rebel, something that brings it all back:

The video was shot by an optometrist named Jack Moss from the back garden of his home in Winter Haven Florida. It is moving, stirring and fascinating to witness the event from his (BETA) video camera and to note that Jack Moss and his wife and neighbor weren't quite sure what had transpired before their eyes. As you can tell from the video, they were excited, then perplexed, then shocked and horrified. I'm sure that we can all relate.

We can indeed.



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Good video remembrance. <br... (Below threshold)

Good video remembrance.
Sponsored by Luby's!
Just kidding.


I remember seeing the same ... (Below threshold)

I remember seeing the same view from my vw camper windshield up near Gainsville in Putnam County. I had my car radio on so I knew what I was witnessing. Itis something that one never frogets in his lifetime. Terrible Tragedy






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